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jumping bean

July 27, 2011

beanie’s the serious one.  we know that.  she’s serious even in a bathing suit, tutu and rain boots.

a girl on a mission

we took some jump roping pictures and once i said i got a few good ones, she was ready to go home. now.  now, mom.  let’s go home. but wait, we’ll peek at the horses.

yep, they’re still in there.

once we got back into our yard she wanted to jump some more.  i think she just didn’t like nosing around the neighbors’.

jumping bean!


and where have YOU been?

May 24, 2011

i’ve been doing stuff.  and things.  the little one had her preschool art show.  it was incredible, as is everything they do at that preschool.

little girl was very proud.

the next day i went to florida to visit my sister and friends.  in an airplane.  all. by. myself.

we took a few pictures (or 1,800 to be a little more exact)

it was kinda foreign to me to not have to count people or be worried about anyone wandering off.  it was wonderful.  that is not to say that we did not act a little crazy.  we had tshirts made.  we jumped on the beach at sunset.  (photo by shutter jo)

wholesome fun!

when i got back, i celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary with hunny.  it was a low key event, including a trip to olive garden with the girls.  we’re low-key kinda people.

now we’re finishing up preschool this week, i’m finishing up my time on their Board of Managers, and it feels a little weird to just be ending….  but there’s lots we’re planning.  big girl still has a few weeks of kindergarten, and pretty soon it’ll be time for our annual treck to elmo’s house.  by then, summer will be in full gear.  bring it on!!

whilrwind vacation roundup

June 20, 2010

i might not remember writing this post in a day or 2.  i have been going nonstop for a little more than a week, finishing up with 2 hours of sleep friday in to saturday getting ready for a craft show – i was accepted at 4:30p on friday, had to leave the house at 5a on saturday, and throw in working 7 hours in between that time.   i’ve got a lot of loose ends to pick up, and a bunch of new projects i want to do…  busy busy, fun fun!

breeze was blowing, so the tablecloth is all wonky, but otherwise, i think it looked pretty good!

but i suppose you want to hear about what all happened leading up to this point – you’ve been seeing the pics on flickr and facebook, and we had a GREAT time with auntie bobbie jo.

we saw mystic aquarium – the beluga whales usually swim laps, floating by the people watching at the window… but this one saw bobbie jo and stopped to check her out.  it was AWESOME.

we jumped on the beach (2 beaches, actually)

(this one is out-takey, but it makes me laugh)

we hunted down painted horses and turkeys, and my assignment for next year is to find a very specific painted turkey we all would like to see…

sesame was great – warm and not-rainy, and sometimes sunny.

the grown ups ROCKED the visors. 

oh, look who enjoyed the lazy river…

hopscotch on sesame street – i would’ve LOVED to do this when i was 5…

and crayola on the way home – very fun, hands on projects.  i don’t know that i’d make it a destination, but it was a good time on the way home.


and it certainly gave me some craft ideas to do with the girls….

after i get some rest.


April 15, 2010

spring is here.  i have no stairs off the back of my house.  it’s ok, by summer i’ll have a great new deck.

the girls are spending lots and LOTS of time outside, and LOVING it.

this one especially is getting SO big:

i tell her several times a day that i want to eat her face and she always gently tells me, “no.  i have bones inside my face.”  alright, fine.  i got a new camera this week that is a lot fancier than my previous one.  man, i loved that camera – so easy to use.  i know i’ll get the hang of this one soon, and we’re having fun testing out the settings.

school vacation is next week and we’re planning on lots of fun activities.  high five.