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Cupcake Birthdays and School Valentines

January 11, 2013

Coming up we have a certain girl turning 8 years old, and Valentines Day.  Nearly-8-year-old-girl is having a small birthday party with her friends at home in a few weeks.  She chose a decorate-your-own-cupcakes party.  Yay, easy!!  (Or so I thought.)  We were talking about activities and favors – I suggested aprons w the attendee’s names on them instead of treat bags, but I got shot down.  Treat bags are in, treat bags are cool.  And not to toot my own horn, but I stuff pretty nice treat bags.

*toot* *toot*

So ok, yay!  Cupcake theme, goodie bags, we can pull this idea out again:

Uh, no.  Nearly-8-year-old-girl put the kaibosh on that.  It’s been  done, that’s so my-sister’s-6th-birthday-treat-bags.  This child is NOT a repeater.  So the search continues….  or begins.  All suggestions welcome.

All suggestions are welcome for this, too:  School Valentines.  Last year we (“we” = “I”) made paperclip bookmarks for 1st grade

and the ever-famous “kid holding a lollipop picture” for kindergarten.

No one wants bookmarks this year (that’s kinda a relief, that was a lot of work!), and little girl wants the lollipop picture again.  That’s a fine idea to me, she only has one kid in her class from last year, so there will only be one repeater.  The lollipops were 10 for a dollar at Walmart, so it’s not terribly expensive, either.

So now we’re looking for some cupcake-8-year-old-birthday ideas and one set of super cool and crafty Valentines.  I’m a little off pinterest right now, I feel like there’s too much junk to weed through these days.  I guess it’s back to google and any ideas you’ve got for me!


Valentine Crafts

February 9, 2012

I just wrote a post on my work’s blog that’ll be published this weekend about keeping crafting simple.  I wish I could take my own advice, cuz today I have lost my mind.  I was looking for ideas for the girls to make their class Valentine’s and found all kinds of other things, too!  Like using chalkboard paint on $1 boxes of chocolate from the drug store:

and wrapping tootsie roll banks with paper to make them a little more festive:

ridiculous how easy they are to make, and adorable, too!

I think Big Girl might like to make bookmarks for her friends as Valentine’s, first grade is all about reading.  I made a couple of prototypes that I’ll give to my girls as Valentine’s.  The class ones will be made with smaller clips.

I think my girls are going to love ALL the treats I’ve made today!

I put a few sets of magnets in my etsy shop  too that are a little on the Valentine-y side but work for anyone who likes pink, or hearts, or polka dots, or strawberries or cherries or lots of other things:

Lots of treats for everyone!

conversation hearts – part 2

February 10, 2011

you’ll have to wait for the glamourshots tomorrow when the sun is up, but you know me, i can’t wait to at least show you a little…

i shared just a few with the girls.  this project kept them busy for an hour and they would’ve gone longer, but i wanted to use the markers…

i’m thinking about making postcard sized squares and having them create pictures for family and friends – maybe like a birthday card, or a little piece of artwork that can go on a little wooden easle… how aawesome would that be?!?!  that’s awesome with 2 A’s! =D (but not til i have a new mixer…)

how sweet are these??

Handmade Homemade Conversation Hearts

February 9, 2011

or: RIP, my hand mixer.  *sniffle*

This is part 1 of 2, because i am impatient and can’t actually finish the project before posting the whole thing…  ANYWAY, you need:

  • 1 packet (1/4 oz, or 2 tsp) unflavored gelatin
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tsp light corn syrup
  • 2 lbs powdered sugar, plus additional for dusting
  • Assorted flavoring extracts of your choice
  • Assorted food colors of your choice
  • Heart-shaped cutters
  • Food coloring markers

Put the corn syrup, gelatin, and water in a small microwave-safe bowl. Stir until the gelatin is well-distributed. Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds, so the gelatin dissolves, and stir well.

Pour the gelatin mixture into a large bowl.  Add 1 cup of powdered sugar and turn the mixer to low, mixing until the sugar is incorporated.  (Here is where things went south for my hand mixer.  You really need a standup mixer w a paddle for this)

Once the sugar is mixed in, add another cup of sugar, again mixing on low until it liquefies. Continue to add the remaining powdered sugar, one cup at a time, pausing in between additions to allow the sugar to mix in, until the full two pounds of powdered sugar is added. Periodically, stop the mixer and scrape down the bottom and sides of the bowl. The candy will progress from a thin, watery liquid to a very stiff dough. (When your mixer starts smoking, you’re almost there!) =D

Once all of the sugar is incorporated, dust a work surface (counter or large cutting board) with powdered sugar and scrape the candy out onto the work surface. The candy will be very sticky and stiff. Generously dust the top of the ball of candy with powdered sugar, and begin to knead the candy like bread dough: fold the ball of dough over onto itself, then use the heel of your hand to push it down. Give the candy a quarter-turn, and repeat the process, dusting it with more powdered sugar as often as necessary to prevent it from sticking to the board or your hands. Knead until the candy is satiny and not sticky.


Decide how many colors/flavors of conversation hearts you want to make, and divide the candy dough into that many portions. To flavor and color the candy, take one of the balls and flatten it into a palm-sized disc. Add a few drops of food coloring and flavoring extract to the center of the disc, and fold it over on itself.  Your hands will look and smell lovely.  Probably for days.

clockwise from top – pink=vanilla, purple=rootbeer, green=spearmint, orange=tangerine

Dust your work surface and a rolling pin with powdered sugar, and roll out one of the candy balls to your desired thickness.

Use heart-shaped cutters to cut hearts out of the rolled candy, and transfer the hearts to a baking sheet. Once you have cut out your hearts, you can re-roll the scraps to get more shapes out of the candy. I rolled out each color 2x, then I was like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, there was still a lot left, but I was growing bored.  Repeat with remaining candy balls.

and dearlord, the sugar was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

Allow your hearts to air-dry for at least 24 hours before you write on them. This step is VERY important, because the extra moisture in the hearts will cause the ink to run if you do not let them dry properly.  So that’s where we are…  they started drying out pretty quickly, but I will leave them to do their thing overnight.  Stay tuned for part 2.

more little frames

January 22, 2010

michael’s.  the little frames are from michael’s.  they have different colors now, but no white.

i got some silver

and some bright pink

i enjoy making valentine’s day crafts, though valentine’s really isn’t my holiday….  i love red and sparkles, and who doesn’t love a good doily or 2, so valentines crafts i make!

changing holidays…

January 19, 2010

…i work on things when they inspire me, and i’ve been getting ahead on my christmas crafts for next year…. yes, i may have a problem.  but i’ve finally moved on to valentines day.  i saw a cute craft somewhere this a.m. and got all crazy and preoccupied about how i could do it with things i already had…. so far, i can show you this:

when i bought the frames i had no plan for them, and finally, like a year later i figured it out.  the glue is drying on the final result, and i’ll show you soon!

what would you do?

January 6, 2009

by you.

2 identical metal mailboxes.  i can:
1.  list one and wait for it to sell, then list the other.
2.  list them as a set. 

as a seller (and/or a buyer), which would you do??
p.s. they are super cute – x’s and o’s and sprinkles and buttons and rhinestones and ribbons and clips and flocked brads…