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American Girl Uneven Bars

March 17, 2013

My girls weren’t interested in dolls until fairly recently.  My Mother in Law bought them American Girl Dolls a couple Christmases ago and I kinda thought it was a bad call because they’d rarely ever played with dolls up til then.  Lately the dolls are about all they’ve been playing with.  They’ll mix and match their clothes, they’ll create adventures for them to go on, and Little Girl’s haircut is modelled after her doll, Kit.

Through some random clicks on someone’s tablet the other day, we found  youtube videos on how to make handmade toys and games for the dolls.  When we saw gymnastics equipment, we figured we needed to get in on that action.

ta-da! uneven bars:

Made out of plumber’s piping, the pieces fit together easily enough that even the 6 year old can manage it.  Play gets a little rough so hubs said he’ll glue the pieces so it doesn’t fall apart while the dolls are swinging on it.  That gets in the way of playing.

All it consists of is piping cut down to (2) 18″, (2) 15″ and (4) 12″ pieces, 4 t joints and 4 elbow joints.  Pop it all together and voila!

We use ponytail holders looped on the “bars” and around the dolls’ wrists and they hang on pretty well!


We saw ones that had been spray painted, but I was nervous about the paint wearing off on the plastic parts of the dolls.  Maybe I’ll add some duct tape or fun patterned washi tape.  For now, the girls are happy as little clams with it just the way it is.  Well, other than they’ve added a folded up baby blanket underneath to use as a mat, and Big Girl’s doll is wearing a horse-riding helmet… NOW they love it the way it is! 😉


February 26, 2013

I know folks who schedule blog posts weeks in advance.  They plan holiday posts and birthday posts, but I just can’t.  If I think of something to tell you, or if I’m in the middle of a project I just can’t wait to tell you about it.

So!!  We have these beastly maple trees on the front corners of our property out by the road.  During the first freak/weird/once in a lifetime but happened twice October snow storms a couple years ago they were really damaged.  One lost a huge section that blocked out street.  The other lost a giant branch into our driveway.  They’re pretty scarred and pretty ugly in the winter when they don’t have greenery to cover the damage.  When spring rolls around, they leak sap out of various parts and the other day one of the girls noticed a sap icicle way up in a tippy-top branch.  I told hubs we should tap that tree, just to see what would happen and with a couple bucks for a yard of tubing and a plastic thing that pokes in the tree, we are now harvesting sap like pioneers.

If pioneers had plastic pointy things and tubes and gallon milk jugs.  It is flowing like crazy:

(You can see the chunk that’s missing from the other tree on the right side at the other end of the yard, too.)

Last night after about 8 hours, we had our first near-gallon of sap.

I’ve been told a dozen times (and read it, too) that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.  That’s great but really, we don’t need a gallon of syrup.  The Little Girl is the only one who even enjoys syrup in the first place (!!!), we’re just doing it for fun.  We’re just about 24 hours since hubs tapped the tree and we’ve gotten a little more than 2 gallons of sap.  I’ve boiled it down and put it in my crockpot to do its ‘thang” and eventually, we’ll see what happens.  If you suddenly see an influx of waffle posts, you’ll be assured making syrup was a success. 😉

jello sky with fluffy clouds

July 11, 2011

fun with mason jars, part 1 of ?

i bought a case of these jars.  i’m going to challenge myself to see how many things i can make/put in them this summer.  i hereby dub this summer “the summer of the canning jars.”

today’s offering:  jello sky.

the jello was an idea i saw on pinterest.  it’s incredibly easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

i used homemade whipped cream for mine.  1/2 pint of whipping cream in the mixer, and when it started to thicken, i added 1/8c white sugar and beat it until it was very stiff.  when it was ready, i put it in the fridge while i prepped the jello.

1 c boiling water over 1 box of blue jello.  mix til dissolved.  add 1c (ish) icecubes and stir stir stir.  after about 5 minutes, it will start to thicken.  i didn’t think it was quite thick enough at that point, so i put the bowl in the fridge for about 20 minutes.  when it is firm enough to still be a little liquidy but tight enough to hold a little shape, it’s ready.

pour a layer of jello in bottom of glass jar.  add a blop of whipped cream and push it against the glass.  if it doesn’t go where you want, just wipe it off the glass and try some more. blop, blop, blop, then add more jello.  then more clouds.  really, it’s almost TOO easy.

it’s really neat to see the depth of the cream in the jello, like puffy clouds!

each jar might be a little bit too much for one serving, they might be cute in even smaller jars, but there’s plenty to share!

sunday morning brownie waffles…

June 12, 2011

i saw this somewhere and once i knew it was possible, i had to try it!

make a batch of brownie batter and fire up the waffle iron!

spray the burners.  spray them well.  spray them early, spray them often.  then respray.  there will be a mess otherwise.

put in the same amt of batter you’d use for a regular waffle:

close the maker and don’t open it til you’re SURE it’s done.

while it’s hot, the brownie will be soft and crumbley and has great potential to break apart.  for the first one, i unplugged the waffle iron and flipped the whole thing upside down to get it out.  for the second one, i unplugged the iron and let it cool in the machine for a few minutes.  that worked well.  there will be a few crumbs left behind, i brushed them off with a paper towel once it was all cool. 

if there’s any ugly spots, cover them in icecream and sprinkles.

