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feelin’ fruity… or vegetable-y, as it were…

July 21, 2010

the 1st full summer we were here in this house, we planted watermelons and cantelopes… we got a harvest of 1 cantelope and 2 or 3 watermelons.  we waited as long as we could to pick them, they were so tiny.  we finally picked them in october, and they were all smaller than the size of my fist.  *ppppbbbtttt*

i think we skipped the 2nd summer, i was so peaved about the first summer.  last year i planted pumpkins and acorn squash.  we had a bumper crop of yellow flowers, but got one acorn squash in the end, again, smaller than my fist.  and like beanie says:  whaddaheck?? 

this year i wasn’t gonna bother, but christy brought me some seedlings and i HAD to plant them…. 2 types of cukes, some yellow and green squash.  i couldn’t let them dry out and go to waste…  this time, i planted them in flower boxes and put them in the warmest, sunniest spot i had – the edge of my driveway near the air conditioner machiney thing.  i though the noise of the a/c would keep the bunnehs away, and the warmth radiating off the house and driveway would only help.  WELL!  the squash are still just flowering, but i am a cucumber growing GENIUS.  i’m like MOTHER NATURE out there.  i’ve got one that looks like it might be about pickle size, and a whole heap that are thinking about growing some more.  queenie can GROW a cucumber.  next year that may be all i plant, my feelings get hurt so easily.  =)