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Sesame Magic – Opening Day at Sesame Place

May 6, 2013
Maybe it was because it was Opening day, or maybe it was because I worry in my heart that Big Girl is going to look at me one day soon and be like “Mom, I’m all grown out of this stuff now,” but everything seemed extra-magical and special that Saturday at Sesame Place.
A little girl, maybe 4 years old sat next to me before the evening parade. She had a new Abby Caddaby plushy from one of the gift shops that she was very happy to show me (probably because I was wearing my Abby visor and puffs.) She asked, “Do you think she’s real?” I answered, “Of course I do, she’s right in your hands! And we’ll see her in the parade!” I swear that little girl was planted there to have that conversation with me. Sesame magic has always been really-real to me.

(She was a chatty little one, she engaged all of us.)

On the long drive home, I thought more about Sesame magic and how it might seem to my girls.  When I was 5, my favorite Sesame Street bit was Bert, doing the “er-er-pigeon”.  How could he dance like that, how could see his shoes?  How does that work?  Like how it is that no matter how crowded the park is, what part of the line we are in, this girl gets whatever horse she wants every. single. time.

…how a couple years ago the girls decided they wanted to catch an Abby poof that launches from one of the floats in the parade and since then, we’ve caught at least one for each girl every time we’ve visited.  This time we caught three, and shared one with our little friend.  She was speechless, for a second.

This time it seemed like the staff at Sesame Place was extra magical, too.  The girl at Ernie’s bed bounce played tag with the big kids when it was their turn.  It was cool to give the kids a little structure and focus instead of aimlessly bouncing (which is fine, too, but you know…).

(I think Little Girl took this pic, it was on their camera)

A whole gang of workers played Red Light Green Light and Duck Duck Goose before the evening parade – it was WONDERFUL.  Rather than just sitting and asking every 32 seconds when the parade would start, everybody got a chance to stay busy.  The time went by quickly.

The girls were lucky enough to be chosen to dance in the parade too.  I SWEAR there is no trick to this, they just get picked.  Like, fairly often.  There must be something about them that catches the dancers’ eyes.

There’s a link here:

There was a bit of a free-for-all when some streamers popped out into the crowd towards the end, lots of little kids ran into the parade path.  The dancers motioned to hold back the floats and everyone got back to their parents.  Big and Little Girl hadn’t moved from our spot, they know after all this time not step into the parade.  The “kid” that chose them to dance saw them standing there once the parade started up again and handed them a scoop of the streamers.  A simple gesture, but I think that was magic to my girls.

That look on Big Girl’s face, I want that magic forever.


vacation wrap up, 2011

June 30, 2011

my sister came up from alabama and we did our best to run her ragged.

we went bowling.  i came in 4th.  i’d like to say it was on purpose.  maybe i need to work on my form.

we went with Chuck to the city, and to Liberty and Ellis Islands

contrary to popular belief, we were not ignoring you, there is NO cell service/signals in NYC.  they live like pilgrims.  fast moving, shouty pilgrims.

we visited with family, we ran around town taking pictures with foam noses and fiberglass turkeys, various sunglasses and ate cake.   big girl pulled out her 2nd loose tooth.  there was much fun to be had.

then there was our annual voyage to Sesame Place.  we brought the party,

but they were ready for us

poor big girl woke up the morning we were to go home and was under the weather.  i will spare you the details other than to say it was not pretty.  after a 4 hour ride home and a trip to the pediatrician, we had a strep diagnosis and a fear (and knowledge) that it was just a question of time before the rest of us fall, we are a large group of germ-sharing time bombs. so far, so good… but we’ve got another day or 2 to incubate.

til then, we’ll keep on partying with sparklers and smores.

and amoxicillin for one.

she’s got moves….

November 28, 2008

baby 365 - day 296 by you.

we’ve gotta get beanie into some sort of dance or gymnastics or performance class.  she really has a sporty nature, she’s got great balance and control… and she picks up physical skills very quickly.  i’m thinking it’ll get her out of her shell at school, even she says she’s “quiet” there.  she LOVED the broadway performances before the parade yesterday, she asked all kinds of questions about Mary Poppins and Grease.  and of course, babycakes follows right behind.