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Carrot in a Cake – Carrot Cake!

April 1, 2013

TEST So Easter is said and done, but I’m not ready to move on just yet.  Rather than call this an Easter cake, I’ll call it a SPRINGTIME, It’s 60 degrees outside (YAY!) cake!

I made white cake batter and tinted it orange, baked it on a cookie sheet that was roughly the size of a jelly roll pan (I don’t know what a jelly roll pan actually IS, I found a measurement online and wung it.)  SO! Orange tinted cake in a fairly large flat pan.  It took 18-20 minutes to cook and mine was not uniformly flat, it raised up in the center some, but it worked out fine for me.  I used a carrot shaped cookie cutter and cut out as many carrots as I could get.  Here starts the pictures:

I put a little chocolate cake batter in the bottom of the pan so they’d stand up nicely and lined the bottom of a long loaf pan with the carrots, pointy sides up.  Then I added the rest of the cake batter, and then maybe 3/4 of ANOTHER cake batter.  The loaf pan is LONG, it’s a LOT of cake!

I had enough batter left to make 6 little cupcakes, too.

We decided since this was a LOT of cake and we wouldn’t be able to get through it all before it went stale, we’d cut it in half and freeze part for next time we need some tasty cake!  So heeeeere’s the big carrot reveal!!

When you turn it out of the pan, the carrots are right-side-up again!

Big Girl helped decorate the top – she put a layer of chocolate glaze that slowly oozed over the sides to look a little like shiny, scrumptious mud.

Then she layered some crushed oreos on top while the glaze was still wet, and just a small handful of green sprinkles to look like grass trying to peek through.

Little Girl used a similar decorating technique on the cupcakes:

The carrot leaves were melted candy wafers put in a plastic or piping bag and squirted out on to foil to make the leafy shape.  We slit starter-holes for those, then poked em right in and added just one small bunny cupcake pic.

Not only it is ADORABLE, but everyone that’s tried it (The girls and hubs) has said YUM!!

I’m thinking this is a great springtime dessert, or for a garden or tea party.  There’s lots of ways we could decorate the top, with chocolates or candy flowers, and of course I’m pondering other  things we can “plant” inside.


Celebrate Good Times, C’MON!

March 6, 2013

sesame blog

The most EXCITING news I’ve had EVER (maybe not ever, but RECENTLY!!) is that I was selected to be a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for this season and ohhhhh my goodness I’m so psyched I can barely sleep!  I’ll go down there to visit and play and see my buddies Grover and Bert with the girls and maybe some other folks, then I’ll tell you all about it.  As a little yippee and hooray, I made cupcakes today.

I got the Elmo picks at the big opening of HOBBY LOBBY a couple weekends ago (along with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD) and I’ve been saving the ABC, 123 sprinkles for just such an occasion.

There have been some difficult and weird times at hunny’s job, morale is strange at the moment so he thought it would be nice to bring a treat to the guys he has lunch with every day.  I stopped in at lunchtime today to drop some off and they enjoyed the Elmo cupcakes a whole bunch.  The girls each had one as a bedtime snack, but they just thought it was because mom felt like making cupcakes.  I’m keeping our several visits to Elmo’s house a secret for now!

peppermints revisited

December 22, 2011

so last year there was a small debacle regarding peppermint candies.  aaaand i had about 450 left.  so i tried these cute little coaster/trivet/thingies i saw somewhere, probably on pinterest.

they didn’t turn out the way i hoped (peppermint candies, i am OVER you!), but i used another 50 candies or so, hooray!  that top one is probably the best, i used a pizza cutter to make the edges sharp and so it’d fit the little tray i wanted to put it on.

the edges tended to get a little runny, but eh, cute enough.  oh, and hey!  dig my cupcakes!  i made those for our viewing party for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and they were pretty darn cute if i say so myself.

and i guess while i’m doing the dump of holiday-time desserts i have made, lookit these little peppermint icecream whoopie pies!  i made the icecream, i made the whoopies, i made the pies!

