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The most adorable handmade brag book you’ll ever make!

March 28, 2013

I work in a scrapbook store.  I’ve worked there since I was barely out of college.  That’s a really long time!!  While I’m there, I look for ways to use supplies in different ways.  Scrapbooking is AWESOME, I just want to do other stuff sometimes.  You understand, I’m sure.  A couple weeks ago we got these cute bags:

and I immediately made this little spring brag book:

I was going to make a couple to give to the grandmas for Easter since I took some really cute pictures of the girls in their dresses – and they probably won’t wear their dresses for Easter because it’s 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE, CONNECTICUT.

I posted these photos on the store’s Facebook page and got a handful of questions about how I made it, so I’ll show you here.  It’s just 2 bags.  They’re lined up with openings on opposite ends.

Fold them together in half down the center, then punch 2 holes away from the edges in the fold line

Tie some string or ribbon through the holes to hold the booklet together

Then embellish as your heart desires!

Using 2 little bags, you have space for a front and back cover and 6 pictures inside.  Then if you have extra pictures or notes you can tuck them in the little open sides.  I printed these pictures as wallet size at a place that rhymes with Fal-mart and put just a tiny edge of a matte on them.  They fit perfectly.

It’s a wonderful little brag book to show off a trip to “Elmo’s House”!

(Pictures are from Sesame Place, Breakfast with Elmo and Friends Summer, 2012)


a little more accomplished…

November 13, 2010

… on saturday night…

some holiday clothespins:

and i started a few little notepads – this is the skeleton, i’ll decorate them tomorrow hopefully:

sweet Eileen came in tonight to scrapbook and brought the frame she had (made by me!) to show us the pics she decided to put inside:


her phtotos look great in it!

last night Peg must’ve known i needed a little something, and brought by a very special extra blingie cakeball for me.  it was SCRUMPTIOUS! 

i’m feeling a little better about my productivity tonight, we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

wild friday night…

November 12, 2010

i work friday nights in a scrapbook store.  yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.  tonight we have 22-ish ladies in our workshop working on scrapbook pages and paper crafty things.  i stand at the counter and point and boss and act like i know what i’m doing.  i ring people out, i help coordinate papers, i tell people where the christmas stuff is.  i get a little time to work on my own things, too – it’s helpful to give the customers ideas of how to use different products and show them what fun stuff we have.

some nights i crank out all kinds of things, but there are nights like tonight where i will take it all out and not work on any of it.  i’ve been actually relatively busy giving pointers and shooting the breeze with the nice ladies. (one is pictured above!)

christy made this CUTE tic tac holder:

we are imagining the possibilities… and i am trying to talk her in to making a video tutorial.  stay tuned for more details! =D

a quick change of season…

September 29, 2010

i’m all over the place right now.  sometimes people find crafty ideas and tell me “you should make this.”  my response usually is: “YOU should make that!”  last year i really felt like if i could make a bajillion crafts to sell, i’d sell em.  and i did, but i was also able to get a good backstock.  over the past year i really haven’t made much other than perpetual calendars and clothespins.  this year as the holidays are on approach, i feel confident that i won’t have to be up every night until 3:00 cutting and pasting.  and i have time to make some other things.  someone i know from online sent me a link to an advent calendar just as a “hey. look how cool this is,” but i took it as a “omg, i have to make something kinda like that!”

like the original, i removed a row of the pokey things on the holder and had 25 spaces.

i used Bazzill cardstock and scrapbooking papers by 3 Bugs in a Rug and Bo Bunny, paper punches, and some little epoxy stickers from Little Yellow Bicycle… 

the sides on mine don’t tear away, so there’s no treats or tasks involved – but i think for toddlers and preschoolers, the joy of knowing Christmas is  day closer is reward enough!

i’ve got one more set ready to be made, i’m deciding on the supplies right now.  Currently, this one is for sale on etsy.

on to the next thing…

November 15, 2009

i can’t say how it happened, because i’m not sure, but i am going to make an ali edwards december daily book. i picked out some of the materials tonight, and prepped the book, now it’s just a matter of making it!

look here for a few specific details:

mine won’t end up being as chunky or as texture-y as hers, but i see this as a book that my girls will be able to look at and bang around, with matchy-matchy layouts, one side for each day, maybe with a few extras for other odds n ends.  i’m looking forward to making a project for myself, even though the timing could be TONS better, it seems like everything happens in november.

work it, girl…

November 8, 2009



we had a visitor tonight while we were playing at work – this sweet girl is 9 months old now, and this is her 2nd appearance on my blog.  the first time was here when she was just days old…  she is so sweet and smile-y, just like her mama!  but we wonder – her parents have what some of us consider to be fairly heavy accents from a land far away… will she speak with a brogue when she starts to talk, if that is what she hears the most??

she sure knows how to turn on the charm when the camera comes out! =D

so where was i?

March 30, 2009

this weekend i went to the briarwood conference and marine science center just over the bridge on cape cod – not the place you’d think about going to scrapbook, but that’s what i did!!  we stayed in the carriage house and scrapbooked in a room with a beautiful view of the water and the woods in the main house.

built as a private estate in the 1890’s, it’s beautiful and so bright and warm…

i'm back!

from our spot in the scrapbooking room, we watched guys and birds both catching clams? (oysters?) (something?)


and things did get a little wild at one point…

 it's all fun and games

it was nice being with people i haven’t seen in years, we heard a real-life ghost story in an old fashioned style pajama party, stayed up way too late and ate a ton of junk food.

telling ghost stories...

(you don’t need to see us in our pajamas)

i came home with 20 layouts and 2 perpetual calendars complete, and with lots of fun new ideas and projects.  hopefully i can sneak away again very soon!