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Almost-end-of-summer wrap up

August 28, 2012

You know, busy, stuff, things, summer ending, blah, blah….

This happened:

B.Cakes is now really and officially 6.  Wow!

We had a fun party with some of her friends at the local icecream shop, it was the PERFECT place to have a party!

There were tough decisions to be made, but we all got through it somehow…


wooden thread spool Christmas countdown calendars – in styles to please everyone…

all those teeny tiny little numbers, oi!

also, lots and lots of perpetual calendars:

There are so many fun new paper designs, these have been really fun to make.

We’ve got 1 more week til school starts, we are winding down but I have plans for a few more fun things up my sleeve… stay tuned!


and another!!

October 8, 2010

wooden spool bracelet.  i have to re-think the sticky-ness on these…  my original plan isn’t sticking enough.  grrr…  so yeah.  but quick!  have a look before the paper starts to unroll! =D

they’re so fun!  and definately a work in progress.  i’ll update you with sticky developments.

wooden spool bracelets

October 2, 2010

FUN!  NEW!  PROJECT!  WOO!  so i ordered 500 of these little bitty spools… what to do, what to do…

bracelets, baybee!

i pondered a way to “stain” the spools, and found this:

i thought it would work better than regular water-based ink that might wear off on my skin, and i wasn’t sure what craft paint would do.  the stazon refill ink gave the spools a gorgeous look, but HOLY COW! MESSY! PERMANENT!  my fingers and nails will never be the same.  (you can probably tell i went with timber brown =))  the up-side is that it dries very quickly.  i hate to wait.

as you can tell from the background, i’m at work, so i rifled through the scrap bin and found some very pretty patterned papers and cut them to fit – my spools are small, i used 3/8″ x 1 3/8″ pieces.  i tried a bunch of adhesives to get the paper to stick – mod podge worked just fine, so did tacky tape and the xyron sticker maker…  use whatever you’d like!  i think mod podge might work best, with the tacky tape a close 2nd.

you can string them together the traditional end-to-end way, but i chose a side-to-side method – just string one end through each side.  i used elastic thread so i could stretch mine over my giant beat up crafty hands.

i’m experimenting with colors and papers tonight, and will show you anything super, should it pop up!