don’t think i didn’t notice.

so.  we love dexter.  we love dexter so much.  so much that the night i came home with the dvd of season 1 and a box of googoo clusters (not sold in CT), hunny may have shed a tear.  or bawled like a baby.  or really just said thanks.  you can pick which option works for you.

we watch it first on CBS, and then the DVD later, when we get around to it.   i know that i am enjoying the extended version much more and now i can notice on the network version when something must’ve been cut.  then i can’t wait to see what i’ve missed!  last night was the end of the season on tv, and i couldn’t ear myself away for a second.  i cheated and watched it by myself while hunny is away.  when he gets home i’ll fib and tell him i didn’t see it, so i can watch it AGAIN!  AGAIN!  YAY!  i was creeped out afterwards and had to watch the news to get it all out of my brain, but whatever….

«Dexter» vises av Showtime - kanalen som tidligere har laget serier som «Weeds» og «Sleeper Cell».


showtime is so mean.  there were ads for season 2 like every other commercial, and at the bottom of the screen while it was on.  C’MON!!  NO FAIR!!  if i had the disposable income i used to, i’d totally sign up for premium tv for 1 show.  but i’m grown, and i have responsibilities (that word is hard to type.  try it!), and i’ll restrain myself.  but really, the entire 2 hours were like a commercial for showtime.  want more?  buy showtime!  wanna be a loser??  wait a year and watch it on channel 3!  *pout*

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3 Comments on “don’t think i didn’t notice.”

  1. omg I am totally feeling your pain!! We get like 10 channels and I know hey must cut so much out of the Cbs show. In the beginning I couldn’t stand certain characters- but they’ve started growing on me. We too were glued to the screen. Oh yeah and the watching the dvd before hubbie gets home- then fibbing that you didn’t you’re not alone! I do it all the time lol! Enjoy!

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    OK, so my dad is so into Dexter it’s ridiculous…the last time they were here he talked about it non-stop for 3 days. Because of that, I refuse to watch it. If I watch it, then I will have to endure even more conversation about it. This is how he acted about Sopranos and I had to tell him many times, “Daddy, Tony is not a real person. It is a TV show.”

  3. yori Says:

    I hear ya – I almost bought the book… but I’ll do the cheap thing and watch CBS, I *actually* have something to look foward to on Sunday nights now.

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