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when hollywood came a-callin’

December 20, 2011

I have given a couple of teasers about a project of mine being on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and after months and months of “it’s top secret, i can’t talk about it!” the show has aired and I can talk about it all i want.  Here, take 2 of these and call me in the a.m.

the call came on a Friday night at the very end of July. “can you make something like a picture of yours i found on flickr, but nothing like what’s in the picture?”  i’m pretty sure this is the picture the field producer was talking about:

with 7 drawers and big enough to put ornaments and trinkets in and Ty will tell the family every day….. and i didn’t hear anything else, cuz i heard Ty….Ty…. Ty…. *swoon*.  And in my house, what Ty wants, Ty gets, so i yesyesyes’d that lady and when i hung up the phone i just had no idea where to begin.  it was Friday night at 8:30. she had to have 2 of these “things”, whatever they were going to be in her hands in Ohio by Wednesday afternoon, they were filming on Thursday.  Throw in a few other things:  i had to work 8 hours at the scrapbook store.  I had to drop my children off at my parents’ an hour away on Saturday because on Sunday, we had tickets to see Craig Ferguson in Boston.  Boston is at LEAST a day trip from where we live.  There was no time for this.  but it’s for Tyyyyyyyy….

my husband and i stood in my craft room, looking at the various projects that we might alter to make what we needed, and my eyes came to rest on some IKEA boxes that i used for storage.  they’re awesome boxes, i wish i had 12 more sets… but conveniently enough, i had 2.  I arranged on the kitchen counter my vision:

 so make it like this, but with this, and without this. and you know, better.

hunny planned a trip to home depot for 6a.m. the next day.  and while i was at work, he dragged out his saws and other stuff and made just what i asked for.

great!  now do it again!

Christy, my trusty minion and pal was with me through the decorative design and cutting and pasting.  and the trip to craig ferguson.  what a weekend.  Sunday before we left for Boston, we cut lots and lots of pieces.


monday, we were dilerious and pretty shouty (what else is new?), and we saw that hey, we were actually going to pull this together.

so many pieces….

it’s august in my diningroom Christmas sweatshop.  Yes, that’s a kissing ball made by a 4 year old last Christmas hanging from my light fixture.  it’s like Christmas all the time in my house.

and here we are, just about done:

They were shipped on Monday afternoon, one was “lost” in the mail for a day and caused me to age 12 years, and they all got where they needed to be for filming.  ABC is a little touchy about showing the actual folks from the show, so you’ll have to trust me, that’s Ty.  he’s all up in our drawers.  Yes, i’m gonna use that joke for as long as i can ride this out.

more next time.



buttoned up house plants

April 18, 2011

i like to have a little treat or prize for my mom and grandma and sister for Easter, since many times when we see any of them, they have a little something for the girls.  this Easter: little plants with crazy button flowers:


i saw this in a magazine (parents? family fun?) as a st. patrick’s day craft – some clover in a pot with a rainbow (YAY! RAINBOWS!!) of buttons poking out.  heavens knows i have enough buttons, and i know the 3 ladies that these are for have PLENTY of doodads and things… this is just a little Happy Easter for them to enjoy while they last.

mmm, buttons and wire, what’s not to love?  (p.s., hello carpal tunnel, that’s a lot of twisted wire)

so whimsical and a little silly…

funny, when i bought the plants, i just knew i’d be jealous if i didn’t get one for myself.  good thing an extra just jumped into the cart!


yarn egg wreath

March 14, 2011

i saw a really cute blog post (forgive me, i can’t find it to give it proper credit now), where the writer had made an adorable easter wreath and i knew i had to try, too.  I purchased 3 different sizes of plastic easter eggs and a foam wreath form.  i chose 4 colors of yarn and set to work!  there was a hot glue gun involved.  i might’ve glued a plastic egg or 5 to my finger.  oww, hot.

after winding the first one, i was not terribly impressed – it’s hard to cover the slippery plastic, and still make the shape still resemble an egg.

but i kept going.  i figured that if they all ended up looking like balls of yarn, i’d decorate the wreath with knitting needles and pretend i meant to do that.  then i remembered some little bunnies i bought years ago and immediately had forgotten what i had planned to use them for.  miraculously, i knew exactly where they were, and glued their little bunny butts onto the wreath. 

i’m still not 100% impressed with the way it ended up coming out, but it’ll do for a sweet decoration at least for this easter.


