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Carrot in a Cake – Carrot Cake!

April 1, 2013

TEST So Easter is said and done, but I’m not ready to move on just yet.  Rather than call this an Easter cake, I’ll call it a SPRINGTIME, It’s 60 degrees outside (YAY!) cake!

I made white cake batter and tinted it orange, baked it on a cookie sheet that was roughly the size of a jelly roll pan (I don’t know what a jelly roll pan actually IS, I found a measurement online and wung it.)  SO! Orange tinted cake in a fairly large flat pan.  It took 18-20 minutes to cook and mine was not uniformly flat, it raised up in the center some, but it worked out fine for me.  I used a carrot shaped cookie cutter and cut out as many carrots as I could get.  Here starts the pictures:

I put a little chocolate cake batter in the bottom of the pan so they’d stand up nicely and lined the bottom of a long loaf pan with the carrots, pointy sides up.  Then I added the rest of the cake batter, and then maybe 3/4 of ANOTHER cake batter.  The loaf pan is LONG, it’s a LOT of cake!

I had enough batter left to make 6 little cupcakes, too.

We decided since this was a LOT of cake and we wouldn’t be able to get through it all before it went stale, we’d cut it in half and freeze part for next time we need some tasty cake!  So heeeeere’s the big carrot reveal!!

When you turn it out of the pan, the carrots are right-side-up again!

Big Girl helped decorate the top – she put a layer of chocolate glaze that slowly oozed over the sides to look a little like shiny, scrumptious mud.

Then she layered some crushed oreos on top while the glaze was still wet, and just a small handful of green sprinkles to look like grass trying to peek through.

Little Girl used a similar decorating technique on the cupcakes:

The carrot leaves were melted candy wafers put in a plastic or piping bag and squirted out on to foil to make the leafy shape.  We slit starter-holes for those, then poked em right in and added just one small bunny cupcake pic.

Not only it is ADORABLE, but everyone that’s tried it (The girls and hubs) has said YUM!!

I’m thinking this is a great springtime dessert, or for a garden or tea party.  There’s lots of ways we could decorate the top, with chocolates or candy flowers, and of course I’m pondering other  things we can “plant” inside.


Summertime Popsicle Treats

July 18, 2012

So this has been happening over here….

Work books and American Girl dolls and markers and bunnies and borrowing my phone to listen to Kidzbop on pandora radio.  Oof, almost 6 is crazy.

It’s been blazing hot for almost all the days this summer and we got one of those quick-freeze popsicle makers to try out some treats.  Every night this week we’ve tried something new and so far we have not been that adventurous.  First up, rootbeer:

a big hit with everyone.  this is the only one that has required a tiny bit of prep – the soda needs to be flat.  the directions say that the pops won’t come out if they’re carbonated.  makes sense, i guess, so i just left a cup of soda poured in a cup on the counter all afternoon.

the next night we kinda phoned it in cuz it was getting late.  orange juice and apple juice.

again, no complaints.


1 straight kiwi, 1 orange juice.  the kiwi was a omgthatsawfulno.  but in that popsicle’s defense, there mighta been something off w the kiwi.  it kinda made my lips tingle….  maybe next time we’ll mix it with some juice or something sweet to cut it back a little.

Tomorrow we’ve decided we’ll try pureed watermelon, and i’m ready to move on to creamier ones… yogurt and berries? vanilla pudding and banana? mango and cream? iced coffee (just for the mama)?  and a side note – do you know how many carbs a serving of almond milk has?  eeeeesh.  I guess these treats are best tasted by the little ones.

who are getting big way too fast.

peanut butter chocolate pretzels – what’s not to love?

July 6, 2012

I’ve been lurking on pinterest again.  We have a picnic to attend tomorrow and will bring a dessert… what to make, what to make??  I saw awesome pics of these peanut butter pretzel bites on pinterest and ohyeahboy we had to make them.  This was a great project for Little Girl and I to do together, no cooking, very few ingredients that don’t have to be measured exactly, they don’t have to look gorgeous, it was perfect! 

and delicious!

Homemade Peppermint Patties

April 4, 2012

My girls love peppermint patties and the pictures on this blog and the simplicity of the recipe….  i had to try.

i don’t have a good supply of colored chocolates right now, so i had to go with what i had.  regardless of the outside color, the inside is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. yum.

kris wants me to try next time with a dark chocolate outside, i want to try with other flavored oils!

My official taste-tester gives her taste a wobbley thumbs up!

Note: they’re very rich and you might like to make them just slightly smaller than you think you would – that way, you make more and whoever is eating them doesn’t have diabetes by the time they’re done with one.  Think somewhere between Junior Mints and Peppermint patty sized.

Rice Noodle Easter Nests

March 28, 2012

Sticky, gooey, tasty, mess.  yum!

super easy and makes little girls happy!

we decided that since one batch makes about 18 nests and mom reeeeally doesn’t need 18 of these nests sitting in the kitchen all day that we’d package them for the girls’ teachers at school.

and the remainders we packed for hunny to bring to his team at work.  happy spring!

groundhog day treats

February 2, 2012

what up, yo?  i’m a groundhog made out of a mini snickers bar.

adorable, yet weird.  and in need of some othodontia.

yes, i dress little candy bars and make them talk to themselves.  what else would i do while the cupcakes are cooling, look for my shadow?

it was 60+ degrees on february 1 in connecticut.  can we say Spring Fever???  That guy up there, his snow is dirty.  That’s pretty much how it looks up here when we have snow. 

see?  there’s some snow…. kinda.  my little push pop groundhogs don’t have snow in their holes, cuz there’s not really any snow here.  i just know when he peeps out his hole, he better see spring.

i still have a BUNCH of the pushpop containers that are available for sale, check em out here:  click me!

inside out smores

July 12, 2011

you know those giant masrmallows they have at the grocery store?  not just large, but BIG HONKIN marshmallows?  if you like toasted marshmallows, get some.  there’s so much surface area for toasty goodness.

if you’re so inclined, you can make inside-out smores. 

with a  sharp knife, cut a slit almost all the way through the center.  i crammed in teddy grahams and mini chips cuz that’s what i had.  next time i might do graham cracker sticks dipped in nutella.  yep, that’ what i’m going to do!

get all the ingredients way in there.  don’t be stingey.

i cooked mine on the BROIL setting on my toaster oven.  when the top started to brown, i poked then on their side so i could toast them a little more… the toast part is my favorite.  only took a minute or 2.

how cute would these be, served at a picnic?  you could make a whole cookie sheet full all at once…  maybe served in cupcake papers?

that guy was DELISH!

one word though: they are an ENORMOUS sticky mess to eat.  serve to small children only if you have a hose close at hand.  or if you want to lick your face, i won’t judge.