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Edible Easter Centerpiece

March 26, 2012

Easter is sometimes my favorite holiday.  I don’t know if it’s the pretty colors or the start of spring, but if you ask me at this time of year what my favorite holiday is, it’ll be Easter.  Today I made a table centerpiece:


and it’s completely edible! weee!

i started with making the candy cups.  they are shaped around tiny little water balloons.

something shady happened and one popped all on its own.  ugh, mess.

i put them on a bed of edible Easter grass.  while the package says it’s edible, it’s kinda gross tasting.  the main ingredient is potato starch, they’re kinda like weird fruit flavored packing peanuts/rice cakes.  but edible.

i added plain m&ms, pretzel m&ms and cadbury mini eggs to the cups, made some candy and pretzel bunny faces and hineys, and added some peeps.  i have a love affair with peeps.  bunnies are my favorite, and i always loved the white ones but i haven’t been able to find them for years.  last month i actually emailed Just Born to see what the deal was, and *weepy tears* they don’t make them any more because they weren’t popular.  thanks a LOT, people.  ANYWAY,


i made a little bunny mix with popcorn, corn chex, pretzels, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, m&ms and leftover green chocolate candy.  This won’t make it to Easter, it’s too yummy we’ll have to make more!


sunday morning brownie waffles…

June 12, 2011

i saw this somewhere and once i knew it was possible, i had to try it!

make a batch of brownie batter and fire up the waffle iron!

spray the burners.  spray them well.  spray them early, spray them often.  then respray.  there will be a mess otherwise.

put in the same amt of batter you’d use for a regular waffle:

close the maker and don’t open it til you’re SURE it’s done.

while it’s hot, the brownie will be soft and crumbley and has great potential to break apart.  for the first one, i unplugged the waffle iron and flipped the whole thing upside down to get it out.  for the second one, i unplugged the iron and let it cool in the machine for a few minutes.  that worked well.  there will be a few crumbs left behind, i brushed them off with a paper towel once it was all cool. 

if there’s any ugly spots, cover them in icecream and sprinkles.

a fun treat for dessert, or a snack to wow your friends. =)


this and that and the other thing…

January 23, 2011

making rainbow cupcakes for babycake’s 1/2 birthday at preschool tomorrow. note to self, don’t give children an open ended “what do you want for snack at preschool” unless you’re gonna follow through on the craziness.  next time, i’ll remember to offer options. =)  good thing it’s sunday and there’s time for rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sugar sprinkles!

i needed to make 19, but i made 20, cuz i’m gonna sneak one after dinner.

i’ve been working on a custom order of 100+ little notebooks.  they’re adorable, but OI, my wrist is killing me from all the die cutting and binding.  that’s some hard work right there, people!

this week the preschool  did their annual ice scultpure.  this year met with AMAZING results.  we’ve had a ton of snow, and it’s been crazy cold, so we were able to build it up on a snow bank and omg, it’s adorable.

the angel in the early morning sunlight was so beautiful

it was like our own mini stonehenge – even the shadows were pretty!

i can’t bear to think about not coming to preschool next year, but they invite “alumni” to add to the fun.  we will be sure to come by for many years to come.

Santa Hats and Mix

December 23, 2010

(also known as “ohsure, i’ve got PLENTY of time for these shenanigans, the day before christmas eve”)

suuuuure, lemme drop my kiddo off for a short day of kindergarten and then go get supplies before i have to go back and get her.  because i’ve got NOTHING else going on.

so the hats – they are bugles dipped in red chocolate, white nonpareils with a marshmallow poked on the point.  flippin ADORABLE.

and quite tasty.

then in another bowl i mixed pretzels, corn chex, peanuts, craisins, and more bugles… just whatever was kicking around.  i melted some white chocolate and put it in the bowl and stirred it around.  after it dried on a cookie sheet, i broke up the mix and added the santa hats and holiday m&ms.  adorable and delicious.

aww, yeah.

i put a nice portion in some baggies and we’ll share them with some friendies tomorrow… if it lasts that long!

i got the info and the hairbrained idea right here last night, and i couldn’t think of anything else til i actually made them.  what an awesome and super cute idea!


May 21, 2010

i opened up my cake-eating mouth and asked the sweet lady at notyourmamasmix for a sample, and she sent one!!  and lemme tell ya…..  omg!!!  these are the simple steps to making me happy.

put powder in mug (so seriously, right now i’m thinking ‘this better not suck, this is my favorite mug!’)

mix it with 3 secret ingredients:

nuke it:

at this point, my kitchen smells nice, and i’m all like “really?  i can eat it now?”  i turned it over and with just a little poking it came right out of the mug.  (*phew*)

(i would’ve eaten it out of the mug, but i wanted to poke at it a little more)

it was a BIG portion, i saved 1/2 (the smaller 1/2) for mah hunny.  he liked it too – with a big scoop of icecream!

our final review: 2 spoons up from the queenvanna crew!