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8 is great!!

February 4, 2013

My little Bean turned 8 this weekend.  We had a small party with her friends at home.

We stuffed a LOT of fun inside!

She’s wanted a cupcake shop before she knew that cupcake shops were a “thing”, so we brought out the cupcake theme again this year.  Heavy on the cupcakes.

 I love finding little water bottle wraps online.  These were a rainbow of polka dots, and I added punched circles of scrapbooking paper with cupcakes on them.  We had juice boxes too, but water was the beverage of choice – I think because the bottles  were so cute!

We went light on the goodie bags because each girl frosted cupcakes to bring home in their own bakery box and fabric aprons with heart shaped pockets.  The baggies included a little plaque with each girl’s initial, some cupcake erasers, and a Cupcakes-to-Go container (meant to store a single cupcake without it getting squashed!) filled with heart shaped marshmallows.


The cupcakes kept them busy, homemade buttercream, fondant, gummy things, sprinkles…

and so did the photo-op area.

Everyone had their picture taken by themselves and with the birthday girl, and I got some wonderful group shots.  This was easy-peasy to set up, and they loved the props.  So fun!

I hope my Big Girl thinks her day was sprinkled with fun, 8 is great!


Lucky Charms….

March 16, 2012

I picked all the marshmallows out of the cereal.  The girls begged for it this a.m. and didn’t even notice that there were no marshmallows in it.  Hilarious, and true.  But I wonder if they’re even gonna care that I made them tiny treat jars.

They do love the personalized spoons we made for big girl’s birthday… and they were sitting on the counter at picture time. =D

i am still sticking to the no-carbs thing (it’s like i don’t even know who i am!), cuz i did not even nibble *1* marshmallow.  crazy!! i know!!

They better enjoy them in the morning, or mama’s gonna have marshmallow breath.  I can only be so good…

ice ballons

February 1, 2012

i saw the idea on flickr, way back in the summertime and i just waited and waited for the right time.  preschool ice sculpture time!!  we are all graduated from preschool, but sweeties that they are, the teachers invite the “alumni” to contribute pieces, too.  The girls filled sand-shape-toy-things (my head is somewhere else, i cant think of what they’re called!) shaped like an octopus and a seahorse and a turtle, they were very cute.  but then, we HAD to do the water balloons.

watch for leaks.  food coloring SHOOTING out of a tiny hole in a balloon = dangerous to wall paint. and tiles. and your clothes.

HOW TO: Add a few drops of food coloring inside an empty balloon.  Put open end of balloon on faucet, SLOWLY turn water on.  Hold spot where it’s attached to the faucet, AND cradle balloon at the bottom.  If you’re nervous, a second set of hands can help.  Take off faucet when full, HOLD THE BALLOON CLOSED and knot.  (It’s a water balloon with coloring in there.  Fill it like you would a regular water balloon.)

lucky for us, we got a little snow and had a little cold.

i took a pr of scissors to the frozen balloons to get the plastic off, and they were so cool.

and a little messy.  i recommend black gloves – won’t see the stains, won’t get food coloring on your hands!

the day we brought them over, it was bright and crisp and DANG COLD.  Please note: you will be surprised at how long it takes for the balloons to freeze.  You know how when you make icecubes it takes FOREVER (especially when you REALLY want a cold drink?)  These take 10x longer.  Or longer than that.  It helps if the temps are WELL BELOW freezing, not just hovering around freezing.  They aren’t all winners, have a look here:

such a pretty little burst of color!


this is really my favorite part of the winter.

good bye summer, hello rock candy

October 7, 2011

i’m going to miss summer, this one was a good one.  the girls learned to swim (mostly), we had some great days hanging out and enjoying everything we could find to do.  the colors this year were just so vibrant and fun.

one more colorful project i tried this summer that met mixed results was rock candy.  i won’t  bother with a recipe because i didn’t find a real winner, but feel free to share one that works with me!

there’s sugar and water and mixing and boiling and mixing and waiting and all that… then food coloring and a little flavoring.  and 2 more lbs of sugar than you think you’ll need.  look, pretty!

(and mason jars, too!  woo hoo!)

skewers and clothespins are involved.  how hard can it be?

there’s  whoooole lot of waiting and hoping.  the first batch… nuthin.  sticks in colored water for a week.  so i tried again and got something.  i don’t know what i was expecting, other than MORE.  but here we go:

they’re not so bad, i guess…

next time i might try string instead of sticks…  and see what i can get!

it’s exciting to turn 5.

September 1, 2011

she did it!  my sweet baby turned 5.  she wanted a candyland themed birthday and i’d like to share the decorations and treats we made.  except the edible ones.  those are long gone.

we made giant game pieces out of construction paper and big honkin hard candies and lollipops out of dessert sized paper plates and cello wrap.  i knew all those empty tulle cardboard spools would come in handy!

we had originally set up outside, but a pretty big rain storm chased us in at the very last minute.

oh, how i love to hang things from a string…

we made super-cute barrettes for the birthday girl:

they’re made by tying bunches of water balloons together, then tying them on to a barrette.  SO easy and adorable!

we did goodie bags for the little people, here are some of the contents:

(that’s cotton candy in the push-pop containers.  a HUGE hit!)

rainbow homemade slice and bake almond cookies:

kinda laborious to make, but delicious.


AND! when put in a snack sized zipper bag with a clothespin and a piece of ribbon?  EVEN BETTER!

i had peaked by the time it came to decide on the cake, and since it was MY birthday too, i had decided i was done baking.  we ordered an undecorated birthday cake from the grocery store and decorated it ourselves.  pretty and sweet, just like the little birthday girl!

it was a sweet day for everyone.


it’s birthday season…

August 17, 2011

seems to me that EVERYONE was born in august.  not really, but dang, there’s a lot of birthdays this month!!  a certain little someone here in this house shares a birthday with her mama, and we are getting ready for a weekend shin-dig.  lots of prepwork happening with the decorations.  can you guess the theme?:

giant game pieces:

making flags/a banner for the deck (it had better be a nice day!)

waiting for the paint to dry (and pondering a pedicure)

and making some treats to have with the cake:

even the scraps look delicious (and they are!)

it’s going to be a sweet birthday!

tulle pom pom how-to

June 9, 2011

i might’ve gone a little overboard and bought a WHOLE LOT of tulle.  we’re talking MILES of tulle here, people.  this little project today uses 14 entire feet of it.  i might need to make a few (dozen) more. =D

little puffy balls!  here’s how.

the tulle i have is about 6″ wide.  i cut 1 piece of each color to measure about 2 feet (actually, 2x the width of my laptop, if you want to be exact)

i folded each piece in half, and cut down the middle.  now you have 2 strips to make 2 ballies.

i’m an eyeballer and a pretty good cutter, so i didn’t measure i just hacked at it.   it doesn’t have to be exact, i promise.

unfold each piece and do a running stitch all the way down the middle.  again, don’t be terribly exact, don’t freak if it meanders a little.

pull the tulle tight on the tread and it’ll start to resemble what you want the end product to look like:

take the 2 long ends and tie a tight knot.  trim the ends – if you’re going to tie it to something, leave a long tail.  if you’re going to string them, trim the tails way down.

to make the little bunting, poke a threaded needle through the center of each one to put them on a line.  squoosh em together, push them apart, stick em in a bowl, they are SO CUTE!

i want to make enough to roll around in them.  heavens knows i have enough tulle!