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Watch This Space

March 15, 2013

Making a few new products for the shop, based on some old ones.  Now I have some “Countdown to Baby” calendars that work AFTER the baby is born, too – as a I Am This Old type calendar! Yay!

Baby feet! *squee!*

Baby boy zoo animals, LOVE the monkeys.

I’ve had these wooden pieces made for ages, and finally got around to making a few – double decker calendars – months, days of the week and a few other sayings.

And some regular calendars, cool designs:

And there’s so much more to come!


Late April, 2012

April 26, 2012

I have to tell you, i LOVED having the girls home for april vacation.  I miss our little outtings and jaunts.  I cannot WAIT for summer!  Monday of April vaca, we went to the daffodil fields.  It was a crazy 86 degrees, an insane temp for April in CT!

We went to American Girl in Boston.  The girls were so sweet and appreciative and just enjoyed being there, they didn’t ask for a thing.  Maybe that was their plan, cuz mom spent a tiny fortune on doll bathing suits and rollerblades and glasses.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

And queenie’s been working away, too.  My goal is to eventually get 100 calendars listed in my shop.  That’s a little insane, but no one has ever officially measured my sane-ness.  I’m curious to see how long it’ll take.

I have tons of new papers, released this spring at the Craft and Hobby Association convention, I have plenty of gorgeous designs to use!  I also need to let my customers know that I will be away from my shop the week leading up to Mother’s Day, so if you are planning to pick a pretty calendar for mom or grandma, do it soon they’re ready to ship!

injured back, pajamas in public, and a few cute crafty things.

January 12, 2012

so i have been told that there are 2 people out there in the real world that wait and search every single day for me to update my blog.  *waves* hi 2 people! join facebook like everyone else in the world and you can see my jackassery all-day every-day!! =D

but in light of recent developments, here i am.  i hurt my back like crazy-wicked-holy-sh!t bad, and i’ve been laying in bed for 6 days.  i am not kidding, this pain is worse than anything that has ever happened to me.  and i’ve birthed 2 nearly 9 lb babies in fairly rapid succession.  the drugs are starting to wear off, and i can kinda type again.  at least, it looks to me like i’m typing, you can let me know if it looks like klingon to you.  yay, drugs!

i became that person wearing  her pajamas in public in town.


and i have been getting all kinds of compliments on my shoes.  i’ve had them for a long time now, and i think they’re adorable, too. =)

this week i was featured on the blog Mod Podge Rocks, and that well, rocks.  if you’re looking for inspiration, or to kill some time and maybe learn a crafty thing or 2, it’s really a great blog.

i’m also pondering what queenvanna’s plan is going to be this year.  last year i really wanted to just keep doing what i was doing and develop a good customer and merchandise base, and this year i’d love to expand some.  if you (my 2 readers) have any ideas of places where my crafts might fit (calendars especially), i’d love to hear some opinions.  i’m pretty proud of how far i’ve come and what i’ve done, i want to share that love! =)  i mean, look how sweet these are!

(this one was made as a special order for a very cool boutique i work with)

and who does not love robots?

i made a few of these note holders, too, just to see how they’d come out.  pretty cute, i think!

my shop is still open and there’s lots of fun things to buy in there.  hubs has been so helpful packing things up to send.

i’ve got a few new ideas up my sleeve, but i think it’ll be a while before i’m back at it full steam.  you’ll have to stay tuned. xo.

end of the summer crafty goodness

August 29, 2011

Did i tell you i made a project that will be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?  I don’t think i’ve said anything here yet.  They called on a Friday night and what we made was out the door Monday evening.  My husband (Kingvanna) and Christy and I slaved for about a total of 50 hours, and the end result is awesome.  I am not biased, either.  It’s all VERY exciting, I can’t wait to tell you more (like when to watch!)  More details when they are available!  (I have to get the proper oks from the show people.)  I just wanted to tell you “YAY!” and “squeeeee!”

With that in mind, i’ve been feverishly being crafty over here.  I’ve made a TON of new calendars:

bingo cards and flowers

beatrix potter peter rabbit bunnies

and a whole slew of new Christmas Countdown Calendars:

this mistletoe one is my absolute favorite.

i’ve been working out the details on these a while, and i think i’ve finally got it – Countdown Clipboards, for Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays!

count em all down!

i also have 2 new (and each is one of a kind!) spool Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar - Wooden Spool Thread Holder  - Country Holiday Countdown

Advent Calendar - Wooden Spool Thread Holder  - Red and Green Holiday Countdown

lots of holiday goodness, for sure!

(i’d love to leave links for these goodies, but i am having some tense times with wordpress right now.  please go to to see it ALL!  and also, to see what Christy is up to!)

holiday business

November 21, 2010

so that ambition last night?  gonna clear out my house and make it lovely and livable?  it didn’t happen. 😉 

but with good reason, i say.  i was fortunate enough to be listed in the “Etsy Finds” email yesterday, and business picked way up for the past 30 hours or so.  i spent a large portion of my day weeding through orders and packing things up to go to the post office in the a.m.

since this time, i’ve added 3 more boxes to the pile, and gotten 2 more custom requests.  so, yay for my messy house!

and a few more calendars got their pieces all together:

i sure hope there’s just a smudge on my lense, i’m not sure what that white spot’s about…

and i made a couple more of this design in the christmas countdown calendar, it’s a popular one.  but once these are gone, that’s it for the big circles, it was a challenge to get this paper.

it would be ok if i didn’t get any more order tonight, i ran out of packing tape.  i’m usually very well prepared, but this is about a week’s worth of business in one day.  a trip to Staples is on the adgena for tomorrow!  and maybe i’ll weed through the livingroom, too.

on or off, no in between

November 7, 2010

i worked like a crazy person this weekend.  i got so much accomplished friday and saturday.

i made 20 calendars!

then i woke up early this a.m. with the time change and planned to have a few minutes to myself… no such luck, the whole family followed me downstairs.  it was a long, long morning.  i did get the wild idea to treck over to target to look for something specific on halloween clearance… i didn’t find that thing, but i found 200 smackers worth of other stuff.  a coat and snowpants for the little one, snow boots and pajamas for the big one, stocking stuffers, clearance holiday stickers…  AND a peppermint mocha from the starbucks in the store.  and that was all i did today.  tomorrow starts another week, full of tasks and errands and obligations.  it’s gonna be a fun one, but for tonight there’s nothing else.  i’m all done.

november cutting and pasting…

November 6, 2010

so yeah, holy crap it’s november.  every time i go to take my pictures off my camera and put them on my computer i keep trying to save them to the august folder.  wishful thinking i suppose.  i’m only scheduled to do 3 craft shows this year…  i’ve been lucky to have good business in my etsy shop and with a few side jobs, i’m not sure i’d have time to crank out enough stuff to do much more.  yesterday i made 6 calendars:

and today i’m working on a slew more (end number tonight = 7):

i’ve got a whole bunch cut and ready to paste, i think i’m in good shape…  just gotta keep it up…

i might need a couple more caffeinated beverages to make it through.