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so that happened…

November 7, 2011

remember how i was nervous about that tree in the back of my house before the hurricane?  yeah.

before (august 2011):

during-ish (oct 30, 2011) (hey, where did the deck and swingset go?)

after (nov 01):

it’s decidedly whispier after the freak october snow storm we had.  good news – the pieces bounced off the house and didn’t squash any of us.  we were only out of power for 5 days, and as crazy as it sounds, we were the lucky ones.  i get crazy clausterphobic when the power goes out, and i don’t care much for living in a house with no heat or water with two little girls that ask 100 times an hour when the lights will come back on.  oi.  i took them to my parents on the coast, and my poor, long suffering husband stayed home because he still had to work.  he got to shower there and have a hot meal, sleep in a 40 degree house and the girls and i had a mini vacation.

we trick or treated at grammie and poppie’s and made out like little bandits.  or a little bat and a little butterfly.  whatever.

pssst, they don’t really like candy.  mama has a year’s supply of peanut butter cups, score!

as i type this, we’ve been out of school for 6 days, tomorrow will be lucky number 7.  i am so ready to have my boring little life back, cutting and pasting and making colored waffles.  i think we all are.



flakey balls

January 7, 2011

ohhh, i made some gloriously lovely balls today:

the humidity in the house musta been perfect, mercury musta been in retrograde, SOMETHING, cuz they were just lovely… not too many lumps or bumps.  whoopie!

then i decided there had to be more…  so i made some little starry-asterisky-snow flakey shapes on a piece of foil. 

once they had hardened i stuck ’em to the gorgeous balls.  super cute, and as always, so tasty!!

it’s official.

December 9, 2009

it’s winter.

and my children spent the majority of the afternoon lying on the ground.

i could really leave the cold and snow and never look back, but these girls are true yankees.  they love it!

crafty sunday…

December 14, 2008

i took a class today at NESC, and i am smitten.  i’ve always been intrigued by pam huntington’s projects, and today i finally jumped in.

snowman - wip 

there’s all kinds of stuff happenin’ here that i’d never used or even seen in real life – mica flakes, ruffled crepe paper, these cotton batting balls (??)…  ahhh, fun!!!  and now i have a new list of supplies that i just have to hoard, umm, purchase, myself!

i used expanding paint – it fluffs up when you zap it with a heat gun.  and covered it all with this beautiful glass dome.  i had originally taken the class to make a gift for my grandma, but there’ s no way i’m parting with these little cuties!finished project

p.s…. i took a kinda crazy turn driving home and it all took a tumble, yikes!!!  everybody stayed right where i had stuck them, and now the inside of the glass has some little mica flakes static-clung to it, making a frosty look – i love it!!  =D