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Winter Ice Sculptures and Frozen Shenanigans

January 2, 2013

Before the photo dump I’ve got prepared for today, Have a look at this!!  Chicago Parent is arranging a community activity for local folks to make ice balloons to display in a park – and they used my picture with their announcement! Woo!


If Chicago wasn’t a 15 hour drive, I’d TOTALLY swing by with a cooler full of frozen balloons!!


Here in CT it hasn’t gotten above freezing today, so my balloons are most definitely frozen.  And so is the rest of me.


I’ve got a couple dozen more to play with, but it’s just way too cold today.  Soon.  I’ve been looking through old preschool ice sculpture pictures and just as in love with the idea as I’ve ever been, they’re just the sweetest idea and the end result is so beautiful.

It’s the “community” aspect, too that makes me love it.  I can make blocks and shapes and colors of ice, but it’s not as magical when 4 classes of 3 and 4 year olds and their parents do it together.

So special!


ice ballons

February 1, 2012

i saw the idea on flickr, way back in the summertime and i just waited and waited for the right time.  preschool ice sculpture time!!  we are all graduated from preschool, but sweeties that they are, the teachers invite the “alumni” to contribute pieces, too.  The girls filled sand-shape-toy-things (my head is somewhere else, i cant think of what they’re called!) shaped like an octopus and a seahorse and a turtle, they were very cute.  but then, we HAD to do the water balloons.

watch for leaks.  food coloring SHOOTING out of a tiny hole in a balloon = dangerous to wall paint. and tiles. and your clothes.

HOW TO: Add a few drops of food coloring inside an empty balloon.  Put open end of balloon on faucet, SLOWLY turn water on.  Hold spot where it’s attached to the faucet, AND cradle balloon at the bottom.  If you’re nervous, a second set of hands can help.  Take off faucet when full, HOLD THE BALLOON CLOSED and knot.  (It’s a water balloon with coloring in there.  Fill it like you would a regular water balloon.)

lucky for us, we got a little snow and had a little cold.

i took a pr of scissors to the frozen balloons to get the plastic off, and they were so cool.

and a little messy.  i recommend black gloves – won’t see the stains, won’t get food coloring on your hands!

the day we brought them over, it was bright and crisp and DANG COLD.  Please note: you will be surprised at how long it takes for the balloons to freeze.  You know how when you make icecubes it takes FOREVER (especially when you REALLY want a cold drink?)  These take 10x longer.  Or longer than that.  It helps if the temps are WELL BELOW freezing, not just hovering around freezing.  They aren’t all winners, have a look here:

such a pretty little burst of color!


this is really my favorite part of the winter.

here in the land of unfinished projects…

May 26, 2011

we’ve got lots going on.

i may have too many supplies, i’m overwhelmed with the color possibilities.  and i’ve got 6 more colors coming later this week! (rainbow!)

this one’s done, but needs a sign or saying for in the middle:

while i was in florida, i got an idea for plaster thingies… so i bought some plaster and made the

bases…. but now i have to actually paint them.  hmm.

and then there’s this girl.  she’s finishing up her 2nd year at preschool.  she is off to kindergarten in the fall.

this is the little girl that didn’t make a peep for the entire year last year.  this year she came around.  this week she stood up and performed a poem all by herself, and sang songs and danced with her friends.  she’s come a very long way.  i especially love this picture of the statue children, you can kinda make out her little bestie-friend peeking at her from behind her statue.  oh, the cuteness.

we’ve got a few weeks until her big sister finishes kindergarten, so we’ve got plenty of time to start some more unfinished projects.

and where have YOU been?

