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Playing with Shrinky Dinks…

July 15, 2012

While the girls are on summer vacation, I’ve been on vacation mostly myself…  It’s hard to get anything started before it’s time to move to the next project or activity.  It’s hard to finish anything completely… so i haven’t been.  Ah, well.  Last night I played for a short time with shrinky dinks and Tim Holtz dies and alcohol inks.

The results are really cool, and the possibilities are endless.  I’m trying to decide which shape is my favorite, but I love them all for their own reasons.  They’ll be great on scrapbook pages or on cards…  maybe on some sort of mixed media something…  what else?


new shrinky dink tutorial

April 24, 2010

hey, lOOkie!  Little Yellow Bicycle has “shrink film” in their new Snugglebug line! Let’s make ’em!! 


use sharp scissors to cut the shapes out.  leave a little edge around the outside, and don’t worry about your cuts being perfect.  once the plastic is shrunk, you won’t be able to tell that the edges are slightly wonky.   it also adds a little to the “handmadeness” of them if they aren’t perfect. 

cut - blogging  cut - blogging 

color or ink if you’d like, be sure to use PERMANENT ink – Stazon, Sharpies, Slick Writers – if it’s not permanent, it’ll smear and you’ll be sad.  i used Bic fine tip permanent markers.  I tried coloring on both the smooth and the rough side and the results are about the same colorwise – but it’s easier to color on the rough side because there’s a little more control due to the texture.

  color - blogging

place on a piece of parchment paper or foil (it doesn’t matter what side is up) and pop in a preheated oven or toaster oven on a heated pan and watch them shrink!   it only takes a minute or two for the film to do its thing, so watch it closely, they’ll be ready soon.

the directions for these said to use an oven temp of 350F, but i found that to be a little too hot.  i use somewhere between 250-275 in the toaster oven.  this slows the shrinking a little so i could control the shapes a little more – if they curl too quickly, they might stick together and it’s easier to reach in and peel the ends apart if it’s not happening quite so fast.  (i have to say that the quality of this particular shrink film is excellent, it’s even easier to use than the actual shrinky dink brand, and mine never curled enough to stick together.) 

i also only do one or 2 at a time so i can keep an eye on them.  it doesn’t take long to shrink all the shapes, so i only do a couple at once.

once the shape is nearly flat and stops shrinking, take it out of the oven and whack it once with the back of a spatula to be sure it’s nice and flat.  the end result is super cute – sturdy embellishments with a little extra something by me.   They came with little tiny pop dots too, to add a little more dimention to your scrapbook page or altered project.   

a gal of few words…

February 18, 2009

so what have i been doing this week? 

 shrinky dinks:

new shrinky dink birds

clothespins (new paper at NESC!):

ladybug clothespins

prepping for cakeballs!!!!:

people, get ready.

and a whole lot of silliness:

one silly mama

is it springtime yet??!?!


it’s 61.0 degrees!

February 11, 2009

holy cow!!  spring for a day!!

it’s been so sunny and bright, i forget that it’s still only february and we have months more to go of the grey-ness and the cold…  or maybe i’m just trying to ignore that fact.  the girls have been so good and such a pleasure lately, we’ve been playing and having all kinds of fun.  they’ve been going to bed earlier (and getting up earlier), but i love it when we have a little routine that’s working out for us.  hope it sticks around like the gorgeous weather!

mug shrinky dinks - set of 6

 i’m really going to get around to listing these in the shop  shortly… i haven’t made shrinky dinks since we got the new toaster oven.  it might be time to drag that stuff out again.  i wanted to make some swirly steam for these mugs, but i’ll wait for next time i have to list them. 

we have the sizzix “big whatever” at work  now, they say you can use it with ANY dies, so i’m making plans for new dies to buy and new designs for the shrinkies!  with the weather today, i’m dreaming of flowers and ladybugs, and all things SPRING!  if only i can keep myself away from facebook long enough to make anything!  =D

you likie my shrinkies…

September 8, 2008

and my dinkies.  so it was very clear that i should do clothespins for the little black box. thank you for playing. 

BUT my stalker-readers, the quiet types just coming to browse tell a different story…

from the stats last wednesday (this is just for one day!):

wholesale shrinky dink” 2 More stats
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dunkin donuts hole punch

i can see that people are using me for my shrinky dinks.  i’m wondering if i should step up my dinking game…  i’m not sure how, but i’m just wondering….  and don’t even get me started on the latest in the dunkin donuts saga.  other than to say YOU DON’T PUT FRICKIN’ *CREAM* IN ICED TEA.  really.  (and what’s a dunkin donuts hole punch?!!?)

moving on, yet standing still

August 26, 2008

sooooo much happening, and there’s even more on the horizon…  so much!!  yikes!!  and yet, with all this “kitting” and creating directions and taking pictures for Scrap Can Do!, the planning for a series of classes for i-don’t-know-how-many-people, classes at the store, preparing to send beanie to PRESCHOOL, i can shrink some stuff…. maybe it’s my form of therapy.  i’ve really bonded with my toaster oven.Set of 4 - Houndstooth Star Magnets - Black and Whitehoundstooth!  who woulda thunk it?!

my toaster oven deserves a vacation.

August 22, 2008

i just finished making 300 shrinky dinks for an order.  and 18 more for someone else.  and a dozen or so more for me.  i love doing big batches of things, i feel like i’ve accomplished so much!  and i might not be able to bend my fingers tomorrow, all that exacto-cutting and what not.  HARD WORK!  =D


i hand punched 216 of these flowers.  i only needed 180 for the order, but i figured that while i was at it, i might as well make some for etsy stock.  then i punched holes in them to make them buttons.  there’s only 214 at this point because i got a little crazy with the hole puncher.

with button holes 

then they got a swirl of black ink and a toast in the toaster oven.  have a look!

finished product 

 then just for fun, i made 120 of these:

120 mini frames 

i can safely say that i have mastered the time and temp of shrinky dinks.   now i’m looking for other fun colors and shapes and things to shrink!!!