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making panda bread

July 17, 2011

oh, pinterest, why you do me like you do?  one of my online friendies found some “panda bread”  and said “oh suuuure, c’mon, you should make it.”  so i did. 

i got to use that.  a dough hook for my mixer.   or part of my new pirate costume!

behold!  i made dough!

this was my first attempt at dough, i was quite impressed with myself.

i used the recipe i found here (click me!) since there were no pictures on the recipe, i found a youtube video… not in english, but awesome.  if you want to make this, totally search “making panda bread” on the tube.  and feel all smart cuz you figured out something in japanese.  or chinese, or whatever it was…

i feel all cookery and what not when i have flour on my hands.

just like in the video…



roll and fold some more.


i got a little nervous because i didn’t think the dough was rising like it should.  i’m not sure what to do about that, but *angels singing*  ahhhh-ahhhh-AAAAAH!  panda bread:


and it’s tasty, too.  i might not sleep thinking of the possibilities.  can you imagine ELMO??!?  HELLO KITTY?!? 




sunday morning, rain is falling…

March 6, 2011

it’s so gloomy and rainy today,  it was time for some color.  it was time for rainbow pancakes.

bisquick recipe, plus gel food coloring and an armload of extra dirty dishes. =)

equals pretty.  and YUM.

the little girl (who would never eat a regular pancake, they’re “too pancakey”) managed to scarf down a purple one.  she said it “wasn’t so bad..”

sunday night…

November 14, 2010

and somehow it’s almost 10:45p.m…  i wound myself up today thinking about my upcoming craftshows,

worrying about if i have enough (i totally do) and what happens if i run out of things (i won’t.  i have enough for 40 shows.)

but i did finish these little babies:

and now i feel like i want to make 100 more! 


while surveying the disaster i have left in my wake today, i pondered balance…  it’s hard to maintain balance.

i’ve got so many projects in various states of completion, and now they’re crowding my bookshelf top, which doubles as my product photography studio.  so i had to finish these things and take their pictures and start to get them up on etsy.  can’t sell if not listed, can’t list if not finished… i guess i need to slow down the production phase this week and get to the marketing.  *ugh* blah, blah.   look at that, i bored myself to sleep.  guess i’ll get a snooze and pick up where i left off tomorrow… starting with finding the slat surface of my bookshelf again.

sunday – day 23 – will it ever end?

November 23, 2008

can someone explain to me what orkut is?  there is a nice person on flickr who has told me that they saw a picture of one of my girls being used on orkut.  they were checking to see if this other person was authorized to use it.  umm, no.  but what is it?  what do you suppose it’s being used for?  this person said they’d let me know if they found the user again, but til then, what is there to do?  i suppose it’s time to do a little research for myself…  ew.

we had a lovely day, complete with a trip to 2 craft stores and lunch out.  the girls have been precious little peaches all day.  i skipped babycake’s nap hoping she’d konk out early, and hopefully sleep a little later in the a.m…  it’s a short week coming up, but a strange one.  lots to do, lots to do…

babycakes is feeling much better, LUUUUUVS “pink medicine” (amoxicillin)

beanie is loving the icecream once the “frosting” (whipped cream) was removed