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The most adorable handmade brag book you’ll ever make!

March 28, 2013

I work in a scrapbook store.  I’ve worked there since I was barely out of college.  That’s a really long time!!  While I’m there, I look for ways to use supplies in different ways.  Scrapbooking is AWESOME, I just want to do other stuff sometimes.  You understand, I’m sure.  A couple weeks ago we got these cute bags:

and I immediately made this little spring brag book:

I was going to make a couple to give to the grandmas for Easter since I took some really cute pictures of the girls in their dresses – and they probably won’t wear their dresses for Easter because it’s 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE, CONNECTICUT.

I posted these photos on the store’s Facebook page and got a handful of questions about how I made it, so I’ll show you here.  It’s just 2 bags.  They’re lined up with openings on opposite ends.

Fold them together in half down the center, then punch 2 holes away from the edges in the fold line

Tie some string or ribbon through the holes to hold the booklet together

Then embellish as your heart desires!

Using 2 little bags, you have space for a front and back cover and 6 pictures inside.  Then if you have extra pictures or notes you can tuck them in the little open sides.  I printed these pictures as wallet size at a place that rhymes with Fal-mart and put just a tiny edge of a matte on them.  They fit perfectly.

It’s a wonderful little brag book to show off a trip to “Elmo’s House”!

(Pictures are from Sesame Place, Breakfast with Elmo and Friends Summer, 2012)


groundhog day treats

February 2, 2012

what up, yo?  i’m a groundhog made out of a mini snickers bar.

adorable, yet weird.  and in need of some othodontia.

yes, i dress little candy bars and make them talk to themselves.  what else would i do while the cupcakes are cooling, look for my shadow?

it was 60+ degrees on february 1 in connecticut.  can we say Spring Fever???  That guy up there, his snow is dirty.  That’s pretty much how it looks up here when we have snow. 

see?  there’s some snow…. kinda.  my little push pop groundhogs don’t have snow in their holes, cuz there’s not really any snow here.  i just know when he peeps out his hole, he better see spring.

i still have a BUNCH of the pushpop containers that are available for sale, check em out here:  click me!

strawberry cupcakes in all shapes and sizes…

July 13, 2011

when the first one goes in wonky, just pretend you meant it.  also, i painted my nails polka dotted this a.m.

babycakes has been eating kids’ yogurt lately, and the containers are a really cute size.  they’ll fit 2 mini cupcakes just fine.  and everything tastes better then served in a cute bowl.

a tasty treat for 1.

mason jar #2 of ?  i’m still working on this one, not as cute as i’d like…

a little something for everyone who likes strawberry cupcakes!

inside out smores

July 12, 2011

you know those giant masrmallows they have at the grocery store?  not just large, but BIG HONKIN marshmallows?  if you like toasted marshmallows, get some.  there’s so much surface area for toasty goodness.

if you’re so inclined, you can make inside-out smores. 

with a  sharp knife, cut a slit almost all the way through the center.  i crammed in teddy grahams and mini chips cuz that’s what i had.  next time i might do graham cracker sticks dipped in nutella.  yep, that’ what i’m going to do!

get all the ingredients way in there.  don’t be stingey.

i cooked mine on the BROIL setting on my toaster oven.  when the top started to brown, i poked then on their side so i could toast them a little more… the toast part is my favorite.  only took a minute or 2.

how cute would these be, served at a picnic?  you could make a whole cookie sheet full all at once…  maybe served in cupcake papers?

that guy was DELISH!

one word though: they are an ENORMOUS sticky mess to eat.  serve to small children only if you have a hose close at hand.  or if you want to lick your face, i won’t judge.


brownie push pops

June 8, 2011

remember these:

i got some more, and felt compelled to use some before i ended up selling them all this time. =)

today was “fun with brownie mix” in my house, and i made brownie mini muffins:

easy – follow brownie mix directions, put batter in mini muffin pan (spray the pan first, or there will be trouble!) and bake 12-15 minutes.  i had to go around the edges with a butter knife to loosen them, but they came out just fine.

i layered them with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles and tried not to eat the whole setup before i could take their picture.  y.u.m.!

gonna have to have a party soon to try them out on all my friends!

cupcake shooters

April 14, 2011

so i saw these containers and had to have them:

and the ever-lovely Peg tipped me off to this blog post, and i haven’t slept since because i’ve been pondering all the possibilities.  my first trial was pretty much a copy from the blog, i just wanted to test out my materials and see if i could recreate them.  the potential for mess is great.

me and frosting and a small container?  it’s a recipe for disaster….  but i did ok i suppose.

I made some rainbow sugar cookies thinking i’d stack them in the holders with maybe some frosting or whipped cream, but i’m going to have to find some other recipes or cookie type cuz mah cookies, they are too poofy.  but pretty:


maybe if i crammed the raw dough down in the container that would work…  mmmm, botulism…  guess i’ll have another sleepless night or two.

if you’re interested in a little set of your own EMPTY push pop containers, click here.  i’ve got a few (or more than a few) to spare. =)

2 bite cupcake sandwiches

January 27, 2011

i’ve said before, i have very few new ideas, but i LOVE to try out the ideas that other people have, just to see if i can do them!  i found this tasty project at Crazy Domestic.  I saw it and knew i had to try it.  good thing i had a cake mix!!  (like it’s a problem, me running out of cake mix!)

the hardest part for me was deciding what colors to make…  i thought i’d try a red/pink one because it’s getting to be that time of year, and went with other colors on that end of the rainbow…  i love the idea of using the flourescent food coloring, i’m going to have to get some of that!

i could’ve taken pics of the mini cupcakes all afternoon… but there were small children whining about how they wanted to eat them… so, whatever.  the first part of the project is to make some mini cupcakes in various colors.  1 cake mix will make about 48 mini cupcakes, or 2 mini pans, use as many colors as you’d like.  just be sure you have an even number of each so that you have matching tops and bottoms.

cut off the bottoms of the cupcakes.  this sounds KRAY-ZEE, but feed those parts to the small children.  they can’t whine as effectively if their mouths are full.  use a can of frosting and color as many colors as you made cupcakes.  this is where i was glad i didn’t go crazy cuz getting the frosting into the piping bag really was the most time consuming part of this whole thing.  you can schmere it on with a knife, but i love those disposable piping bags and different decorator tips.  they make me smile. 

squeeze the frosting on the bottom of one, squoosh another one on top and wa-LA!  tasty little cupcake sandwiches! 

i ate 2, and i think my blood sugar is about 847 right now.

absolutely DELICIOUS!

and so pretty, too!