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Growing Bean

February 21, 2012

my big girl has been borderline sick for a couple of weeks now – a fit of coughing here and there, a runny nose from time to time, but this a.m. she woke up with dark circles under her eyes and just looking worse for wear.  i could tell she didn’t feel good because she didn’t put up a fight to go to school.  a trip to the dr and a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection and she’s good to go…. i hope.

after her sister left for kindergarten she had a quiet lunch and a rest in front of the tv watching Food Network  and working on a little knitting –  i swear she has the soul of a dear little old lady – she was perkier and i thought we should do a little something together.  she’s always been my crafty little buddy,  she listens, she tries, it takes a lot for her to get frustrated.  we don’t have much time alone together any more, i miss my crafting pal.  she got a “make your own lip balm” kit from one of her friends for her birthday and we made 6 little pots of lip balm.  holy sweet stinky mess, but she is so proud of her results and told her sister:  “i actually made all these lip glosses!”  we’re gonna have to keep them under lock and key.  i can see her sister coming out sporting an entire little pot on her face and hands….

this big girl turned 7 earlier this month and i can’t wrap my head around that.  when the dr asked today how old she was and she answered, i nearly corrected her.  she can’t be 7 whole years old.  i don’t know how that happened.  she had a pajama party themed birthday party with 5  friends, and it was a hoot.  7 little girls in their jammies + a karaoke machine + glow stick bracelets in the dark = hilarious.

beforehand we put banners in the livingroom

and it only *slightly* looks like a used car lot.

we had pizza and make-your-own sundaes and did some Make It and Bake Its.

when the directions say there might be a smell, believe it.  when there’s 7 of them in your oven and the stink surrounds your kitchen, it may make you question your sanity. and crack a window.  *p.u!*

the girls and i made these personalized spoons for the goodie bags with the small boxes of sugar-cereal and bowls.  we also included a pair of fuzzy socks, very pajama-party-ish!


maybe in a few years, these girls will sleep over, but we sent them home after 2 hours of fun and frivolity and Kid Songz.  That was all this mama could handle.

happy birthday little bean, we love you.

(and feel better soon!)


we love school

March 3, 2010

babycakes had a pajama party at school monday morning:

with stories, toast for snack, a tent, a shadow puppet theatre, twinkle lights, a moonwalk and rocketship.

and beanie went to “florida” monday morning:

complete with 2 airplane rides, a tiki hut, a wading pool, a badminton court, a postcard stand, souvenir crafts…

(what you can’t see because of the lighting is another mom outside the windows in a jumpsuit and protective earwear directing the plane across the runway.)

and mama spent the morning running between the 2 classrooms taking pictures.

Back in the day, i wondered if i’d send the girls to preschool at all… but OMG, i’m so glad i did.  we have an amazing school.  i have typed a lot more about it and deleted it, it’s so much gushing…  i hope you can see from the pics just how special their teachers are, and what an exciting place it is to be.  the girls love preschool, and so do i.



“preschool is GREAT!” – beanie

March 19, 2009

so, preschool pajama parties ROCK.  windows blocked out, twinkle lights, dim lamps, jammies, flashlights, lovies, bedtime stories – so much ambiance!

shadow puppet theatre:

preschool shadow puppet show

starlight cafe (on the menu – toast with butter and cinnamon sugar):  starlight cafe

beanie had a lot of favorites about the day, but mostly the light brite!:light brite

we have added this request to the tag-saling list for now!  be on the lookout!!

so much fun… and i got to leave the house in my plaid flannel jammies! 😉