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buttoned up house plants

April 18, 2011

i like to have a little treat or prize for my mom and grandma and sister for Easter, since many times when we see any of them, they have a little something for the girls.  this Easter: little plants with crazy button flowers:


i saw this in a magazine (parents? family fun?) as a st. patrick’s day craft – some clover in a pot with a rainbow (YAY! RAINBOWS!!) of buttons poking out.  heavens knows i have enough buttons, and i know the 3 ladies that these are for have PLENTY of doodads and things… this is just a little Happy Easter for them to enjoy while they last.

mmm, buttons and wire, what’s not to love?  (p.s., hello carpal tunnel, that’s a lot of twisted wire)

so whimsical and a little silly…

funny, when i bought the plants, i just knew i’d be jealous if i didn’t get one for myself.  good thing an extra just jumped into the cart!



Easter marshmallows

April 17, 2011

I admit it,  I like Martha.  I get her magazine.  Let’s still be friends.  Look, I made homemade marshmallow peep-ie things:

(I used the recipe in the Easter Martha Magazine.) 

I broke out the mixer (finally) for its maiden voyage:

and it was awesome.  i want to marry it.  or find more things to mix in it.  same difference.

even the dirty mixing whisk in the sink made me smile.

the recipe was wicked easy, it was not terribly messy, and now i’ve got a cute treat to share.  Just when it was done mixing, Babycakes and I had a sample – tasted *just* *like* fluff.  YUM!  one thing i’ll do differently next time is use a brighter color and finer grit sanding sugar.

i used about 2/3 of this container, which i know is a lot.  and the texture is not as smooth as i’d thought it would be because of the outter coating.  it’s pretty grainy.  next time, maybe bright green or yellow might be fun.  dig that glass container.  i just love it!

tonight i’ll try to create some sort of clever way to package these and get them to some of our friendies as a nice Easter surprise!

cupcake shooters

April 14, 2011

so i saw these containers and had to have them:

and the ever-lovely Peg tipped me off to this blog post, and i haven’t slept since because i’ve been pondering all the possibilities.  my first trial was pretty much a copy from the blog, i just wanted to test out my materials and see if i could recreate them.  the potential for mess is great.

me and frosting and a small container?  it’s a recipe for disaster….  but i did ok i suppose.

I made some rainbow sugar cookies thinking i’d stack them in the holders with maybe some frosting or whipped cream, but i’m going to have to find some other recipes or cookie type cuz mah cookies, they are too poofy.  but pretty:


maybe if i crammed the raw dough down in the container that would work…  mmmm, botulism…  guess i’ll have another sleepless night or two.

if you’re interested in a little set of your own EMPTY push pop containers, click here.  i’ve got a few (or more than a few) to spare. =)

primary cakeballs

April 7, 2011

people bring me lots of ideas.  people say “oh! i saw this and thought of you! you have to make this!” so i have a MILLION ideas back-logged in my head. (sometimes i wonder why THEY don’t make the things themselves… maybe they like to see me flail, i don’t know.)  Karyn, a sweet customer at the scrapbook store had an idea for me the other night.  it involved sliced mini marshmallows, colored sugar and a blob of melted choclate.

easy peasy.  i started making them mono chromatic and they were lovely…

then i got a little more adventurous and mixing up the petals on the flowers:

i liked them that way, best.  they reminded me of this book we used to get at the library all the time…

we loved that book, i should see if i can find it next time we go.  anyway, don’t they kinda remind you of a child’s crayon drawing?

and since they are meant as cakeball toppers for the preschool Spaghetti Dinner, they’re PERFECT!

might have to taste test one, first.

rainbow flower pots

March 16, 2011

you might’ve guessed, i’m in to rainbows lately.  i’m SO ready for it not to be cold and rainy.  but this is CT so OWELL

rainbows!  on flower pots!

i made a sample first and showed it to the girls.  of course they wanted to make their own.  it’s tough to do projects like this with them because i think the end result is so precious, i want to put it in the window and not use them as they were meant to be used.  but the girls are already begging to fill them with dirt and seeds. 

maybe they can make me another set so i won’t feel so bad….

my window is so much brighter now!

eeeeeeeee, i’m kray-zeeeeeee…

September 27, 2010

i’ve got halloween on my mind, i’ve got christmas in my diningroom.  it’s like orange and black and red and green have exploded all over the main level of my house for the moment.  tonight, i started a pumpkin topiary in the kitchen.

babycakes picked out the white and orange.. i couldn’t decide.  there were orange glitter ones and black ones, too.  how COULD i decide?  let the 4 year old, that’s what i say.  i was looking for a shiny black bucket to use as a base, but after 2 craft stores i gave up and went with the clay pot.

and a whole lot of black paint.

turns out, i don’t really have the patience for this.  omg, paint???  wet paint???  that has to dry?!?!  i don’t have time for these shenanigans!!

once the paint dries overnight i’ll have to do another coat, and i’m pondering a layer of glow-in-the-dark mod podge, but maybe not… i’m thinking white christmas lights, i don’t have to wait for them to dry.  once the big parts are assembled, i have some cute Cute CUTE glitters and feathery embellishments to add – can’t wait to show you!

farm living…

August 11, 2010

orchard living, really.  i love the idea of living on an orchard… growing fruit, growing veggies, collecting honey… except it’s hot in the summertime.  and muggy.  and there’s bugs.  and dirt.  so i guess i’ll have to settle for visiting the orchard.  =)

and holy blazes, it’s hot at the orchard in august.  but sunflower maze was really neat!

holy fark, you should really pay attention to where you are going!  and that’s super hard when you’ve got a 3 and a 5 year old saying “whichwaynow? thisway? i’mgonnaleadyouthisway.c’monthisway.don’tstopmamalet’sgo.”  and look! sunflowers!  let’s take pictures!

and bees.  lots and lots of bees.  but don’t be afraid.  like the camp counselor told the girls “bugs are our friends”  and babycakes told her “i don’t want to play with them, i want to squoosh them!” eh, the bees were there.  nothing to freak about, they didn’t bother us, they were very busy with the flowers.  and having their pictures made.

and then i realize, oh darnit, where are we?  i think we’ve been this way before.  are we in the tail?  the letter O??  at one point we had a lady with a toddler and a baby in a carriage following us.  i warned her that i get lost coming home from work some days.  with a gps.  she stopped following soon after.  the girls found a pair of flip flops someone had abandoned.  we eventually said the preschool equivelent of “eh, screw it” and found the entrance again to get out.  next time i’ll pack the cellphone and some flairs.

we did not pick our own, but there were our own to be picked…  pears and apples:

pear tree  apple tree

and lucky, lucky us, a carmel apple walnut pie followed us home!  we’ll definately go back in the fall to pick some apples and feed the ducks (and get another pie).  it was a fun summer day.