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Easter Roundup

March 31, 2013

I had a plan, I had a schedule, I had Easter figured OUT.  Then I needed an antibiotic for a sinus infection that made me sick to my stomach (like, a LOT) and I lost all of Saturday and a large part of Easter itself.  I am on the mend, I’ll show you what were were working on.

We colored eggs

Little Girl made a bunny paper chain

We saw the Easter Bunny.  The girls were a little bummed that we didn’t dress for the occassion, but refer to the last few posts here where it’s been 40 DEGREES IN LATE MARCH, CONNECTICUT.  The bunny was still happy to see them.

Our weekend featured lots of bunnies of all shapes and sizes and materials – food, games, icecubes in mom’s gatorade…

We had planned to host family brunch at our house, we had started a several-step dessert (more on that tomorrow) and the girls were mad that there was to be no party with mom being under the weather.  We finished making the dessert (and froze some for when we could see the family) and moods were calmed.  Until the sugar kicked in!


sunday morning, rain is falling…

March 6, 2011

it’s so gloomy and rainy today,  it was time for some color.  it was time for rainbow pancakes.

bisquick recipe, plus gel food coloring and an armload of extra dirty dishes. =)

equals pretty.  and YUM.

the little girl (who would never eat a regular pancake, they’re “too pancakey”) managed to scarf down a purple one.  she said it “wasn’t so bad..”