May 24, 2011

i’ve been doing stuff.  and things.  the little one had her preschool art show.  it was incredible, as is everything they do at that preschool.

little girl was very proud.

the next day i went to florida to visit my sister and friends.  in an airplane.  all. by. myself.

we took a few pictures (or 1,800 to be a little more exact)

it was kinda foreign to me to not have to count people or be worried about anyone wandering off.  it was wonderful.  that is not to say that we did not act a little crazy.  we had tshirts made.  we jumped on the beach at sunset.  (photo by shutter jo)

wholesome fun!

when i got back, i celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary with hunny.  it was a low key event, including a trip to olive garden with the girls.  we’re low-key kinda people.

now we’re finishing up preschool this week, i’m finishing up my time on their Board of Managers, and it feels a little weird to just be ending….  but there’s lots we’re planning.  big girl still has a few weeks of kindergarten, and pretty soon it’ll be time for our annual treck to elmo’s house.  by then, summer will be in full gear.  bring it on!!

primary cakeballs

April 7, 2011

people bring me lots of ideas.  people say “oh! i saw this and thought of you! you have to make this!” so i have a MILLION ideas back-logged in my head. (sometimes i wonder why THEY don’t make the things themselves… maybe they like to see me flail, i don’t know.)  Karyn, a sweet customer at the scrapbook store had an idea for me the other night.  it involved sliced mini marshmallows, colored sugar and a blob of melted choclate.

easy peasy.  i started making them mono chromatic and they were lovely…

then i got a little more adventurous and mixing up the petals on the flowers:

i liked them that way, best.  they reminded me of this book we used to get at the library all the time…

we loved that book, i should see if i can find it next time we go.  anyway, don’t they kinda remind you of a child’s crayon drawing?

and since they are meant as cakeball toppers for the preschool Spaghetti Dinner, they’re PERFECT!

might have to taste test one, first.

this and that and the other thing…

January 23, 2011

making rainbow cupcakes for babycake’s 1/2 birthday at preschool tomorrow. note to self, don’t give children an open ended “what do you want for snack at preschool” unless you’re gonna follow through on the craziness.  next time, i’ll remember to offer options. =)  good thing it’s sunday and there’s time for rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sugar sprinkles!

i needed to make 19, but i made 20, cuz i’m gonna sneak one after dinner.

i’ve been working on a custom order of 100+ little notebooks.  they’re adorable, but OI, my wrist is killing me from all the die cutting and binding.  that’s some hard work right there, people!

this week the preschool  did their annual ice scultpure.  this year met with AMAZING results.  we’ve had a ton of snow, and it’s been crazy cold, so we were able to build it up on a snow bank and omg, it’s adorable.

the angel in the early morning sunlight was so beautiful

it was like our own mini stonehenge – even the shadows were pretty!

i can’t bear to think about not coming to preschool next year, but they invite “alumni” to add to the fun.  we will be sure to come by for many years to come.

uh oh…

November 3, 2010

i always seem to get the plague in november.   the past couple of years, i’ve felt like crap on thanksgiving.  this year, the plague has come early.  the events of the past couple of weeks have worn me down and  plague is settling in.  this afternoon i’m taking the little one to the library for books and movies and to pick up chinese takeout for dinner, and i’m getting under a blanket on the couch and not getting up til the morning.  that’s a lie, the couch bit, but doesn’t it sound nice? ahhhh….

i spent this a.m. parent helping at preschool.  little girl has some great kids in her class, and i cannot say enough wonderful things about her teachers.  the things they do with and for these kids…. they’re amazing ladies.

i supervised the kids making windows for houses they had previously painted.  i don’t know if the teachers didn’t know i was coming, or if they thought i might need a break, but usually, it’s “OOOH, vanessa’s coming, let’s have her paint children’s feet!  or paint their hands! or roll them in shaving cream and glitter!!”  it seems like a lot of the time i am there for the crazy insane messy stuff.  which i don’t mind, *at all*, but today was nice. =)

during a quiet moment, i went around and took some pics of just things and stuff that we might use on our facebook page, and found these sitting on the counter…

doesn’t that look fun!?!?!  i’ve made these for myself before and oi, what a mess.

the kids spent a lot of time doing an awesome obstacle course, this teacher is known for her intricate and task-filled courses.  the kids LOVE em!  hopefully it wore little girl out enough that she wants to rest with mama on that couch today!