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Homemade Peppermint Patties

April 4, 2012

My girls love peppermint patties and the pictures on this blog and the simplicity of the recipe….  i had to try.

i don’t have a good supply of colored chocolates right now, so i had to go with what i had.  regardless of the outside color, the inside is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. yum.

kris wants me to try next time with a dark chocolate outside, i want to try with other flavored oils!

My official taste-tester gives her taste a wobbley thumbs up!

Note: they’re very rich and you might like to make them just slightly smaller than you think you would – that way, you make more and whoever is eating them doesn’t have diabetes by the time they’re done with one.  Think somewhere between Junior Mints and Peppermint patty sized.


peppermints revisited

December 22, 2011

so last year there was a small debacle regarding peppermint candies.  aaaand i had about 450 left.  so i tried these cute little coaster/trivet/thingies i saw somewhere, probably on pinterest.

they didn’t turn out the way i hoped (peppermint candies, i am OVER you!), but i used another 50 candies or so, hooray!  that top one is probably the best, i used a pizza cutter to make the edges sharp and so it’d fit the little tray i wanted to put it on.

the edges tended to get a little runny, but eh, cute enough.  oh, and hey!  dig my cupcakes!  i made those for our viewing party for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and they were pretty darn cute if i say so myself.

and i guess while i’m doing the dump of holiday-time desserts i have made, lookit these little peppermint icecream whoopie pies!  i made the icecream, i made the whoopies, i made the pies!

i did NOT use peppermint hard candies, i’m still looking for ways to use up about 400 of those…


they’re not all winners…

December 15, 2010

it seemed easy enough… line up candies on a cookie sheet, heat them til they’re kinda squooshy and jam a stick in em.  WA-LA! peppermint lollipops!

but no.

don’t line em up too close or you’ll end up with peppermint candy lace… or something.

look how freakin’ festive i am, with my snowman trivet and sheet of flat peppermint candies!

before and after. =/ i’m not pleased.  i tinkered with the temp, i tinkered with the time, i did not have much luck.

i got *1* that was close to what i wanted, but the red separated from the white, and they looked like little suns.  what. the. heck?  this project has me talking. like. william. shatner! *GAH!*

i’m gonna keep trying, i bought a bag of 500 candies (no, i am sadly not exagggggarating.)  i will not let it win.  i will (eventually) prevail.  i hope.