a fun treat for dessert, or a snack to wow your friends. =)


tulle pom pom how-to

June 9, 2011

i might’ve gone a little overboard and bought a WHOLE LOT of tulle.  we’re talking MILES of tulle here, people.  this little project today uses 14 entire feet of it.  i might need to make a few (dozen) more. =D

little puffy balls!  here’s how.

the tulle i have is about 6″ wide.  i cut 1 piece of each color to measure about 2 feet (actually, 2x the width of my laptop, if you want to be exact)

i folded each piece in half, and cut down the middle.  now you have 2 strips to make 2 ballies.

i’m an eyeballer and a pretty good cutter, so i didn’t measure i just hacked at it.   it doesn’t have to be exact, i promise.

unfold each piece and do a running stitch all the way down the middle.  again, don’t be terribly exact, don’t freak if it meanders a little.

pull the tulle tight on the tread and it’ll start to resemble what you want the end product to look like:

take the 2 long ends and tie a tight knot.  trim the ends – if you’re going to tie it to something, leave a long tail.  if you’re going to string them, trim the tails way down.

to make the little bunting, poke a threaded needle through the center of each one to put them on a line.  squoosh em together, push them apart, stick em in a bowl, they are SO CUTE!

i want to make enough to roll around in them.  heavens knows i have enough tulle!

here in the land of unfinished projects…

May 26, 2011

we’ve got lots going on.

i may have too many supplies, i’m overwhelmed with the color possibilities.  and i’ve got 6 more colors coming later this week! (rainbow!)

this one’s done, but needs a sign or saying for in the middle:

while i was in florida, i got an idea for plaster thingies… so i bought some plaster and made the

bases…. but now i have to actually paint them.  hmm.

and then there’s this girl.  she’s finishing up her 2nd year at preschool.  she is off to kindergarten in the fall.

this is the little girl that didn’t make a peep for the entire year last year.  this year she came around.  this week she stood up and performed a poem all by herself, and sang songs and danced with her friends.  she’s come a very long way.  i especially love this picture of the statue children, you can kinda make out her little bestie-friend peeking at her from behind her statue.  oh, the cuteness.

we’ve got a few weeks until her big sister finishes kindergarten, so we’ve got plenty of time to start some more unfinished projects.

birthday tutu wreath

April 27, 2011

my grandma’s birthday is next week.  she’s turning 423 years old.  not really, but i can’t remember for sure.  she’s looking forward to the family getting together for a party, and i offered to do it at my house – probably more cost effective, we’re getting to be a big group, and also just easier for me.  i’m selfish.  i don’t like keeping the girls out late on Sundays, it’s a school night after all.  we’re saying we’re doing brunch, but my family is not terribly timely, so it’ll probably be brunch foods at 4p.m.  whatever.  i made a birthday wreath decoration thingie, look how cute!

super cute and wicked easy, just like me.

the base is the inside ring of an embriodery hoop, and it took about 2 full rolls of tulle….  there’s 3 colors, i used all the white and probably still have 1/2 rolls of the pink and purple. 

just knot and knot and knot.

and if you know me, and i think you do, you know i wanna make one in every color scheme i can think of.  gotta stock up on those craft store coupons!

the “happy birthday” sign is just cardstock on some chipboard to make it sturdy, and the letters were cut out on my cricut.  nothing fancy, but i didn’t think it needed to be.

the butterflies were a dollar store find and matched perfectly.  don’t you love it when that happens?

i’m sure we’ll use this for many years to come!

( i was inspired and instructed by this post by Holiday Snob, their Easter Wreath is so adorable, and the idea so versitile!)

this one goes to 11…

April 19, 2011

so those marshmallow sugar bits i made the other day… last night i was wondering how i could make them even better, and i added a stick and some chocolate.

there’s a lot of half-finished and unfinished projects around here making me a little nuts…  i found some raspberry flavoring at the craft store, so i want to make red lollipops now.

the fairy door i’m working on needs another coat of paint, and maybe some varnish to make the paint less… flat or soemthing…

and this:

i will link to the blog where i got the idea, but not til i finish, because the sample is AWESOME and i don’t wanna wreck the reveal. =D

this is as far as i’ve gotten on that one:

mod podge and yarn and a balloon and a trashbag at nearly midnight on a monday.  good times.

buttoned up house plants

April 18, 2011

i like to have a little treat or prize for my mom and grandma and sister for Easter, since many times when we see any of them, they have a little something for the girls.  this Easter: little plants with crazy button flowers:


i saw this in a magazine (parents? family fun?) as a st. patrick’s day craft – some clover in a pot with a rainbow (YAY! RAINBOWS!!) of buttons poking out.  heavens knows i have enough buttons, and i know the 3 ladies that these are for have PLENTY of doodads and things… this is just a little Happy Easter for them to enjoy while they last.

mmm, buttons and wire, what’s not to love?  (p.s., hello carpal tunnel, that’s a lot of twisted wire)

so whimsical and a little silly…

funny, when i bought the plants, i just knew i’d be jealous if i didn’t get one for myself.  good thing an extra just jumped into the cart!


sunday morning, rain is falling…

March 6, 2011

it’s so gloomy and rainy today,  it was time for some color.  it was time for rainbow pancakes.

bisquick recipe, plus gel food coloring and an armload of extra dirty dishes. =)

equals pretty.  and YUM.

the little girl (who would never eat a regular pancake, they’re “too pancakey”) managed to scarf down a purple one.  she said it “wasn’t so bad..”