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it’s 61.0 degrees!

February 11, 2009

holy cow!!  spring for a day!!

it’s been so sunny and bright, i forget that it’s still only february and we have months more to go of the grey-ness and the cold…  or maybe i’m just trying to ignore that fact.  the girls have been so good and such a pleasure lately, we’ve been playing and having all kinds of fun.  they’ve been going to bed earlier (and getting up earlier), but i love it when we have a little routine that’s working out for us.  hope it sticks around like the gorgeous weather!

mug shrinky dinks - set of 6

 i’m really going to get around to listing these in the shop  shortly… i haven’t made shrinky dinks since we got the new toaster oven.  it might be time to drag that stuff out again.  i wanted to make some swirly steam for these mugs, but i’ll wait for next time i have to list them. 

we have the sizzix “big whatever” at work  now, they say you can use it with ANY dies, so i’m making plans for new dies to buy and new designs for the shrinkies!  with the weather today, i’m dreaming of flowers and ladybugs, and all things SPRING!  if only i can keep myself away from facebook long enough to make anything!  =D


friday night is alright….

August 1, 2008


new perpetual calendars by you.

this is the first friday night that i have been home in a very long time… we’re talking like 12 weeks or something!!  i work every-other, and the ones that i’m not working, i’m usually there anyway.  i get so much of my etsy stuff done while i’m there…. i don’t know if it’s sitting upright at a table instead of the couch, or that there are other crafty people there to motivate me, or that i can get started hours earlier than if i was a home… whatever, i get tons done…

tonight they were going to be exceptionally busy and just didn’t need another body hanging around causing trouble… and i got HEAPS done at home this week.  this is good, because there are HEAPS to be done.  it seems like when i have lots of things that *need* to be done is when i get the ideas for 20 other things.  i couldn’t sleep last night because of an idea i had for letters to santa.  SANTA!!  that dude’s not going to be around for another 4 months!! 

and the shrinking and the dinking….  and i realized today that i have no magnets.  i have no idea what that is about, but that situation will be rectified tout suite!

shrinky dinks - craft 365 - day 276

there are many things for magnets to be stuck upon!!