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Valentine Crafts

February 9, 2012

I just wrote a post on my work’s blog that’ll be published this weekend about keeping crafting simple.  I wish I could take my own advice, cuz today I have lost my mind.  I was looking for ideas for the girls to make their class Valentine’s and found all kinds of other things, too!  Like using chalkboard paint on $1 boxes of chocolate from the drug store:

and wrapping tootsie roll banks with paper to make them a little more festive:

ridiculous how easy they are to make, and adorable, too!

I think Big Girl might like to make bookmarks for her friends as Valentine’s, first grade is all about reading.  I made a couple of prototypes that I’ll give to my girls as Valentine’s.  The class ones will be made with smaller clips.

I think my girls are going to love ALL the treats I’ve made today!

I put a few sets of magnets in my etsy shop  too that are a little on the Valentine-y side but work for anyone who likes pink, or hearts, or polka dots, or strawberries or cherries or lots of other things:

Lots of treats for everyone!


end of the summer crafty goodness

August 29, 2011

Did i tell you i made a project that will be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?  I don’t think i’ve said anything here yet.  They called on a Friday night and what we made was out the door Monday evening.  My husband (Kingvanna) and Christy and I slaved for about a total of 50 hours, and the end result is awesome.  I am not biased, either.  It’s all VERY exciting, I can’t wait to tell you more (like when to watch!)  More details when they are available!  (I have to get the proper oks from the show people.)  I just wanted to tell you “YAY!” and “squeeeee!”

With that in mind, i’ve been feverishly being crafty over here.  I’ve made a TON of new calendars:

bingo cards and flowers

beatrix potter peter rabbit bunnies

and a whole slew of new Christmas Countdown Calendars:

this mistletoe one is my absolute favorite.

i’ve been working out the details on these a while, and i think i’ve finally got it – Countdown Clipboards, for Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays!

count em all down!

i also have 2 new (and each is one of a kind!) spool Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar - Wooden Spool Thread Holder  - Country Holiday Countdown

Advent Calendar - Wooden Spool Thread Holder  - Red and Green Holiday Countdown

lots of holiday goodness, for sure!

(i’d love to leave links for these goodies, but i am having some tense times with wordpress right now.  please go to to see it ALL!  and also, to see what Christy is up to!)

it’s birthday season…

August 17, 2011

seems to me that EVERYONE was born in august.  not really, but dang, there’s a lot of birthdays this month!!  a certain little someone here in this house shares a birthday with her mama, and we are getting ready for a weekend shin-dig.  lots of prepwork happening with the decorations.  can you guess the theme?:

giant game pieces:

making flags/a banner for the deck (it had better be a nice day!)

waiting for the paint to dry (and pondering a pedicure)

and making some treats to have with the cake:

even the scraps look delicious (and they are!)

it’s going to be a sweet birthday!

this week’s projects…

June 13, 2011

food for toothless people

a sign that i wish i had instrustions for

what to do with 20 pounds of dry rice

and i’m sure lots more…

tulle poofy things!!

June 7, 2011

they might need a better name than that….  anyway!  i figured out how to make tulle poofy things!

i made this little red one and wandered around looking for places to put it…

then i remembered some paper straws i ordered a couple weeks ago, and i made a wand!

and i went around “poofing” things and making my family wonder about my sanity.  i’ve got another idea, you’ll have to hold tight and see where this goes…


party on…

June 5, 2011

decorated some basic black pens, and now they’re CUTE! 

sassy!  makes me want to write stuff!

this week we celebrated the retirement of a beloved preschool teacher after 35 years teaching at our school.  i’m overwhelmed with thanks for that sweet lady.  what in the world CAN you say after 35 years?  nothing seems like enough.  i’m so happy she was there for both my girls.  now they’re extra-sweet, and smarty pants, too. 

and now that my obligations at preschool are complete, i’m ready for a little celebrating myself.

valentine wreath

February 2, 2011

though my recent blog posts would point to the contrary, i have been doing things outside of the kitchen. =)

i made this wreath from a styrofoam circle and a whole buncha cupcake papers.

i  folded the cupcake papers in half or fourths and hot glued them in a random fashion.  strange story – i can never find my glue gun.  i’ll look everywhere and i can never find it.  i’ll get to the point that i’ll just go buy a new one.  and three minutes after i get home i’ll find it.  i own 4 glue guns and i don’t know where any of them are.

fold and glue, fold and glue…

i’d still like to add a sassy little something to it, and i’m waiting for hunny to put a hole in the plaster wall to hang it, but it is very cute just sitting in the window waiting for it’s permanent home.

kinda makes me wanna make a batch of cupcakes…