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Fresh Lemons – Kitchen Re-decor

July 17, 2012

The time had been coming for a while.  The girls had outgrown their table in the kitchen.  This was a great spot for them – breakfast while I unloaded the dishwasher, a place for crafts and important little-girl work, somewhere to sit and visit…

Big Girl could barely get her legs under the table, and with plates and cups at dinnertime, it was getting a little crowded for them.  After an infuriating time with, 3 cracked tables in 3 orders and a suggestion that we not try to buy that table from them any more, we went with an unfinished furniture place and Hunny got to use his air-paint-sprayer-thingie.  We matched the table top to the chairs in the old set, and the legs are some white paint I think we just had kicking around.  He did a great job!

Our walls are plaster so it takes a little more than the whack of a nail to hang anything, one girl is eagerly awaiting a new spot for her calendar.  What our kitchen totally needs is 3 calendars in 9 square feet of space.  We’re just like that.

Big Girl painted that watermelon in first grade art class, and since it’s always been her favorite fruit and we seem to go through 11 lb watermelons in a matter of a couple days, I thought it needed to be framed.  I cut it out of the big art paper and matted it on some scrapbooking paper.  Gawd bless those IKEA frames, I think 90% of the pictures on our walls are hung in IKEA frames.

The fake flowers are just cuz… the table feels so big and there’s so much space, so why not put dust catchers on there?

Let me tell you about those cafe curtains.

They’re kitchen towels.  Target has done me wrong with the whole table debacle, I’m so mad at them and yet, I can’t totally quit them.  The cafe curtains are actually kitchen towels from Target.  I had planned to fold over the top and sew them to slide the towel on to the rod, but I loaned out my sewing machine (like 10 months ago) and I haven’t heard any plans on getting it back, so I used those hooks on rings.  I’m sure they have a fancy name, but I don’t know what it is.

We could use an update on the placemats, but the girls love them so they’ll stay a while.

Now we have a sunny little spot for growing girls to do some more growing up.





little tiny herb garden in a colander

July 12, 2011

one from the files of “i saw this on pinterest”…  a metal colander as a planter.

i’ve forgone the garden that i have tried so hard to have every year that we’ve been in this house and just went with working on the plants around the yard that were already there.  they’re doing pretty good.  we’ve got some white flowers, some yellow flowers, some irises and daisies…  lots of stuff that’s hard to kill.

i went with a tiny herb garden in my metal strainer:

it’s an ecclectic blend of herbs, mint, dill and (i think) basil, but these are the ones that i could see myself using.  i was going to try to find a colander at the thrift store, but i just don’t get out that way very often.  and this one was 4 smackers at Walmart.  i bought the herbs in quart pots, and broke them in half, planting one part here and the other part of each in the ground on the edge of my garage.

i imagine this one will dry out a lot faster because of the holes, but i love the kitchen outdoors theme, it cracks me up a little.  i might still see what i can find at tag sales or if i get to the thrift store, it might be cute to have 2 or 3 in different sizes on my back step!

rainbow jello squares

March 31, 2011

it was one of those things.  i saw this recipe and i had to try it.  at our small local grocery store, the teenage girl ringing out the jellos was all “OMG! you got the rainbow!” like i hadn’t done it on purpose.  and a mom can never have too much knox.  so i’ve got a palate of it now.  i can gelatin-ize the world.

all you need are these few ingredients, and nearly an entire afternoon to stand in your kitchen.  waiting.

mix, pour, then wait.  mix, pour, then wait.

9 times.

i had to move on to something else while i was waiting.  i’m not a good waiter.

babycakes enjoyed watching the progress and was a huge help with the fridge door.  i used a smaller pan than in the directions, so my red layer was riiiiight up to the tippy top. 

of course i poured some of that red layer into my fridge.  and inside my veggie drawer.  and on my potatoes.  FUN!

and GORGEOUS!  it’s a shame none of us really care for jello… but i suppose the neighbors will be happy.


February 17, 2011

my house is pretty casual…  there’s lots of little arrangements and things and stuff here and there, and this is the newest one:

it’s a little plastic square headed figure… he’s meant to be colored in and decorated, but i think he looks pretty swell plain.  he’s sitting on my kitchen window ledge with my ripening pears.  and every once in a while i will accessorize him:

he makes me smile…

cleanweek, 2009

November 9, 2009

i’m scattered, i have a hard time settling in, i’m distracted, i don’t follow through… on my housework.  for the most part, my house is clean, but it’s not tidy.  there’s a lot left undone and lots to get done around here.  so at the suggestion of this sweet lady, i decided it was time to try and take action.  this would be a great week for it.  hunny was going to be out of town on trash day.  he’d never see what was leaving the house.  there was gonna be a lot leaving the house.  now his trip’s been cancelled, but i’m still inspired to pitch a whole lot and get rid of stuff that’s dragging me down.

kitchen before:

it doesn’t look so bad, but there’s just *stuff* and *things* all over the place.  and a light fixture that doesn’t work.  and dust all over.

and after:

hunny filled in a hole in the floor tile grout that’s been missing since we moved in, and changed the broken and CHEAP (and b00bshaped) light fixture.  now the one over the sink is driving me crazy because it doesn’t match… but i’ll get over it or change it soon, i’m not sure which.  some of the *stuff* is gone, the floor is clean and the counters are clear.  makes me wanna bake something from scratch and mess it all up again.

and one housekeeping hint i have for everyone:  if you’re prone to nightmares, don’t look under your toaster oven.  don’t move your toaster oven.  hire someone to do that if you don’t do it yourself on a regular basis.  yuck. and eww. and dust bunnies and cereal pieces. omy!

kitchen lighting

November 6, 2009

what do your kitchen lights look like?  i got on a KRAY-ZEE kick this week cleaning my house.  part of it was that i’ve visited a few houses lately and they were all well put together… and these were people who had the same amount (or more) kids than i have, so i can’t use the excuse that the kids trash my house… and they really don’t.  and christy moved into her house again this week, and since then i’ve been thinking about moving all my stuff into my front yard and starting over.  we’ve been there 3 years, it’s time to find something to hang on the walls in the livingroom.  and fixing things that we have neglected far too long.

the thing that’s been driving me the most crazy is my kitchen lighting situation.  the main light in the center of the room hisses and twitches and flutters and blinks.  and not in a cool/fun/discolight/rave kind of way.  AND it’s shaped like a female mammery.  i’ve always hated those b00blights.  and 45 comments on my facebook page confirm that many people that i know do not like them either.  i was so fired up that i fired hunny up, (or maybe he didn’t want to hear about the faulty b00blight any more), and he went today and bought a new light and installed it.  now those are some results.  i haven’t seen it yet, but i will in a few hours when i get home from work… as long as it isn’t sputtering or inducing seizures in perfectly healthy people, it’ll be a winner….  and it’s a pluss that it’s not a b00blight.  but now the new problem is that hunny says the light over the sink doesn’t match now.  i’ve always hated that light…