odds-n-ends, cut-n-paste

my bags from last week are even cuter in person if that’s possible.  if you need a little  handbag (and EVERYONE *needs* a little handbag), i’d highly recommend madebymolly, i don’t want to give these up!  i keep telling myself i’ll pick out something pretty that’s more my style soon, but i may hold these hostage til that day comes.

i’ve kinda lost my mojo for a while in the crafty department.  i haven’t been in the mood to pick up my stuff, so i haven’t been bothering to take it out.  i did make this while babycakes napped one day and beanie was occupied with new library books:

Wooden Storage Tote Box -Colorful Garden Plant Watering Cans and Orange Flowers it’s ______ paper, if that means something…  i just love the colors and the watering cans…  i love projects that i can work on in steps, things i can set down and not come back to if i have other things to attend to.  this is one of those things.  i was surprised to see how quickly it came together though, with no interuptions! 

tonight i’m going to the “cut-n-paste” to play.  they have a crop every friday night from 6p-12a where ladies come to work on their scrapbooks.  i usually work every other friday, but on my off-night i like to go and work on whatever i needs to be finished up.

these are what is on tonight’s slate.  we’ll see how far i get…

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