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Fresh Lemons – Kitchen Re-decor

July 17, 2012

The time had been coming for a while.  The girls had outgrown their table in the kitchen.  This was a great spot for them – breakfast while I unloaded the dishwasher, a place for crafts and important little-girl work, somewhere to sit and visit…

Big Girl could barely get her legs under the table, and with plates and cups at dinnertime, it was getting a little crowded for them.  After an infuriating time with, 3 cracked tables in 3 orders and a suggestion that we not try to buy that table from them any more, we went with an unfinished furniture place and Hunny got to use his air-paint-sprayer-thingie.  We matched the table top to the chairs in the old set, and the legs are some white paint I think we just had kicking around.  He did a great job!

Our walls are plaster so it takes a little more than the whack of a nail to hang anything, one girl is eagerly awaiting a new spot for her calendar.  What our kitchen totally needs is 3 calendars in 9 square feet of space.  We’re just like that.

Big Girl painted that watermelon in first grade art class, and since it’s always been her favorite fruit and we seem to go through 11 lb watermelons in a matter of a couple days, I thought it needed to be framed.  I cut it out of the big art paper and matted it on some scrapbooking paper.  Gawd bless those IKEA frames, I think 90% of the pictures on our walls are hung in IKEA frames.

The fake flowers are just cuz… the table feels so big and there’s so much space, so why not put dust catchers on there?

Let me tell you about those cafe curtains.

They’re kitchen towels.  Target has done me wrong with the whole table debacle, I’m so mad at them and yet, I can’t totally quit them.  The cafe curtains are actually kitchen towels from Target.  I had planned to fold over the top and sew them to slide the towel on to the rod, but I loaned out my sewing machine (like 10 months ago) and I haven’t heard any plans on getting it back, so I used those hooks on rings.  I’m sure they have a fancy name, but I don’t know what it is.

We could use an update on the placemats, but the girls love them so they’ll stay a while.

Now we have a sunny little spot for growing girls to do some more growing up.





Edible Easter Centerpiece

March 26, 2012

Easter is sometimes my favorite holiday.  I don’t know if it’s the pretty colors or the start of spring, but if you ask me at this time of year what my favorite holiday is, it’ll be Easter.  Today I made a table centerpiece:


and it’s completely edible! weee!

i started with making the candy cups.  they are shaped around tiny little water balloons.

something shady happened and one popped all on its own.  ugh, mess.

i put them on a bed of edible Easter grass.  while the package says it’s edible, it’s kinda gross tasting.  the main ingredient is potato starch, they’re kinda like weird fruit flavored packing peanuts/rice cakes.  but edible.

i added plain m&ms, pretzel m&ms and cadbury mini eggs to the cups, made some candy and pretzel bunny faces and hineys, and added some peeps.  i have a love affair with peeps.  bunnies are my favorite, and i always loved the white ones but i haven’t been able to find them for years.  last month i actually emailed Just Born to see what the deal was, and *weepy tears* they don’t make them any more because they weren’t popular.  thanks a LOT, people.  ANYWAY,


i made a little bunny mix with popcorn, corn chex, pretzels, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, m&ms and leftover green chocolate candy.  This won’t make it to Easter, it’s too yummy we’ll have to make more!

thursday night marketplace

November 18, 2010

was a success.  i do enjoy weeknight craft shows.  in, out, done.  it wasn’t QUITE like that, but you know what i mean.

the moon was so pretty as it was getting dark:

surprise, i had enough stuff for an 8 foot table!

AND the ladder shelf!

the ladder here is not fully loaded, i had lots more to put on there.

i stamped my bags today with a new stamp.  it says, “She had all the royal makings of a queen.”

i thought that was a cute touch.  i made the executive decision not to unload the car tonight.  too bad it’s hunny’s car, he’ll have to take mine to work in the morning.  i’m too tired to move!  =D

a pile here, a pile there…

November 4, 2010

i spend a lot of my time during the day standing at my kitchen counter… preparing meals, moving piles of stuff, working on crafts… i work on my crafts in the kitchen because i know i need to clean it all up when i’m done, i can’t leave all that stuff there.  today i’m beat.  i have laryngitis so we are sticking close to home.  quietly.  i’ve moved production to the diningroom, which really, houses all of my works in progress anyway.  i need to put some stuff away, but i can’t get up out of this seat…

much to do, much to do.  sometimes i think i should find a less messy endeavour….  but this is so much fun.

and if someone could go reheat that cup of tea for me, that would be awesome.

friday night wrap up…

November 14, 2009

look at this cuteness:

last night daddy was out at happy hour with some work people, so mama decided some little girls were going to bed e.a.r.l.y.  we had a special treat and read 6 whole books in mama’s bed before going into their room for the night.  a special treat for everyone.  we read a couple of my favorites – rotton ralph’s birthday (from when i was a little girl), and guess how much i love you   (“that’s good hopping”)…  along with a pile of sandra boynton books…  a lovely way to pass the evening.

and one more bit of cuteness:

(horsey back rides)

alas, cleanweek did not conclude as i had thought it would….  the delivery of my new diningroom table was terribly anticlimactic.  i’m still missing 2 legs.  are you kidding me?  sorry, no, i am not.  so i lost my cleaning mojo.  perhaps next week….


September 12, 2008

possibilities by you.

i’ve been working with this paper for over a year – when i find it, i hoard it.  i make little and big clothespins with it, frames, mirrors…. all kinds of things.  it never occurred to me to try it on a calendar.  thanks to a previous customer asking, i am trying it out….  they’re all so cute, i may end up making one of each!

live on better connecticut, it’s US!

August 7, 2008

NOW! with the link to the segment!!:


oh, christy and i had a very large time…. but have you heard the thing about how you should pretend someone is always watching or listening?  well i need to take another lesson in that rule.  i was being fresh and talkin’ smack, and someone heard.  i *think* he knows i was joking, but i still felt like a fool!

ooh! - spt - 08/07/08 by you.

the segment went great, the crafts were fun and the host was funny as all get out (as usual).

and i came home, and the first thing i had to do was change a diaper.  all this glamour, i almost can’t stand it!