February 17, 2011

my house is pretty casual…  there’s lots of little arrangements and things and stuff here and there, and this is the newest one:

it’s a little plastic square headed figure… he’s meant to be colored in and decorated, but i think he looks pretty swell plain.  he’s sitting on my kitchen window ledge with my ripening pears.  and every once in a while i will accessorize him:

he makes me smile…

home improvement

November 27, 2010

we’ve lived in our home for a little over 4 years now, and we are slowly slowly upgrading and re-doing some of the things that we thought were ridiculous about the house.  the 3rd bedroom, the one we use as an office/spare bedroom was the biggest job “we” tackled until we got to the upstairs bathroom.  it was horrible.  so horrible that i can’t find any “before” pictures.  here’s “during” the bathtub removal:


that grey tile wall?  the bathtub, the toilet and sink were all that same color.  and the tub tiles had little baskets of wheat on them.  NIGHTMARE.  hunny had already replaced the sink and toilet and did a pre-sweep of paint when we hired the big guns to replace the tub.  we left the floor, i loved the black and white checker boardy looking design.  i would’ve loved to have seen what it looked like before the grey stuff moved in, the original design when the house was built – little pieces of tiles we found were black and white, and the paint beneath was similar in color to the one we painted ourselves.  black, white and pink, FUN!

i’ve always believed a bathroom should be fun and whimsical.  i think i filled the bill here.

hunny did an incredible amt of work removing the wall tile, replacing the cabinetry, replacing the plaster walls that were damaged when the tub was replaced, the beadboard, the painting…. i picked out the shower curtain, towels and rug.  lemme tell ya, it was exhausting, y’all.  it’s a tiny space, but it’s now one of my favorite places.

there’s little things that make me smile in every corner.  i’d still like to get a little shelf to put the girls’ toothbrushes and cups on, but we’re 95% done in there, and i LOVE it!

chalkboard paint!

February 4, 2010

look what i found at ocean state junk lot!

it says it works on wood, papier mache, terra cotta, canvas and most porous surfaces…. 

 i tried a little wooden picture frame i had.

this is after just 2 coats:

and this is with a little piece of green chalk smeared on all the sides:

frames like this might be a cute little gift with a piece of chalk for the receiver to decorate how they wish…

and it might be fun to change up the color of the chalk from time to time.  so many possibilities!

kitchen lighting

November 6, 2009

what do your kitchen lights look like?  i got on a KRAY-ZEE kick this week cleaning my house.  part of it was that i’ve visited a few houses lately and they were all well put together… and these were people who had the same amount (or more) kids than i have, so i can’t use the excuse that the kids trash my house… and they really don’t.  and christy moved into her house again this week, and since then i’ve been thinking about moving all my stuff into my front yard and starting over.  we’ve been there 3 years, it’s time to find something to hang on the walls in the livingroom.  and fixing things that we have neglected far too long.

the thing that’s been driving me the most crazy is my kitchen lighting situation.  the main light in the center of the room hisses and twitches and flutters and blinks.  and not in a cool/fun/discolight/rave kind of way.  AND it’s shaped like a female mammery.  i’ve always hated those b00blights.  and 45 comments on my facebook page confirm that many people that i know do not like them either.  i was so fired up that i fired hunny up, (or maybe he didn’t want to hear about the faulty b00blight any more), and he went today and bought a new light and installed it.  now those are some results.  i haven’t seen it yet, but i will in a few hours when i get home from work… as long as it isn’t sputtering or inducing seizures in perfectly healthy people, it’ll be a winner….  and it’s a pluss that it’s not a b00blight.  but now the new problem is that hunny says the light over the sink doesn’t match now.  i’ve always hated that light…