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little tiny herb garden in a colander

July 12, 2011

one from the files of “i saw this on pinterest”…  a metal colander as a planter.

i’ve forgone the garden that i have tried so hard to have every year that we’ve been in this house and just went with working on the plants around the yard that were already there.  they’re doing pretty good.  we’ve got some white flowers, some yellow flowers, some irises and daisies…  lots of stuff that’s hard to kill.

i went with a tiny herb garden in my metal strainer:

it’s an ecclectic blend of herbs, mint, dill and (i think) basil, but these are the ones that i could see myself using.  i was going to try to find a colander at the thrift store, but i just don’t get out that way very often.  and this one was 4 smackers at Walmart.  i bought the herbs in quart pots, and broke them in half, planting one part here and the other part of each in the ground on the edge of my garage.

i imagine this one will dry out a lot faster because of the holes, but i love the kitchen outdoors theme, it cracks me up a little.  i might still see what i can find at tag sales or if i get to the thrift store, it might be cute to have 2 or 3 in different sizes on my back step!


buttoned up house plants

April 18, 2011

i like to have a little treat or prize for my mom and grandma and sister for Easter, since many times when we see any of them, they have a little something for the girls.  this Easter: little plants with crazy button flowers:


i saw this in a magazine (parents? family fun?) as a st. patrick’s day craft – some clover in a pot with a rainbow (YAY! RAINBOWS!!) of buttons poking out.  heavens knows i have enough buttons, and i know the 3 ladies that these are for have PLENTY of doodads and things… this is just a little Happy Easter for them to enjoy while they last.

mmm, buttons and wire, what’s not to love?  (p.s., hello carpal tunnel, that’s a lot of twisted wire)

so whimsical and a little silly…

funny, when i bought the plants, i just knew i’d be jealous if i didn’t get one for myself.  good thing an extra just jumped into the cart!


here she is!

November 16, 2008

i almost didn’t get a pic of her in full bloom…  but she’s quite the topic of conversation.  readers, i give you…. TINA.


she is in a southwest window, totally ignored most of the year.  and yet she flowers like this at least every 6 months.  i have great ambitions for this plant….

my wedding dress was altered by this little russian lady in a little shop in the little town where we lived before we got married.  ok, enfield’s not that little, but stick with me…  she had a couple of these plants in her reception area that were the size of BUSHES.  it was May and they were sporting flowers the size of my fist.  incredible.  one day i hope tina will be like those plants…  i know she can do it!!

ever-blooming christmas cactus

March 12, 2008

So there’s been a few questions about my Christmas Cactus “Tina” over on Flickr today.  I’ve been calling her Tina (Turner) because she is like a fluffy wig perched on the top of my plant stand.  I bought Tina on clearance at Target at least 8 years ago.  She was runty and had 3 stalks.  She has grown and done her thing, and been transplanted just twice that i can remember.  I used to water her all the time, back in the days when i had time to take care of my plants.  Then i got pregnant with babycakes (and have i mentioned that i moved when i was 9 months pregnant?  that hunny had power of attorney in case i was in the hospital having the baby during the closing?  wecutit thatclose, yeah, i thought i had…..), and we moved, and i let almost all my plants die.  murderer.  but tina hung in there. mar-12-024.jpg

So here are some questions and the answers:

Q:  How do you manage to get to have so many blossoms? My two plants blossom one at a time! They have such beautiful blossoms though even only having one.

and Q: 

do you give your cactus a cold shock to encourage the blooms?
i have one i received for Christmas two years ago and it’s pitiful. still alive but not wanting to bloom or even grow much…any tips?

A:  She’s magic.  I just don’t know.  she usually flowers 2x a year…  thanksgiving and memorial day.  the springtime one i can’t figure out.  the fall one is because of the early darkness and the chilly nights, so maybe the spring is because of the drastic change in temps from day to night?  i certainly can’t explain this current flowering, it’s on one side, the side facing the interior of the room, which is warmer than the side facing the window.  she’s just freaky like that, i suppose!

a story that may only by funny to my family:  my mom has had a christmas cactus for about 20 years.  it’s so thin and scrawny and scraggly, but she stays true to it.  hunny once actually whispered to me “what’s wrong with that plant?” while visiting her house.  back when tina was still a bitty baby, she commented that i was lucky, cuz hers has bloomed 2x in its life – my jr. prom (1991), and my college graduation (winter, 1996ish).  well hunny has taken such pride since this comment that ours just thrives and thrives…  so EVERY time we get new blooms, he takes pics to email her.  this past time he either forgot or didn’t get a chance, so i sent her a pic with the subject “sorry”  and she answered back something like, “yeah, that’s nice if you want all that stuff danglin’ off your plants.”  BWA- HA-HAAA!

alrighty then. carry on.

P.S. no comments on my capital v noncapital typing. *pbbbt*