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snowman treats

January 16, 2011

just a few simple ingredients

stuck on a stick

decorated by big and little handies

make some super cute snackies

and a fun little photo op:

(tell me, is it JUST me, or could these pass as Easter Island Statues?  just me?  whatever, i thought it was funneh.) (the real statues are called Moai, i’ve always had a little crush on them.)

they’re a tasty, tasty treat!


(thanks to Christy for giving me this idea.  super easy, fun and CUTE!)


my hair *is* wild.

June 8, 2010

i’ve got a wild hair, i’m manic, i’ve got my hands on lots of things.  it must mean that company is on her way and it’s almost time for vacation.  i’m heavy into all things sesame street right now, and tinkering in a few things unrelated.

the sesame street visors, are TOO cute.

i’ve been dipping oreos:


and dipping balloons…  this idea came straight from bakerella , where most of my ideas begin.  hers had homemade pudding in them, but i cannot STAND pudding, so i’m gonna fill ours with dirtcake… also because there is NO shortage of oreos in this house right now.

in progress

i’m about to go pop the balloons now and see what happens.  you’ll hear all about it if it’s a nightmare! =D

no one could resist.

January 27, 2009

i can always tell when i’m about to start dieting – i go NUTS with the snacks.

jan 26 007but how could ANYONE say no to giant oreo outtards (opposite of innards!?)  i don’t know who allowed me to go to ocean state junk lot last night, but i came home with a case of these tasty babies, and a bag of dark chocolate/ raspberry swirl chips, and some cinnamon candy chips.  tomorrow might be a snowy dessert-making day…

confession: today was a pre-snowy dessert making day.  i made tapioca this a.m.  i haven’t had tapioca in 10+ years.  what’s the deal with that?!  this gluttony will have to come to an end soon – hopefully before the pants stop fitting!!!

jan 26 005