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Sesame Magic – Opening Day at Sesame Place

May 6, 2013
Maybe it was because it was Opening day, or maybe it was because I worry in my heart that Big Girl is going to look at me one day soon and be like “Mom, I’m all grown out of this stuff now,” but everything seemed extra-magical and special that Saturday at Sesame Place.
A little girl, maybe 4 years old sat next to me before the evening parade. She had a new Abby Caddaby plushy from one of the gift shops that she was very happy to show me (probably because I was wearing my Abby visor and puffs.) She asked, “Do you think she’s real?” I answered, “Of course I do, she’s right in your hands! And we’ll see her in the parade!” I swear that little girl was planted there to have that conversation with me. Sesame magic has always been really-real to me.

(She was a chatty little one, she engaged all of us.)

On the long drive home, I thought more about Sesame magic and how it might seem to my girls.  When I was 5, my favorite Sesame Street bit was Bert, doing the “er-er-pigeon”.  How could he dance like that, how could see his shoes?  How does that work?  Like how it is that no matter how crowded the park is, what part of the line we are in, this girl gets whatever horse she wants every. single. time.

…how a couple years ago the girls decided they wanted to catch an Abby poof that launches from one of the floats in the parade and since then, we’ve caught at least one for each girl every time we’ve visited.  This time we caught three, and shared one with our little friend.  She was speechless, for a second.

This time it seemed like the staff at Sesame Place was extra magical, too.  The girl at Ernie’s bed bounce played tag with the big kids when it was their turn.  It was cool to give the kids a little structure and focus instead of aimlessly bouncing (which is fine, too, but you know…).

(I think Little Girl took this pic, it was on their camera)

A whole gang of workers played Red Light Green Light and Duck Duck Goose before the evening parade – it was WONDERFUL.  Rather than just sitting and asking every 32 seconds when the parade would start, everybody got a chance to stay busy.  The time went by quickly.

The girls were lucky enough to be chosen to dance in the parade too.  I SWEAR there is no trick to this, they just get picked.  Like, fairly often.  There must be something about them that catches the dancers’ eyes.

There’s a link here:

There was a bit of a free-for-all when some streamers popped out into the crowd towards the end, lots of little kids ran into the parade path.  The dancers motioned to hold back the floats and everyone got back to their parents.  Big and Little Girl hadn’t moved from our spot, they know after all this time not step into the parade.  The “kid” that chose them to dance saw them standing there once the parade started up again and handed them a scoop of the streamers.  A simple gesture, but I think that was magic to my girls.

That look on Big Girl’s face, I want that magic forever.


More Birthday Fun!

August 29, 2012

So I wanted to show you a few more things I made to keep myself busy before and during Babycake’s 6th birthday!

The obvious theme here is ICECREAM, YAY! including the “scratch and sniff” icecream cone t-shirt.

The goodie bags had popsicle molds filled with candies, sherbet flavored lip balm, icecream cone shaped marshmallows and a little stuffed webkin.  I saw on pinterest (of course!) bags embellished with cupcake liners and clothespins.  (the clothespins are queenvanna creations, *ahem*)  It was a great idea, and heavens knows I’ve got a few cupcake liners to spare.

We had pizza and juice boxes, and I found these adorable “for personal use” water bottle wrappers, so I made a few of those, too!

When the girls saw these, they suddenly didn’t want juice boxes, they all wanted water. =D

The shop had coloring and BINGO, and we did face painting:

(Big Girl said “no thank you” to face painting.  “Yes thank you” to icecream.)

and paper dolls:

There was some mention that I should do some party planning, and I love that idea…  but I don’t know how to go about that.  People tell me they’re having a party and I tell them what to do?  SIGN ME UP!

I will tell some people some things…. like which flavor icecream I want.

I think I can say a fun time was had by all.

Being that Babycake’s birthday is MY birthday, too, I on the actual day *i* wanna do something fun, we went to Lake Compounce, a local-ish theme and water park.

it was a beeeeeautiful day:

I rode a couple of grown up rides and decided I’m probably too old for grown up rides, and had a lovely day spending time with my little family.


And now because I love telling people what to do, I think *you* should spend your next birthday doing something you love, too!  There, it’s planned.

Summertime Popsicle Treats

July 18, 2012

So this has been happening over here….

Work books and American Girl dolls and markers and bunnies and borrowing my phone to listen to Kidzbop on pandora radio.  Oof, almost 6 is crazy.

It’s been blazing hot for almost all the days this summer and we got one of those quick-freeze popsicle makers to try out some treats.  Every night this week we’ve tried something new and so far we have not been that adventurous.  First up, rootbeer:

a big hit with everyone.  this is the only one that has required a tiny bit of prep – the soda needs to be flat.  the directions say that the pops won’t come out if they’re carbonated.  makes sense, i guess, so i just left a cup of soda poured in a cup on the counter all afternoon.

the next night we kinda phoned it in cuz it was getting late.  orange juice and apple juice.

again, no complaints.


