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the update you’ve all been waiting for! since a couple hours ago!!

July 21, 2010

i went out to take pics of the set up this afternoon:

i forgot to tell you about the bean plant, too… the one that’s highest up on the trellis – beanie planted that seed at preschool, and we are eagerly awaiting beans.  like more eagerly than i am waiting on the rest of it. 

searching for cucumbers is like looking for the pickle in the christmas tree:

and then OMG!  LOOK!  this might be a squash!!

i know if you’re local-ish you are laughing at me because HELLO!!  we live in farm country!!  i went to the CSA last week and brought home something like 85 lbs of carrots and a zucchini the size of my big girl’s thigh…

 but this i am doing myself.  lazily, but i’m doing it!!  those cukes better be tasty.