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American Girl Uneven Bars

March 17, 2013

My girls weren’t interested in dolls until fairly recently.  My Mother in Law bought them American Girl Dolls a couple Christmases ago and I kinda thought it was a bad call because they’d rarely ever played with dolls up til then.  Lately the dolls are about all they’ve been playing with.  They’ll mix and match their clothes, they’ll create adventures for them to go on, and Little Girl’s haircut is modelled after her doll, Kit.

Through some random clicks on someone’s tablet the other day, we found  youtube videos on how to make handmade toys and games for the dolls.  When we saw gymnastics equipment, we figured we needed to get in on that action.

ta-da! uneven bars:

Made out of plumber’s piping, the pieces fit together easily enough that even the 6 year old can manage it.  Play gets a little rough so hubs said he’ll glue the pieces so it doesn’t fall apart while the dolls are swinging on it.  That gets in the way of playing.

All it consists of is piping cut down to (2) 18″, (2) 15″ and (4) 12″ pieces, 4 t joints and 4 elbow joints.  Pop it all together and voila!

We use ponytail holders looped on the “bars” and around the dolls’ wrists and they hang on pretty well!


We saw ones that had been spray painted, but I was nervous about the paint wearing off on the plastic parts of the dolls.  Maybe I’ll add some duct tape or fun patterned washi tape.  For now, the girls are happy as little clams with it just the way it is.  Well, other than they’ve added a folded up baby blanket underneath to use as a mat, and Big Girl’s doll is wearing a horse-riding helmet… NOW they love it the way it is! 😉


good bye summer, hello rock candy

October 7, 2011

i’m going to miss summer, this one was a good one.  the girls learned to swim (mostly), we had some great days hanging out and enjoying everything we could find to do.  the colors this year were just so vibrant and fun.

one more colorful project i tried this summer that met mixed results was rock candy.  i won’t  bother with a recipe because i didn’t find a real winner, but feel free to share one that works with me!

there’s sugar and water and mixing and boiling and mixing and waiting and all that… then food coloring and a little flavoring.  and 2 more lbs of sugar than you think you’ll need.  look, pretty!

(and mason jars, too!  woo hoo!)

skewers and clothespins are involved.  how hard can it be?

there’s  whoooole lot of waiting and hoping.  the first batch… nuthin.  sticks in colored water for a week.  so i tried again and got something.  i don’t know what i was expecting, other than MORE.  but here we go:

they’re not so bad, i guess…

next time i might try string instead of sticks…  and see what i can get!

sunday morning brownie waffles…

June 12, 2011

i saw this somewhere and once i knew it was possible, i had to try it!

make a batch of brownie batter and fire up the waffle iron!

spray the burners.  spray them well.  spray them early, spray them often.  then respray.  there will be a mess otherwise.

put in the same amt of batter you’d use for a regular waffle:

close the maker and don’t open it til you’re SURE it’s done.

while it’s hot, the brownie will be soft and crumbley and has great potential to break apart.  for the first one, i unplugged the waffle iron and flipped the whole thing upside down to get it out.  for the second one, i unplugged the iron and let it cool in the machine for a few minutes.  that worked well.  there will be a few crumbs left behind, i brushed them off with a paper towel once it was all cool. 

if there’s any ugly spots, cover them in icecream and sprinkles.

a fun treat for dessert, or a snack to wow your friends. =)


yarn egg wreath

March 14, 2011

i saw a really cute blog post (forgive me, i can’t find it to give it proper credit now), where the writer had made an adorable easter wreath and i knew i had to try, too.  I purchased 3 different sizes of plastic easter eggs and a foam wreath form.  i chose 4 colors of yarn and set to work!  there was a hot glue gun involved.  i might’ve glued a plastic egg or 5 to my finger.  oww, hot.

after winding the first one, i was not terribly impressed – it’s hard to cover the slippery plastic, and still make the shape still resemble an egg.

but i kept going.  i figured that if they all ended up looking like balls of yarn, i’d decorate the wreath with knitting needles and pretend i meant to do that.  then i remembered some little bunnies i bought years ago and immediately had forgotten what i had planned to use them for.  miraculously, i knew exactly where they were, and glued their little bunny butts onto the wreath. 

i’m still not 100% impressed with the way it ended up coming out, but it’ll do for a sweet decoration at least for this easter.

easy and fun winter break craftiness!

