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The most adorable handmade brag book you’ll ever make!

March 28, 2013

I work in a scrapbook store.  I’ve worked there since I was barely out of college.  That’s a really long time!!  While I’m there, I look for ways to use supplies in different ways.  Scrapbooking is AWESOME, I just want to do other stuff sometimes.  You understand, I’m sure.  A couple weeks ago we got these cute bags:

and I immediately made this little spring brag book:

I was going to make a couple to give to the grandmas for Easter since I took some really cute pictures of the girls in their dresses – and they probably won’t wear their dresses for Easter because it’s 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE, CONNECTICUT.

I posted these photos on the store’s Facebook page and got a handful of questions about how I made it, so I’ll show you here.  It’s just 2 bags.  They’re lined up with openings on opposite ends.

Fold them together in half down the center, then punch 2 holes away from the edges in the fold line

Tie some string or ribbon through the holes to hold the booklet together

Then embellish as your heart desires!

Using 2 little bags, you have space for a front and back cover and 6 pictures inside.  Then if you have extra pictures or notes you can tuck them in the little open sides.  I printed these pictures as wallet size at a place that rhymes with Fal-mart and put just a tiny edge of a matte on them.  They fit perfectly.

It’s a wonderful little brag book to show off a trip to “Elmo’s House”!

(Pictures are from Sesame Place, Breakfast with Elmo and Friends Summer, 2012)


Celebrate Good Times, C’MON!

March 6, 2013

sesame blog

The most EXCITING news I’ve had EVER (maybe not ever, but RECENTLY!!) is that I was selected to be a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for this season and ohhhhh my goodness I’m so psyched I can barely sleep!  I’ll go down there to visit and play and see my buddies Grover and Bert with the girls and maybe some other folks, then I’ll tell you all about it.  As a little yippee and hooray, I made cupcakes today.

I got the Elmo picks at the big opening of HOBBY LOBBY a couple weekends ago (along with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD) and I’ve been saving the ABC, 123 sprinkles for just such an occasion.

There have been some difficult and weird times at hunny’s job, morale is strange at the moment so he thought it would be nice to bring a treat to the guys he has lunch with every day.  I stopped in at lunchtime today to drop some off and they enjoyed the Elmo cupcakes a whole bunch.  The girls each had one as a bedtime snack, but they just thought it was because mom felt like making cupcakes.  I’m keeping our several visits to Elmo’s house a secret for now!

balls as far as the eye can see…

November 17, 2010

chocolate chocolate balls – team coco balls, if you will, though the the conan show kinda stinks on ice.  sorry conan, but here’s some balls:

like 4 dozen coco balls.  the color is weird in the picture.  it’s not cheez whiz on top, i promise it’s orange chocolate.

then the go-to preschool favorite, elmo:

i just hope we will have some left tomorrow to bring to the bake sale, these little buggers are extra tasty!!

and on just one teensy other subject…  i am nuts.  i pulled out my inventory to see what holes i had to fill in for the show tomorrow.  i have enough stuff to fill like 3 tables, i have made too much.  this is overstock:

like this is *part* of the stuff that won’t fit on the table.  then there’s the calendars, the magnets, the little clothespins, the giftcard holders, the pitcure holders, the mirrors, the frames.  have i told myself recently that i should take it down a notch?  it might be time.

whilrwind vacation roundup

June 20, 2010

i might not remember writing this post in a day or 2.  i have been going nonstop for a little more than a week, finishing up with 2 hours of sleep friday in to saturday getting ready for a craft show – i was accepted at 4:30p on friday, had to leave the house at 5a on saturday, and throw in working 7 hours in between that time.   i’ve got a lot of loose ends to pick up, and a bunch of new projects i want to do…  busy busy, fun fun!

breeze was blowing, so the tablecloth is all wonky, but otherwise, i think it looked pretty good!

but i suppose you want to hear about what all happened leading up to this point – you’ve been seeing the pics on flickr and facebook, and we had a GREAT time with auntie bobbie jo.

we saw mystic aquarium – the beluga whales usually swim laps, floating by the people watching at the window… but this one saw bobbie jo and stopped to check her out.  it was AWESOME.

we jumped on the beach (2 beaches, actually)

(this one is out-takey, but it makes me laugh)

we hunted down painted horses and turkeys, and my assignment for next year is to find a very specific painted turkey we all would like to see…

sesame was great – warm and not-rainy, and sometimes sunny.

the grown ups ROCKED the visors. 

oh, look who enjoyed the lazy river…

hopscotch on sesame street – i would’ve LOVED to do this when i was 5…

and crayola on the way home – very fun, hands on projects.  i don’t know that i’d make it a destination, but it was a good time on the way home.


and it certainly gave me some craft ideas to do with the girls….

after i get some rest.

my hair *is* wild.

June 8, 2010

i’ve got a wild hair, i’m manic, i’ve got my hands on lots of things.  it must mean that company is on her way and it’s almost time for vacation.  i’m heavy into all things sesame street right now, and tinkering in a few things unrelated.

the sesame street visors, are TOO cute.

i’ve been dipping oreos:


and dipping balloons…  this idea came straight from bakerella , where most of my ideas begin.  hers had homemade pudding in them, but i cannot STAND pudding, so i’m gonna fill ours with dirtcake… also because there is NO shortage of oreos in this house right now.

in progress

i’m about to go pop the balloons now and see what happens.  you’ll hear all about it if it’s a nightmare! =D