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More Birthday Fun!

August 29, 2012

So I wanted to show you a few more things I made to keep myself busy before and during Babycake’s 6th birthday!

The obvious theme here is ICECREAM, YAY! including the “scratch and sniff” icecream cone t-shirt.

The goodie bags had popsicle molds filled with candies, sherbet flavored lip balm, icecream cone shaped marshmallows and a little stuffed webkin.  I saw on pinterest (of course!) bags embellished with cupcake liners and clothespins.  (the clothespins are queenvanna creations, *ahem*)  It was a great idea, and heavens knows I’ve got a few cupcake liners to spare.

We had pizza and juice boxes, and I found these adorable “for personal use” water bottle wrappers, so I made a few of those, too!

When the girls saw these, they suddenly didn’t want juice boxes, they all wanted water. =D

The shop had coloring and BINGO, and we did face painting:

(Big Girl said “no thank you” to face painting.  “Yes thank you” to icecream.)

and paper dolls:

There was some mention that I should do some party planning, and I love that idea…  but I don’t know how to go about that.  People tell me they’re having a party and I tell them what to do?  SIGN ME UP!

I will tell some people some things…. like which flavor icecream I want.

I think I can say a fun time was had by all.

Being that Babycake’s birthday is MY birthday, too, I on the actual day *i* wanna do something fun, we went to Lake Compounce, a local-ish theme and water park.

it was a beeeeeautiful day:

I rode a couple of grown up rides and decided I’m probably too old for grown up rides, and had a lovely day spending time with my little family.


And now because I love telling people what to do, I think *you* should spend your next birthday doing something you love, too!  There, it’s planned.


Almost-end-of-summer wrap up

August 28, 2012

You know, busy, stuff, things, summer ending, blah, blah….

This happened:

B.Cakes is now really and officially 6.  Wow!

We had a fun party with some of her friends at the local icecream shop, it was the PERFECT place to have a party!

There were tough decisions to be made, but we all got through it somehow…


wooden thread spool Christmas countdown calendars – in styles to please everyone…

all those teeny tiny little numbers, oi!

also, lots and lots of perpetual calendars:

There are so many fun new paper designs, these have been really fun to make.

We’ve got 1 more week til school starts, we are winding down but I have plans for a few more fun things up my sleeve… stay tuned!

peppermints revisited

December 22, 2011

so last year there was a small debacle regarding peppermint candies.  aaaand i had about 450 left.  so i tried these cute little coaster/trivet/thingies i saw somewhere, probably on pinterest.

they didn’t turn out the way i hoped (peppermint candies, i am OVER you!), but i used another 50 candies or so, hooray!  that top one is probably the best, i used a pizza cutter to make the edges sharp and so it’d fit the little tray i wanted to put it on.

the edges tended to get a little runny, but eh, cute enough.  oh, and hey!  dig my cupcakes!  i made those for our viewing party for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and they were pretty darn cute if i say so myself.

and i guess while i’m doing the dump of holiday-time desserts i have made, lookit these little peppermint icecream whoopie pies!  i made the icecream, i made the whoopies, i made the pies!

i did NOT use peppermint hard candies, i’m still looking for ways to use up about 400 of those…


Early July, 2011

July 5, 2011

we are full-on with the fun summer activities for little children here.  we went to lunch on the shore for hunny’s birthday and spent a few minutes between rain showers at the park.

circus girls:

went to a 4th of july picnic and they jumped for HOURS.  i seriously could’ve dropped them off and gone for a pedicure and a cup of coffee and a trip to the grocery store and they’d never’ve gotten out.  but hunny says no trampoline for us.  =(  i’ll keep working on him.

there’ve been some smores:

 the chocolate goatee kills me.

why i thought we should do this AFTER bathtime is beyond me.






i tried my hand at homemade icecream with my 15 year old icecream maker (used once before).  it did not go well, let’s leave it at this:  the whole assembly is in the trash now.

i did manage to make a few push pops – ice cream, mini choclate morsels, chocolate sauce. 

not terribly photogenic, but YUM.

other plans we have this week include the beach and the pool and a crafty thing or two.  fun for everyone!

treats for the brace-faced

June 15, 2011

so.  i got braces last friday afternoon.  i was not 100% sure that would be the day, i thought it would be molds and pictures and xrays, but walked out with my upper teeth all braced up.  i might’ve been in denial, or maybe i really didn’t think about it (that’s probably it), but i was not prepared.  i had no advil in my purse, i had no soft snacks or foods, i had even just bought a new pack of gum.  i knew i’d be uncomfortable, but




my inner cheeks were kinda chewed up, but i’m a nervous biter, so it’s usually chewed up in there anyway.  but the ache, omaude, the ache.  all this complaining just to tell you that i don’t care for any soft foods, and i’ve been a crabby crab crab for the past 4 days.  in the beginning i could only eat whatever i could squoosh on the roof of my mouth with my tongue.  soooo…  strawberry shortcake.

and i put it in the push pop containers because everything is better in push pop containers and i have enough of them to make 80bazillion this way. mmmmm…..

the whip cream flattened out a little, next time i’ll add more.  and maybe a little strawberry juice.

perfect soft-ish treat for folks who don’t like soft food.  things are settling down and not as painful, but i think i’ll enjoy a few more of these!

sunday morning brownie waffles…

June 12, 2011

i saw this somewhere and once i knew it was possible, i had to try it!

make a batch of brownie batter and fire up the waffle iron!

spray the burners.  spray them well.  spray them early, spray them often.  then respray.  there will be a mess otherwise.

put in the same amt of batter you’d use for a regular waffle:

close the maker and don’t open it til you’re SURE it’s done.

while it’s hot, the brownie will be soft and crumbley and has great potential to break apart.  for the first one, i unplugged the waffle iron and flipped the whole thing upside down to get it out.  for the second one, i unplugged the iron and let it cool in the machine for a few minutes.  that worked well.  there will be a few crumbs left behind, i brushed them off with a paper towel once it was all cool. 

if there’s any ugly spots, cover them in icecream and sprinkles.

a fun treat for dessert, or a snack to wow your friends. =)


brownie push pops

June 8, 2011

remember these:

i got some more, and felt compelled to use some before i ended up selling them all this time. =)

today was “fun with brownie mix” in my house, and i made brownie mini muffins:

easy – follow brownie mix directions, put batter in mini muffin pan (spray the pan first, or there will be trouble!) and bake 12-15 minutes.  i had to go around the edges with a butter knife to loosen them, but they came out just fine.

i layered them with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles and tried not to eat the whole setup before i could take their picture.  y.u.m.!

gonna have to have a party soon to try them out on all my friends!