February 22, 2011

well hello there.  i have the plague, so i am how-they-say “phoning in” this blog post. =)  we tried this project out just before valentine’s day, and i’m just now getting around to telling you about it.  so without further ado:

STRING BOWLS! (or some other clever name, you’re really gonna  have to cut me some slack here!)  We’re on winter vacation right now , and this would be a fun activity for the gang that doesn’t have school and is looking for something to do.

i thought they’d be cute to put a little goodie bag of chocolates in, or a small treat… and oh yes, they are.

you’ll need:

a couple of containers – i used an empty sour cream tub and a plastic drinking cup

cover the outside of the containers with plastic wrap and turn upside down

mod podge or white glue

yarn – color(s) of your choice (i had a TON left from my yarn wreaths)

cut a whole bunch of lengths of yarn to about 14-18″ each (maybe 40-50 per container)

dip them one at a time into white glue or mod podge.  it’s going to take a WHOLE LOT of glue, so i think the podge is the way to go here.

wipe off the excess glue so the yarn is covered but not dripping and wrap each piece around the container in some sort of crafty pattern (or non-pattern, that would probably be best) and carry on til you think you’ve done enough.  or you’ve run out of glue.  or you realize there’s mod podge on your sock and your cabinet and your toaster oven and it’s time to clean up quickly.

hello, product placement:

drying on top of the toaster oven:

let them dry *at least* overnight.  when i woke up in the morning and i thought mine were dry, i pried them off of the cups and they were still wet on the inside – i let them dry a another day off of the container, upright.  this also helped them to form a flat bottom.  see, flat bottoms aren’t always bad…

once they’re entirely dry, fill them as you’d like!

i decided to keep my first try, they’re the perfect size to use for my brushes and random crafty bits.

OR! how cute would this be as a mother’s day present for grandma?

(don’t tell grandma, it’s a surprise…)

wild friday night…

November 12, 2010

i work friday nights in a scrapbook store.  yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.  tonight we have 22-ish ladies in our workshop working on scrapbook pages and paper crafty things.  i stand at the counter and point and boss and act like i know what i’m doing.  i ring people out, i help coordinate papers, i tell people where the christmas stuff is.  i get a little time to work on my own things, too – it’s helpful to give the customers ideas of how to use different products and show them what fun stuff we have.

some nights i crank out all kinds of things, but there are nights like tonight where i will take it all out and not work on any of it.  i’ve been actually relatively busy giving pointers and shooting the breeze with the nice ladies. (one is pictured above!)

christy made this CUTE tic tac holder:

we are imagining the possibilities… and i am trying to talk her in to making a video tutorial.  stay tuned for more details! =D

loud music

November 9, 2010

i’ve said before that when i’m in the car alone, i like to listen to a.m. radio because i like to hear grown ups talk… but lately that has changed… i don’t know if it’s because it’s been a voting year and all i hear are political commercials, or my tollerance for bullshit has been kicked down a notch, but i just can’t stand the screaming any more.  AND my new car has satellite radio, so i have more (better?) music stations to choose from.

we had a quiet a.m. at home today, no preschool, kindergarten in the p.m., no errands… just quiet.  ahhhh….  we can’t have quiet.  we need some loud.  i like to have the voices in my head drounded out (i can’t figure out how to spell that word).  i cranked up some of the DAYS worth of music i have stored on this little laptop and wondered what everyone else listens to when they want LOUD music.

i asked my facebook friendies.  there were lots that didn’t surprise me, the Ozzy and Metallica, the Beastie Boys and Pearl Jam…  and i was happy to see that showtunes were represented, as well as the Top Gun soundtrack.  though that “take my breath away” makes me wanna bang my head on the counter.  i do NOT like lovesongs.  i also do not like country music.  in my real life, i hate lamenting, i can’t stand forlorn-iness.  it’s not productive, i have no patience for it.  let’s all just be mildly stressed and cussy, ok?

sometimes when i have to go to a professional meeting (admittedly there are very few of those these days), or some sort of wholesome crunchy gathering, i like to listen to loud rawk-ous music on the way.  i love to pull up listening to Queen or Aerosmith on full blast.  kinda my “you can’t tame me, man” flip of the finger.  i know no one cares, it just makes me smile.  i like pretending that i have a little wild streak.

at craft shows, i plug one earbud in and listen to my mp3 player.  sometimes people ask what i’m listening to, expecting christmas carols or something sweet, and i want to answer black eyed peas, the NON-radio edit.  i do love songs with lots of swearing…  but clever swearing… with a purpose.  it’s hard to explain.  fergie swearing.  love it.  also, CHEESE.  i LOVES the cheese.  Copa Cabana?  On my top 10 best songs of all time list.  and Barry White is the MAN.

so anyway, here is the playlist i had this a.m. in my kitchen while packaging etsy orders (keeping in mind my childrunz were running free and i kinda had to watch the language. dammit.)  :

Whatever Lola Wants – Sarah Vaughn

Take Your Mama Out – Scissor Sisters

Supermodel – Ru Paul

You Can’t Stop the Beat – Hairspray Soundtrack

Smack My Bitch Up – Prodigy (the girls were upstairs playing) =)

One Night in Bankok – Murray Head

Fell in love with a Boy – Joss Stone

Plastic Jesus – Mojo Nixon

Duran Duran – White Lines

Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl (my dad used to get this stuck in his head, and it would make me NUTS that he’d sing it. )

with all the crappy music that’s floating around out there right now, i had forgotten that there’s some awesome stuff, too.  you might not think my choices are that awesome, but i’d love to hear what you listen to.  and listen to LOUDLY.