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October 2, 2011

it’s been a few weeks, i’ve just been… busy.  you know.  i survived a two-day craft show, twice in a row, a couple of sick kids, and a blah, blah blah… this weekend i got to go away to Cape Cod for a ladies’ weekend.  it was so nice just to have a few days for me, and now there’s not much on the horizon.  and that’s great.

i worked on all queenvanna things, i’ve sold a ton of calendars lately so i really needed the time to restock.  and i made a few new things:

the girls had a lovely weekend with dad, though as they were telling me about their adventures, i had to ask “who was giving you supervisement?” there was the story of what little babycakes ate at the chinese buffet (more than everyone else combined) and why she got sick in her bed (see previous adventure at the chinese buffet), and what they did at the town’s 225 birthday, and babycake’s journal from school on Friday:

“WE HAD A DANS PADT”  if you’re having trouble reading that, try it with a Boston accent.  and people think i joke about her accent.  she really has it, even she hears it! =D

miss beanie has been working on her potholder collection.

she is also a selling machine.  her potholders are $3 a piece, and she can count by threes in case you need multiples.  she will calculate how much you owe her.  she tried to sell one to her Grandma, who told her she already had one, remember?  you gave it to her?  and beanie’s response was “i gave you that one, you didn’t BUY it.  you need to BUY one.”  and babycakes has quite the racket going on over there because her sister is very busy losing teeth and selling potholders, and she has more dollars than me.  can i have some dollars, Grandpa? *eyelash flutter*

so here we are, all on track and looking forward to fall in new england.  we’re glad you’re around to hear our tales.


on or off, no in between

November 7, 2010

i worked like a crazy person this weekend.  i got so much accomplished friday and saturday.

i made 20 calendars!

then i woke up early this a.m. with the time change and planned to have a few minutes to myself… no such luck, the whole family followed me downstairs.  it was a long, long morning.  i did get the wild idea to treck over to target to look for something specific on halloween clearance… i didn’t find that thing, but i found 200 smackers worth of other stuff.  a coat and snowpants for the little one, snow boots and pajamas for the big one, stocking stuffers, clearance holiday stickers…  AND a peppermint mocha from the starbucks in the store.  and that was all i did today.  tomorrow starts another week, full of tasks and errands and obligations.  it’s gonna be a fun one, but for tonight there’s nothing else.  i’m all done.

welcome, november

November 1, 2010

well here we are.  october was fun, wasn’t it?  i feel like we finally got into the swing of things and have a good day-to-day routine.  AND i had tons of fun.  did i tell you i went away?  i don’t think i did.   i went to Cape Cod for a weekend with friends to scrapbook.  i didn’t scrapbook, but i spent a lot of time just jackassing around.  (and making crafts, too).  i met these girls on the computer 100 years ago when the internet was a wee bitty-baby.  we don’t see each other much, but we have tons of fun.

looking at this pic now, i realize we’re a cord-y bunch. =) 

some of the ladies that came this weekend are convinced this place is haunted.  we think that’s a load of crap.  BUT!  can you spot the ghost in the photo above?!?!  so scary!! =D

this is more the real us:

it’s exhausting being as awesome as we are.  it was nice to get away.  and now, on to november.

things that make me smile…

September 6, 2009

labor day weekend…  it’s sunday night and i’m exhausted.  the girls heard somewhere that tomorrow is a holiday, and they fully expect to have a picnic on the diningroom floor.  i’m pondering a menu that requires the fewest crumbs and spills.

made some cakeballs this weekend:

craft 365 - year 2 - day 83   i've been feeling kinda grouchy...

cookie monster, grover and oscar!!  they were a big hit at sheila’s sunday picnic:

cakeball fans by you.

we enjoyed golf cart rides, playing pass with ken, bryan (brian?) and mitchell, and smores by the fire…

hope someone likes theirs well done...

it perplexes me that beanie likes smores.  smores have more ingredients than she usually eats at once.  it might be the simple pleasure that it’s something she can make herself, after describing to the minutest of detail how to prepare a good one…

tomorrow involves puttering around the house, and i’ve got a lot to do to get ready for the next few weeks.  hopefully everyone can play nice and be entertained by daddy so i can get some stuff accomplished.  i know!  maybe i can send them back down to the lake…



2 days down…

November 16, 2008

craft 365 - day 358 by you.

and one to go…  the “Scrapbook Summit” weekend at the Simsbury Inn seems to be going veeeeery well.  the scrappy ladies are busy, the scrappers are scrappin’, and Scrap Can Do! has sold a trillion kits!  maybe not a trillion, but we’re probably closing in on a million or so.

i spent last night holding down the fort at the store where we had 20 ladies come to crop til midnight.  and i made a crafty thing or two, too!!  the stars above are by Kaiser – they’re 2 pieces that slide together.  i made the black and cream one for myself, i think it’s gonna be adorable on my mantle.  today we had 28 ladies cropping – 13 hours of scrap-scrap-scrappin.  it seems like a long time, but i know the hours just flew by!

now i’ve got 15 minutes until it’s tomorrow, and i’ve got lots and lots to do for tomorrow.  more on that another time….