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Valentine Crafts

February 9, 2012

I just wrote a post on my work’s blog that’ll be published this weekend about keeping crafting simple.  I wish I could take my own advice, cuz today I have lost my mind.  I was looking for ideas for the girls to make their class Valentine’s and found all kinds of other things, too!  Like using chalkboard paint on $1 boxes of chocolate from the drug store:

and wrapping tootsie roll banks with paper to make them a little more festive:

ridiculous how easy they are to make, and adorable, too!

I think Big Girl might like to make bookmarks for her friends as Valentine’s, first grade is all about reading.  I made a couple of prototypes that I’ll give to my girls as Valentine’s.  The class ones will be made with smaller clips.

I think my girls are going to love ALL the treats I’ve made today!

I put a few sets of magnets in my etsy shop  too that are a little on the Valentine-y side but work for anyone who likes pink, or hearts, or polka dots, or strawberries or cherries or lots of other things:

Lots of treats for everyone!


valentine wreath

February 2, 2011

though my recent blog posts would point to the contrary, i have been doing things outside of the kitchen. =)

i made this wreath from a styrofoam circle and a whole buncha cupcake papers.

i  folded the cupcake papers in half or fourths and hot glued them in a random fashion.  strange story – i can never find my glue gun.  i’ll look everywhere and i can never find it.  i’ll get to the point that i’ll just go buy a new one.  and three minutes after i get home i’ll find it.  i own 4 glue guns and i don’t know where any of them are.

fold and glue, fold and glue…

i’d still like to add a sassy little something to it, and i’m waiting for hunny to put a hole in the plaster wall to hang it, but it is very cute just sitting in the window waiting for it’s permanent home.

kinda makes me wanna make a batch of cupcakes…


February 11, 2010

we are slow-slow-slowly redoing our upstairs bathroom….  hunny is doing what he can on his own, but his time is very limited.  i picked out a great shower curtain and towels, so my bit is done while he is ripping our tiles and medicine cabinets and wires and un-fun things i cannot be bothered to think about.  i have a pretty normal, sedate looking house, but i think bathrooms should be a little wild and fun, and the new one will be awesome once it’s put together (in a million years).

i was so excited about the shower curtain that i took it out today and hung it in our spare bedroom as a photo backdrop.  i had great thoughts of sweet valentine cards for the grandparents… but the girls were not onboard with the sweet.  they wanted the silly.  almost 500 pics taken, and this is what i got:


that little one is quite the character.  we all laugh constantly.  such entertainment.  perhaps i’ll try again another day, the shower curtain isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

more little frames

January 22, 2010

michael’s.  the little frames are from michael’s.  they have different colors now, but no white.

i got some silver

and some bright pink

i enjoy making valentine’s day crafts, though valentine’s really isn’t my holiday….  i love red and sparkles, and who doesn’t love a good doily or 2, so valentines crafts i make!

finished product

January 20, 2010

man, i wish i had bought 20 more of these frames, they are so cute!

first i yanked off the backing on each frame and used it as my template.  i traced the back onto the paper and a piece of chipboard (thin cardboard) and cut.  i attached the paper to the chipboard, then used a super strong glue to attach the paper to the back of the frame, then the backing to the chipboard.  this reinforced the paper for the glass stones (what are they called, really?)  once that was bonded, i added the glass stones with the same crazy strong glue.


they sat overnight so the glue could fully bond and WA-LA! here they are!  i’m going back and forth… for the etsy shop or for me??  i can’t decide.


wax hearts – made with love

February 13, 2009

i’ve been meaning to try a few new things for quite a while now…  while beanie was at preschool yesterday, and babycakes was a little under the weather camped out in front of Dora, it seemed like a great time!

i got some wax at the craft store and asked some buddies what i should melt it in…  i got all kinds of answers, but i decided on one of my awesome glass bowls done over a pan of boiling water.

melting wax 

(takes much longer to melt than chocolate!) 

while i waited, i shaved some crayons down.  the washables shredded into tiny little shavings, and the non-washable ones made these neat little roses.  so pretty!!

pink and peelerpurple, of course

once the wax was melted, i added the shavings to tint the wax.  i left some of the larger crumbles in the bottom of my silicone molds, just to see what would happen.  firming up...  when the wax was poured, i added an un-bent paperclip to use as a hanger.  the hardest part was waiting for them to solidify.  right at this point, i just wanted to poke my finger in the molds over and over!! 

after about an hour, they popped right out of the molds.


i bent the paperclip to straighten the hanger, added a bow and a loop, and WA-LA!  instant valentine gifts!

with hangers and bows

*note for next time – try a higher quality wax.  these feel (for lack of a better term) waxy, and kinda soft.  the chances of these leaving residue on a window or wall is high.  hang freestyle, or on something you’re not worried about damaging. i wonder if a harder wax would help?

there we go…

January 23, 2009

LOVE wooden decoupaged blocks  wooden blocks - KISS

so i think part of my problem is that i expect to sit down at night after the girls are in bed and crank out 6 calendars every night.  that’s what i was doing in november and december.  last night i whipped out these wooden block words and was cleaned up and ready for a snack by 9:30.  that felt great.  they’ll both be in the shop by lunchtime today!