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fairy door

April 25, 2011

i read somewhere about fairy doors popping up in urban locations in Ann Arbor Michigan, and had to have one.  i found a plain wood one on etsy and held on to it a couple weeks til i could decide on a color.  looook how cute:

we tried it out in a few different places:

this is the spare bedroom. and then there was the diningroom:

the livingroom:

(gumby and pokey say hello)

it even has a tiny key!

where it has ended up, in the upstairs hallway, between the bathroom and the linen closet:

can’t wait for the fairies to move in!


this one goes to 11…

April 19, 2011

so those marshmallow sugar bits i made the other day… last night i was wondering how i could make them even better, and i added a stick and some chocolate.

there’s a lot of half-finished and unfinished projects around here making me a little nuts…  i found some raspberry flavoring at the craft store, so i want to make red lollipops now.

the fairy door i’m working on needs another coat of paint, and maybe some varnish to make the paint less… flat or soemthing…

and this:

i will link to the blog where i got the idea, but not til i finish, because the sample is AWESOME and i don’t wanna wreck the reveal. =D

this is as far as i’ve gotten on that one:

mod podge and yarn and a balloon and a trashbag at nearly midnight on a monday.  good times.

so now there’s this…

May 27, 2008

by fishseddy , and i must have at least a few of them.  this is all thanks to julia, at herebehippogriffs who said  “life is too short to spend breakfast lunch and dinner with bowls you despise. ”  now, i don’t dispise any of my dishes, they’re just fine, but oh, i’m sure they”d LOVE to have some friends like alice and OH MY GOSH, there’s a tea party cereal bowl.  p.s. my birthday is in august, buy now and beat the rush.  i’d like 2, please.  for when one is in the wash.  p.s.s., they are on sale right now.

ok, i’ll stop with the begging, and we will resume the regularly scheduled blog in a few days =)