1 straight kiwi, 1 orange juice.  the kiwi was a omgthatsawfulno.  but in that popsicle’s defense, there mighta been something off w the kiwi.  it kinda made my lips tingle….  maybe next time we’ll mix it with some juice or something sweet to cut it back a little.

Tomorrow we’ve decided we’ll try pureed watermelon, and i’m ready to move on to creamier ones… yogurt and berries? vanilla pudding and banana? mango and cream? iced coffee (just for the mama)?  and a side note – do you know how many carbs a serving of almond milk has?  eeeeesh.  I guess these treats are best tasted by the little ones.

who are getting big way too fast.

May Wrap-up 2012

May 31, 2012

So what’s up over here?  Nuthin’.  HI MY 2 READERS!!


Earlier this month I made Candy sea glass – it looks like sea glass from the beach, but it’s basically a lollipop/hard candy recipe poured in a pan, cracked, then rubbed with powdered sugar.  I think they look pretty authentic!  We gave them to the girls’ teachers as a little treat for Teacher Appreciation Week and they were a big hit.


Summer is almost here, teachers!

I also had a little getaway to visit friends and family in Florida and we mighta had a good time.  Or 2.


(I stole this picture from my sister, cuz as she pointed out, I only took 17 pictures the whole time I was down there.  And 10 were of the sunset one night.)

Big girl had her Spring Music performance, and it was adorable as usual.


(and she knew it! )

The girls are taking Zumba and loving it.  It’s fun to watch.


 and we are ALL looking forward to summer vacation… just a few more school days to go!

inside out smores

July 12, 2011

you know those giant masrmallows they have at the grocery store?  not just large, but BIG HONKIN marshmallows?  if you like toasted marshmallows, get some.  there’s so much surface area for toasty goodness.

if you’re so inclined, you can make inside-out smores. 

with a  sharp knife, cut a slit almost all the way through the center.  i crammed in teddy grahams and mini chips cuz that’s what i had.  next time i might do graham cracker sticks dipped in nutella.  yep, that’ what i’m going to do!

get all the ingredients way in there.  don’t be stingey.

i cooked mine on the BROIL setting on my toaster oven.  when the top started to brown, i poked then on their side so i could toast them a little more… the toast part is my favorite.  only took a minute or 2.

how cute would these be, served at a picnic?  you could make a whole cookie sheet full all at once…  maybe served in cupcake papers?

that guy was DELISH!

one word though: they are an ENORMOUS sticky mess to eat.  serve to small children only if you have a hose close at hand.  or if you want to lick your face, i won’t judge.


little tiny herb garden in a colander

July 12, 2011

one from the files of “i saw this on pinterest”…  a metal colander as a planter.

i’ve forgone the garden that i have tried so hard to have every year that we’ve been in this house and just went with working on the plants around the yard that were already there.  they’re doing pretty good.  we’ve got some white flowers, some yellow flowers, some irises and daisies…  lots of stuff that’s hard to kill.

i went with a tiny herb garden in my metal strainer:

it’s an ecclectic blend of herbs, mint, dill and (i think) basil, but these are the ones that i could see myself using.  i was going to try to find a colander at the thrift store, but i just don’t get out that way very often.  and this one was 4 smackers at Walmart.  i bought the herbs in quart pots, and broke them in half, planting one part here and the other part of each in the ground on the edge of my garage.

i imagine this one will dry out a lot faster because of the holes, but i love the kitchen outdoors theme, it cracks me up a little.  i might still see what i can find at tag sales or if i get to the thrift store, it might be cute to have 2 or 3 in different sizes on my back step!

jello sky with fluffy clouds

July 11, 2011

fun with mason jars, part 1 of ?

i bought a case of these jars.  i’m going to challenge myself to see how many things i can make/put in them this summer.  i hereby dub this summer “the summer of the canning jars.”

today’s offering:  jello sky.

the jello was an idea i saw on pinterest.  it’s incredibly easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

i used homemade whipped cream for mine.  1/2 pint of whipping cream in the mixer, and when it started to thicken, i added 1/8c white sugar and beat it until it was very stiff.  when it was ready, i put it in the fridge while i prepped the jello.

1 c boiling water over 1 box of blue jello.  mix til dissolved.  add 1c (ish) icecubes and stir stir stir.  after about 5 minutes, it will start to thicken.  i didn’t think it was quite thick enough at that point, so i put the bowl in the fridge for about 20 minutes.  when it is firm enough to still be a little liquidy but tight enough to hold a little shape, it’s ready.

pour a layer of jello in bottom of glass jar.  add a blop of whipped cream and push it against the glass.  if it doesn’t go where you want, just wipe it off the glass and try some more. blop, blop, blop, then add more jello.  then more clouds.  really, it’s almost TOO easy.

it’s really neat to see the depth of the cream in the jello, like puffy clouds!

each jar might be a little bit too much for one serving, they might be cute in even smaller jars, but there’s plenty to share!