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little tiny herb garden in a colander

July 12, 2011

one from the files of “i saw this on pinterest”…  a metal colander as a planter.

i’ve forgone the garden that i have tried so hard to have every year that we’ve been in this house and just went with working on the plants around the yard that were already there.  they’re doing pretty good.  we’ve got some white flowers, some yellow flowers, some irises and daisies…  lots of stuff that’s hard to kill.

i went with a tiny herb garden in my metal strainer:

it’s an ecclectic blend of herbs, mint, dill and (i think) basil, but these are the ones that i could see myself using.  i was going to try to find a colander at the thrift store, but i just don’t get out that way very often.  and this one was 4 smackers at Walmart.  i bought the herbs in quart pots, and broke them in half, planting one part here and the other part of each in the ground on the edge of my garage.

i imagine this one will dry out a lot faster because of the holes, but i love the kitchen outdoors theme, it cracks me up a little.  i might still see what i can find at tag sales or if i get to the thrift store, it might be cute to have 2 or 3 in different sizes on my back step!


rainbow flower pots

March 16, 2011

you might’ve guessed, i’m in to rainbows lately.  i’m SO ready for it not to be cold and rainy.  but this is CT so OWELL

rainbows!  on flower pots!

i made a sample first and showed it to the girls.  of course they wanted to make their own.  it’s tough to do projects like this with them because i think the end result is so precious, i want to put it in the window and not use them as they were meant to be used.  but the girls are already begging to fill them with dirt and seeds. 

maybe they can make me another set so i won’t feel so bad….

my window is so much brighter now!