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Late April, 2012

April 26, 2012

I have to tell you, i LOVED having the girls home for april vacation.  I miss our little outtings and jaunts.  I cannot WAIT for summer!  Monday of April vaca, we went to the daffodil fields.  It was a crazy 86 degrees, an insane temp for April in CT!

We went to American Girl in Boston.  The girls were so sweet and appreciative and just enjoyed being there, they didn’t ask for a thing.  Maybe that was their plan, cuz mom spent a tiny fortune on doll bathing suits and rollerblades and glasses.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

And queenie’s been working away, too.  My goal is to eventually get 100 calendars listed in my shop.  That’s a little insane, but no one has ever officially measured my sane-ness.  I’m curious to see how long it’ll take.

I have tons of new papers, released this spring at the Craft and Hobby Association convention, I have plenty of gorgeous designs to use!  I also need to let my customers know that I will be away from my shop the week leading up to Mother’s Day, so if you are planning to pick a pretty calendar for mom or grandma, do it soon they’re ready to ship!

end of the summer crafty goodness

August 29, 2011

Did i tell you i made a project that will be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?  I don’t think i’ve said anything here yet.  They called on a Friday night and what we made was out the door Monday evening.  My husband (Kingvanna) and Christy and I slaved for about a total of 50 hours, and the end result is awesome.  I am not biased, either.  It’s all VERY exciting, I can’t wait to tell you more (like when to watch!)  More details when they are available!  (I have to get the proper oks from the show people.)  I just wanted to tell you “YAY!” and “squeeeee!”

With that in mind, i’ve been feverishly being crafty over here.  I’ve made a TON of new calendars:

bingo cards and flowers

beatrix potter peter rabbit bunnies

and a whole slew of new Christmas Countdown Calendars:

this mistletoe one is my absolute favorite.

i’ve been working out the details on these a while, and i think i’ve finally got it – Countdown Clipboards, for Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays!

count em all down!

i also have 2 new (and each is one of a kind!) spool Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar - Wooden Spool Thread Holder  - Country Holiday Countdown

Advent Calendar - Wooden Spool Thread Holder  - Red and Green Holiday Countdown

lots of holiday goodness, for sure!

(i’d love to leave links for these goodies, but i am having some tense times with wordpress right now.  please go to to see it ALL!  and also, to see what Christy is up to!)

rainbow mobile

April 28, 2011

ages ago i painted some wooden circles and hearts.  hunny drilled holes in them for me, and then i waited… and moved the little pieces from here to there waiting to dig out some fishing line.  it took a trip to the in-laws and a request to my father-in-law for me to finally get some line to finish it.

(nevermind that schmere on the counter, it’s mod podge and won’t come off. dumb charcoal counters)

i hung it from the cabinet knobs to be sure the pieces were even-ish.  then took it outside.  we have nothing to hang anything from outside.  aaaand it was pouring rain today.

so i came back inside and hung it from a hook in the ceiling in the spare bedroom (we call it the changing room)

and that might be where it stays!


november cutting and pasting…

November 6, 2010

so yeah, holy crap it’s november.  every time i go to take my pictures off my camera and put them on my computer i keep trying to save them to the august folder.  wishful thinking i suppose.  i’m only scheduled to do 3 craft shows this year…  i’ve been lucky to have good business in my etsy shop and with a few side jobs, i’m not sure i’d have time to crank out enough stuff to do much more.  yesterday i made 6 calendars:

and today i’m working on a slew more (end number tonight = 7):

i’ve got a whole bunch cut and ready to paste, i think i’m in good shape…  just gotta keep it up…

i might need a couple more caffeinated beverages to make it through.

and another!!

October 8, 2010

wooden spool bracelet.  i have to re-think the sticky-ness on these…  my original plan isn’t sticking enough.  grrr…  so yeah.  but quick!  have a look before the paper starts to unroll! =D

they’re so fun!  and definately a work in progress.  i’ll update you with sticky developments.

wooden spool bracelets

October 2, 2010

FUN!  NEW!  PROJECT!  WOO!  so i ordered 500 of these little bitty spools… what to do, what to do…

bracelets, baybee!

i pondered a way to “stain” the spools, and found this:

i thought it would work better than regular water-based ink that might wear off on my skin, and i wasn’t sure what craft paint would do.  the stazon refill ink gave the spools a gorgeous look, but HOLY COW! MESSY! PERMANENT!  my fingers and nails will never be the same.  (you can probably tell i went with timber brown =))  the up-side is that it dries very quickly.  i hate to wait.

as you can tell from the background, i’m at work, so i rifled through the scrap bin and found some very pretty patterned papers and cut them to fit – my spools are small, i used 3/8″ x 1 3/8″ pieces.  i tried a bunch of adhesives to get the paper to stick – mod podge worked just fine, so did tacky tape and the xyron sticker maker…  use whatever you’d like!  i think mod podge might work best, with the tacky tape a close 2nd.

you can string them together the traditional end-to-end way, but i chose a side-to-side method – just string one end through each side.  i used elastic thread so i could stretch mine over my giant beat up crafty hands.

i’m experimenting with colors and papers tonight, and will show you anything super, should it pop up!

a quick change of season…

September 29, 2010

i’m all over the place right now.  sometimes people find crafty ideas and tell me “you should make this.”  my response usually is: “YOU should make that!”  last year i really felt like if i could make a bajillion crafts to sell, i’d sell em.  and i did, but i was also able to get a good backstock.  over the past year i really haven’t made much other than perpetual calendars and clothespins.  this year as the holidays are on approach, i feel confident that i won’t have to be up every night until 3:00 cutting and pasting.  and i have time to make some other things.  someone i know from online sent me a link to an advent calendar just as a “hey. look how cool this is,” but i took it as a “omg, i have to make something kinda like that!”

like the original, i removed a row of the pokey things on the holder and had 25 spaces.

i used Bazzill cardstock and scrapbooking papers by 3 Bugs in a Rug and Bo Bunny, paper punches, and some little epoxy stickers from Little Yellow Bicycle… 

the sides on mine don’t tear away, so there’s no treats or tasks involved – but i think for toddlers and preschoolers, the joy of knowing Christmas is  day closer is reward enough!

i’ve got one more set ready to be made, i’m deciding on the supplies right now.  Currently, this one is for sale on etsy.