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the end

September 28, 2010

once at the end of a bedtime story, i closed the book and said “the end, go to sleep.”  the girls thought it was HIlarious.  since then, that’s been part of our bedtime ritual.  for a while it was “B.N. go to sleep” according to babycakes and now it’s not bedtime without the little saying.  why am i telling you this? i. don’t. know.

i finished the pumpkin topiary today:


it’s absolutely adorable.  it’s the first of the halloween decor for this year, so it’s a little out of place at the moment, but that’s change in the next few days.


crafty sunday…

December 14, 2008

i took a class today at NESC, and i am smitten.  i’ve always been intrigued by pam huntington’s projects, and today i finally jumped in.

snowman - wip 

there’s all kinds of stuff happenin’ here that i’d never used or even seen in real life – mica flakes, ruffled crepe paper, these cotton batting balls (??)…  ahhh, fun!!!  and now i have a new list of supplies that i just have to hoard, umm, purchase, myself!

i used expanding paint – it fluffs up when you zap it with a heat gun.  and covered it all with this beautiful glass dome.  i had originally taken the class to make a gift for my grandma, but there’ s no way i’m parting with these little cuties!finished project

p.s…. i took a kinda crazy turn driving home and it all took a tumble, yikes!!!  everybody stayed right where i had stuck them, and now the inside of the glass has some little mica flakes static-clung to it, making a frosty look – i love it!!  =D