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Celebrate Good Times, C’MON!

March 6, 2013

sesame blog

The most EXCITING news I’ve had EVER (maybe not ever, but RECENTLY!!) is that I was selected to be a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for this season and ohhhhh my goodness I’m so psyched I can barely sleep!  I’ll go down there to visit and play and see my buddies Grover and Bert with the girls and maybe some other folks, then I’ll tell you all about it.  As a little yippee and hooray, I made cupcakes today.

I got the Elmo picks at the big opening of HOBBY LOBBY a couple weekends ago (along with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD) and I’ve been saving the ABC, 123 sprinkles for just such an occasion.

There have been some difficult and weird times at hunny’s job, morale is strange at the moment so he thought it would be nice to bring a treat to the guys he has lunch with every day.  I stopped in at lunchtime today to drop some off and they enjoyed the Elmo cupcakes a whole bunch.  The girls each had one as a bedtime snack, but they just thought it was because mom felt like making cupcakes.  I’m keeping our several visits to Elmo’s house a secret for now!

Candy Covered Marshmallows

June 19, 2012

It’s just about time for our annual pilgrimage to one of our favorite places, Sesame Place!  Before that, we will be making the girls’ first trip to NYC to American Girl.  I made these treats to put us in the spirit – candy coated star shaped marshmallows!

ridiculously easy and soooo so cute!

aaaand tasty, too!  i love the way these looked wrapped up singley.  i think next time someone does something nice for me, i will make these treats as a thank you!

but this batch will stay here with us. =D

easy homemade donuts

June 6, 2011

it is borderline-crazy how free i feel, now that my summer has started.  beanie still has another 2 weeks of kindergarten, but with preschool over, there just seems to be a lot less go go going.  this afternoon babycakes and i made easy-peasy donuts.

it doesn’t get any easier unless you get in the car and drive to dunkin donuts.

premade fridge biscuits – roll em out round-ish

poke a hole in them with a round cookie cutter

they might’ve been a little more uniform if there wasn’t a 4 year old helping me, but they’re tastier cuz she helped.

drop em in hoooooot oooooil.  just about 10 seconds on each side should do.  they go quick!

then flip em out onto a paper towel to cool

we glazed the big ones with a mixture of powdered sugar and milk, then sprinkled… umm, sprinkles on them.

and babycakes powdered the holes – they’re a little… uh, handled, but she doesn’t mind.

a pretty afternoon snack

my assistant approves!


party on…

June 5, 2011

decorated some basic black pens, and now they’re CUTE! 

sassy!  makes me want to write stuff!

this week we celebrated the retirement of a beloved preschool teacher after 35 years teaching at our school.  i’m overwhelmed with thanks for that sweet lady.  what in the world CAN you say after 35 years?  nothing seems like enough.  i’m so happy she was there for both my girls.  now they’re extra-sweet, and smarty pants, too. 

and now that my obligations at preschool are complete, i’m ready for a little celebrating myself.

summer tasty treats, cakeball edition

August 6, 2010

because i rarely have an original idea of my own, i tried out bakerella’s cakeball cones (with an adaptation here and there, of course.) 

i found some little wafer cones at target:

and then i went to town, cakeball style…

they might actually be easier to make than flinging them in mini cupcake wrappers

but the problem is this…. you may be wondering, “how on earth will you transport them to the picnic on saturday?”  and my answer:

i don’t know.  (that one above was set-up, just like bakerella did)

actually, i like to take my regular ones places in chinese take-out containers. (c’mon little cakeballs, we’re going for a ride!)  the containers are great because they easily fit a dozen in them.  you can fit a baker’s half dozen with the cones this way.  and the lids are raised, so there’s little risk of them getting squashed.

the cones add a little taste of summer to the classic cakeball.  YUM!

what would you do?

January 6, 2009

by you.

2 identical metal mailboxes.  i can:
1.  list one and wait for it to sell, then list the other.
2.  list them as a set. 

as a seller (and/or a buyer), which would you do??
p.s. they are super cute – x’s and o’s and sprinkles and buttons and rhinestones and ribbons and clips and flocked brads…

old standbys…

December 17, 2008

choc dipped oreos with extra sprinkles!!  mmm…

this one's not gonna make it out of the house. by you.

so simple, and yet a HUGE hit.  there was a year that i couldn’t find the almond bark (why is it called almond bark?), so the next year i seriously bought like 8 pounds of it.  so i’m good for this year at least!!  =)

i’ve got to get out to the store to stock up on the other things i like to dip, and i’ll make various things mixed in almond bark and dropped into mini muffin papers – crushed oreos, mini pretzels, and my favorite – CRAISINS.  yum.  for now i’ll have to dream because we got snow last night.  and not the pretty holiday card picture kind…  more of the “crap it’s gonna be hard to drive in this ugly stuff” snow.  but soon…