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Winter Ice Sculptures and Frozen Shenanigans

January 2, 2013

Before the photo dump I’ve got prepared for today, Have a look at this!!  Chicago Parent is arranging a community activity for local folks to make ice balloons to display in a park – and they used my picture with their announcement! Woo!


If Chicago wasn’t a 15 hour drive, I’d TOTALLY swing by with a cooler full of frozen balloons!!


Here in CT it hasn’t gotten above freezing today, so my balloons are most definitely frozen.  And so is the rest of me.


I’ve got a couple dozen more to play with, but it’s just way too cold today.  Soon.  I’ve been looking through old preschool ice sculpture pictures and just as in love with the idea as I’ve ever been, they’re just the sweetest idea and the end result is so beautiful.

It’s the “community” aspect, too that makes me love it.  I can make blocks and shapes and colors of ice, but it’s not as magical when 4 classes of 3 and 4 year olds and their parents do it together.

So special!


cold and icy adventures

December 21, 2009

winter arrives today – it’ll be here in about an hour!

last year i really enjoyed taking part in the preschool’s ice sculpture in the week leading up to our open house (click here to see pics).  i might’ve enjoyed it more than the girls, but they liked it too.   then someone (forgive me, i don’t remember who) sent me a link to resurrection fern and her blog post on making ice doilies (click her name to go to her blog, she’s awesome!!)  and now that it’s wicked cold outside, i’ve got ice sculptures and ice doilies on my brain.  i’ve been freezing water in various containers for a few days now, and waiting for the wind to die down so that i can go out and do something with them.  this is my trial-run ice doily:

a few lessons learned –

1) these suckers are HEAVY, so i’m trying the next batch with less water.

2) they’re prettier with more delicate looking doilies, ones that are lacier than this one.

3) i did some research on how to freeze ice so that it’s CLEAR (mine’s kinda bubbly), so we’ll see how that goes.

4) i freakin HATE the cold.  there is nothing i enjoy about it.

5) i would be an AWFUL tutorial writer, because i feel the need to report in on EVERY trial and bit of progress.  i have no patience.

so with that, i’ll come back later and let you know how the next batch turns out….