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Carrot in a Cake – Carrot Cake!

April 1, 2013

TEST So Easter is said and done, but I’m not ready to move on just yet.  Rather than call this an Easter cake, I’ll call it a SPRINGTIME, It’s 60 degrees outside (YAY!) cake!

I made white cake batter and tinted it orange, baked it on a cookie sheet that was roughly the size of a jelly roll pan (I don’t know what a jelly roll pan actually IS, I found a measurement online and wung it.)  SO! Orange tinted cake in a fairly large flat pan.  It took 18-20 minutes to cook and mine was not uniformly flat, it raised up in the center some, but it worked out fine for me.  I used a carrot shaped cookie cutter and cut out as many carrots as I could get.  Here starts the pictures:

I put a little chocolate cake batter in the bottom of the pan so they’d stand up nicely and lined the bottom of a long loaf pan with the carrots, pointy sides up.  Then I added the rest of the cake batter, and then maybe 3/4 of ANOTHER cake batter.  The loaf pan is LONG, it’s a LOT of cake!

I had enough batter left to make 6 little cupcakes, too.

We decided since this was a LOT of cake and we wouldn’t be able to get through it all before it went stale, we’d cut it in half and freeze part for next time we need some tasty cake!  So heeeeere’s the big carrot reveal!!

When you turn it out of the pan, the carrots are right-side-up again!

Big Girl helped decorate the top – she put a layer of chocolate glaze that slowly oozed over the sides to look a little like shiny, scrumptious mud.

Then she layered some crushed oreos on top while the glaze was still wet, and just a small handful of green sprinkles to look like grass trying to peek through.

Little Girl used a similar decorating technique on the cupcakes:

The carrot leaves were melted candy wafers put in a plastic or piping bag and squirted out on to foil to make the leafy shape.  We slit starter-holes for those, then poked em right in and added just one small bunny cupcake pic.

Not only it is ADORABLE, but everyone that’s tried it (The girls and hubs) has said YUM!!

I’m thinking this is a great springtime dessert, or for a garden or tea party.  There’s lots of ways we could decorate the top, with chocolates or candy flowers, and of course I’m pondering other  things we can “plant” inside.


little tiny herb garden in a colander

July 12, 2011

one from the files of “i saw this on pinterest”…  a metal colander as a planter.

i’ve forgone the garden that i have tried so hard to have every year that we’ve been in this house and just went with working on the plants around the yard that were already there.  they’re doing pretty good.  we’ve got some white flowers, some yellow flowers, some irises and daisies…  lots of stuff that’s hard to kill.

i went with a tiny herb garden in my metal strainer:

it’s an ecclectic blend of herbs, mint, dill and (i think) basil, but these are the ones that i could see myself using.  i was going to try to find a colander at the thrift store, but i just don’t get out that way very often.  and this one was 4 smackers at Walmart.  i bought the herbs in quart pots, and broke them in half, planting one part here and the other part of each in the ground on the edge of my garage.

i imagine this one will dry out a lot faster because of the holes, but i love the kitchen outdoors theme, it cracks me up a little.  i might still see what i can find at tag sales or if i get to the thrift store, it might be cute to have 2 or 3 in different sizes on my back step!

the update you’ve all been waiting for! since a couple hours ago!!

July 21, 2010

i went out to take pics of the set up this afternoon:

i forgot to tell you about the bean plant, too… the one that’s highest up on the trellis – beanie planted that seed at preschool, and we are eagerly awaiting beans.  like more eagerly than i am waiting on the rest of it. 

searching for cucumbers is like looking for the pickle in the christmas tree:

and then OMG!  LOOK!  this might be a squash!!

i know if you’re local-ish you are laughing at me because HELLO!!  we live in farm country!!  i went to the CSA last week and brought home something like 85 lbs of carrots and a zucchini the size of my big girl’s thigh…

 but this i am doing myself.  lazily, but i’m doing it!!  those cukes better be tasty.

feelin’ fruity… or vegetable-y, as it were…

July 21, 2010

the 1st full summer we were here in this house, we planted watermelons and cantelopes… we got a harvest of 1 cantelope and 2 or 3 watermelons.  we waited as long as we could to pick them, they were so tiny.  we finally picked them in october, and they were all smaller than the size of my fist.  *ppppbbbtttt*

i think we skipped the 2nd summer, i was so peaved about the first summer.  last year i planted pumpkins and acorn squash.  we had a bumper crop of yellow flowers, but got one acorn squash in the end, again, smaller than my fist.  and like beanie says:  whaddaheck?? 

this year i wasn’t gonna bother, but christy brought me some seedlings and i HAD to plant them…. 2 types of cukes, some yellow and green squash.  i couldn’t let them dry out and go to waste…  this time, i planted them in flower boxes and put them in the warmest, sunniest spot i had – the edge of my driveway near the air conditioner machiney thing.  i though the noise of the a/c would keep the bunnehs away, and the warmth radiating off the house and driveway would only help.  WELL!  the squash are still just flowering, but i am a cucumber growing GENIUS.  i’m like MOTHER NATURE out there.  i’ve got one that looks like it might be about pickle size, and a whole heap that are thinking about growing some more.  queenie can GROW a cucumber.  next year that may be all i plant, my feelings get hurt so easily.  =)