i did NOT use peppermint hard candies, i’m still looking for ways to use up about 400 of those…


strawberry cupcakes in all shapes and sizes…

July 13, 2011

when the first one goes in wonky, just pretend you meant it.  also, i painted my nails polka dotted this a.m.

babycakes has been eating kids’ yogurt lately, and the containers are a really cute size.  they’ll fit 2 mini cupcakes just fine.  and everything tastes better then served in a cute bowl.

a tasty treat for 1.

mason jar #2 of ?  i’m still working on this one, not as cute as i’d like…

a little something for everyone who likes strawberry cupcakes!

cupcake shooters

April 14, 2011

so i saw these containers and had to have them:

and the ever-lovely Peg tipped me off to this blog post, and i haven’t slept since because i’ve been pondering all the possibilities.  my first trial was pretty much a copy from the blog, i just wanted to test out my materials and see if i could recreate them.  the potential for mess is great.

me and frosting and a small container?  it’s a recipe for disaster….  but i did ok i suppose.

I made some rainbow sugar cookies thinking i’d stack them in the holders with maybe some frosting or whipped cream, but i’m going to have to find some other recipes or cookie type cuz mah cookies, they are too poofy.  but pretty:


maybe if i crammed the raw dough down in the container that would work…  mmmm, botulism…  guess i’ll have another sleepless night or two.

if you’re interested in a little set of your own EMPTY push pop containers, click here.  i’ve got a few (or more than a few) to spare. =)

2 bite cupcake sandwiches

January 27, 2011

i’ve said before, i have very few new ideas, but i LOVE to try out the ideas that other people have, just to see if i can do them!  i found this tasty project at Crazy Domestic.  I saw it and knew i had to try it.  good thing i had a cake mix!!  (like it’s a problem, me running out of cake mix!)

the hardest part for me was deciding what colors to make…  i thought i’d try a red/pink one because it’s getting to be that time of year, and went with other colors on that end of the rainbow…  i love the idea of using the flourescent food coloring, i’m going to have to get some of that!

i could’ve taken pics of the mini cupcakes all afternoon… but there were small children whining about how they wanted to eat them… so, whatever.  the first part of the project is to make some mini cupcakes in various colors.  1 cake mix will make about 48 mini cupcakes, or 2 mini pans, use as many colors as you’d like.  just be sure you have an even number of each so that you have matching tops and bottoms.

cut off the bottoms of the cupcakes.  this sounds KRAY-ZEE, but feed those parts to the small children.  they can’t whine as effectively if their mouths are full.  use a can of frosting and color as many colors as you made cupcakes.  this is where i was glad i didn’t go crazy cuz getting the frosting into the piping bag really was the most time consuming part of this whole thing.  you can schmere it on with a knife, but i love those disposable piping bags and different decorator tips.  they make me smile. 

squeeze the frosting on the bottom of one, squoosh another one on top and wa-LA!  tasty little cupcake sandwiches! 

i ate 2, and i think my blood sugar is about 847 right now.

absolutely DELICIOUS!

and so pretty, too!

this and that and the other thing…

January 23, 2011

making rainbow cupcakes for babycake’s 1/2 birthday at preschool tomorrow. note to self, don’t give children an open ended “what do you want for snack at preschool” unless you’re gonna follow through on the craziness.  next time, i’ll remember to offer options. =)  good thing it’s sunday and there’s time for rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sugar sprinkles!

i needed to make 19, but i made 20, cuz i’m gonna sneak one after dinner.

i’ve been working on a custom order of 100+ little notebooks.  they’re adorable, but OI, my wrist is killing me from all the die cutting and binding.  that’s some hard work right there, people!

this week the preschool  did their annual ice scultpure.  this year met with AMAZING results.  we’ve had a ton of snow, and it’s been crazy cold, so we were able to build it up on a snow bank and omg, it’s adorable.

the angel in the early morning sunlight was so beautiful

it was like our own mini stonehenge – even the shadows were pretty!

i can’t bear to think about not coming to preschool next year, but they invite “alumni” to add to the fun.  we will be sure to come by for many years to come.