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it’s exciting to turn 5.

September 1, 2011

she did it!  my sweet baby turned 5.  she wanted a candyland themed birthday and i’d like to share the decorations and treats we made.  except the edible ones.  those are long gone.

we made giant game pieces out of construction paper and big honkin hard candies and lollipops out of dessert sized paper plates and cello wrap.  i knew all those empty tulle cardboard spools would come in handy!

we had originally set up outside, but a pretty big rain storm chased us in at the very last minute.

oh, how i love to hang things from a string…

we made super-cute barrettes for the birthday girl:

they’re made by tying bunches of water balloons together, then tying them on to a barrette.  SO easy and adorable!

we did goodie bags for the little people, here are some of the contents:

(that’s cotton candy in the push-pop containers.  a HUGE hit!)

rainbow homemade slice and bake almond cookies:

kinda laborious to make, but delicious.


AND! when put in a snack sized zipper bag with a clothespin and a piece of ribbon?  EVEN BETTER!

i had peaked by the time it came to decide on the cake, and since it was MY birthday too, i had decided i was done baking.  we ordered an undecorated birthday cake from the grocery store and decorated it ourselves.  pretty and sweet, just like the little birthday girl!

it was a sweet day for everyone.



rainbow mobile

April 28, 2011

ages ago i painted some wooden circles and hearts.  hunny drilled holes in them for me, and then i waited… and moved the little pieces from here to there waiting to dig out some fishing line.  it took a trip to the in-laws and a request to my father-in-law for me to finally get some line to finish it.

(nevermind that schmere on the counter, it’s mod podge and won’t come off. dumb charcoal counters)

i hung it from the cabinet knobs to be sure the pieces were even-ish.  then took it outside.  we have nothing to hang anything from outside.  aaaand it was pouring rain today.

so i came back inside and hung it from a hook in the ceiling in the spare bedroom (we call it the changing room)

and that might be where it stays!


birthday tutu wreath

April 27, 2011

my grandma’s birthday is next week.  she’s turning 423 years old.  not really, but i can’t remember for sure.  she’s looking forward to the family getting together for a party, and i offered to do it at my house – probably more cost effective, we’re getting to be a big group, and also just easier for me.  i’m selfish.  i don’t like keeping the girls out late on Sundays, it’s a school night after all.  we’re saying we’re doing brunch, but my family is not terribly timely, so it’ll probably be brunch foods at 4p.m.  whatever.  i made a birthday wreath decoration thingie, look how cute!

super cute and wicked easy, just like me.

the base is the inside ring of an embriodery hoop, and it took about 2 full rolls of tulle….  there’s 3 colors, i used all the white and probably still have 1/2 rolls of the pink and purple. 

just knot and knot and knot.

and if you know me, and i think you do, you know i wanna make one in every color scheme i can think of.  gotta stock up on those craft store coupons!

the “happy birthday” sign is just cardstock on some chipboard to make it sturdy, and the letters were cut out on my cricut.  nothing fancy, but i didn’t think it needed to be.

the butterflies were a dollar store find and matched perfectly.  don’t you love it when that happens?

i’m sure we’ll use this for many years to come!

( i was inspired and instructed by this post by Holiday Snob, their Easter Wreath is so adorable, and the idea so versitile!)

buttoned up house plants

April 18, 2011

i like to have a little treat or prize for my mom and grandma and sister for Easter, since many times when we see any of them, they have a little something for the girls.  this Easter: little plants with crazy button flowers:


i saw this in a magazine (parents? family fun?) as a st. patrick’s day craft – some clover in a pot with a rainbow (YAY! RAINBOWS!!) of buttons poking out.  heavens knows i have enough buttons, and i know the 3 ladies that these are for have PLENTY of doodads and things… this is just a little Happy Easter for them to enjoy while they last.

mmm, buttons and wire, what’s not to love?  (p.s., hello carpal tunnel, that’s a lot of twisted wire)

so whimsical and a little silly…

funny, when i bought the plants, i just knew i’d be jealous if i didn’t get one for myself.  good thing an extra just jumped into the cart!


yarn egg wreath

March 14, 2011

i saw a really cute blog post (forgive me, i can’t find it to give it proper credit now), where the writer had made an adorable easter wreath and i knew i had to try, too.  I purchased 3 different sizes of plastic easter eggs and a foam wreath form.  i chose 4 colors of yarn and set to work!  there was a hot glue gun involved.  i might’ve glued a plastic egg or 5 to my finger.  oww, hot.

after winding the first one, i was not terribly impressed – it’s hard to cover the slippery plastic, and still make the shape still resemble an egg.

but i kept going.  i figured that if they all ended up looking like balls of yarn, i’d decorate the wreath with knitting needles and pretend i meant to do that.  then i remembered some little bunnies i bought years ago and immediately had forgotten what i had planned to use them for.  miraculously, i knew exactly where they were, and glued their little bunny butts onto the wreath. 

i’m still not 100% impressed with the way it ended up coming out, but it’ll do for a sweet decoration at least for this easter.


February 17, 2011

my house is pretty casual…  there’s lots of little arrangements and things and stuff here and there, and this is the newest one:

it’s a little plastic square headed figure… he’s meant to be colored in and decorated, but i think he looks pretty swell plain.  he’s sitting on my kitchen window ledge with my ripening pears.  and every once in a while i will accessorize him:

he makes me smile…

chalkboard paint!

February 4, 2010

look what i found at ocean state junk lot!

it says it works on wood, papier mache, terra cotta, canvas and most porous surfaces…. 

 i tried a little wooden picture frame i had.

this is after just 2 coats:

and this is with a little piece of green chalk smeared on all the sides:

frames like this might be a cute little gift with a piece of chalk for the receiver to decorate how they wish…

and it might be fun to change up the color of the chalk from time to time.  so many possibilities!