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8 is great!!

February 4, 2013

My little Bean turned 8 this weekend.  We had a small party with her friends at home.

We stuffed a LOT of fun inside!

She’s wanted a cupcake shop before she knew that cupcake shops were a “thing”, so we brought out the cupcake theme again this year.  Heavy on the cupcakes.

 I love finding little water bottle wraps online.  These were a rainbow of polka dots, and I added punched circles of scrapbooking paper with cupcakes on them.  We had juice boxes too, but water was the beverage of choice – I think because the bottles  were so cute!

We went light on the goodie bags because each girl frosted cupcakes to bring home in their own bakery box and fabric aprons with heart shaped pockets.  The baggies included a little plaque with each girl’s initial, some cupcake erasers, and a Cupcakes-to-Go container (meant to store a single cupcake without it getting squashed!) filled with heart shaped marshmallows.


The cupcakes kept them busy, homemade buttercream, fondant, gummy things, sprinkles…

and so did the photo-op area.

Everyone had their picture taken by themselves and with the birthday girl, and I got some wonderful group shots.  This was easy-peasy to set up, and they loved the props.  So fun!

I hope my Big Girl thinks her day was sprinkled with fun, 8 is great!


Cupcake Birthdays and School Valentines

January 11, 2013

Coming up we have a certain girl turning 8 years old, and Valentines Day.  Nearly-8-year-old-girl is having a small birthday party with her friends at home in a few weeks.  She chose a decorate-your-own-cupcakes party.  Yay, easy!!  (Or so I thought.)  We were talking about activities and favors – I suggested aprons w the attendee’s names on them instead of treat bags, but I got shot down.  Treat bags are in, treat bags are cool.  And not to toot my own horn, but I stuff pretty nice treat bags.

*toot* *toot*

So ok, yay!  Cupcake theme, goodie bags, we can pull this idea out again:

Uh, no.  Nearly-8-year-old-girl put the kaibosh on that.  It’s been  done, that’s so my-sister’s-6th-birthday-treat-bags.  This child is NOT a repeater.  So the search continues….  or begins.  All suggestions welcome.

All suggestions are welcome for this, too:  School Valentines.  Last year we (“we” = “I”) made paperclip bookmarks for 1st grade

and the ever-famous “kid holding a lollipop picture” for kindergarten.

No one wants bookmarks this year (that’s kinda a relief, that was a lot of work!), and little girl wants the lollipop picture again.  That’s a fine idea to me, she only has one kid in her class from last year, so there will only be one repeater.  The lollipops were 10 for a dollar at Walmart, so it’s not terribly expensive, either.

So now we’re looking for some cupcake-8-year-old-birthday ideas and one set of super cool and crafty Valentines.  I’m a little off pinterest right now, I feel like there’s too much junk to weed through these days.  I guess it’s back to google and any ideas you’ve got for me!

Cake Camp

July 25, 2012

There’s a little cupcake shop around the corner from the scrapbook store where I work.  Customers will frequently wander over there to get a snack and always come back with some pretty impressive looking cupcakes.  Imagine Big Girl’s surprise when she found out that the Cake Gypsy was having several days and themes of camp over the summer.  (Big Girl has wanted to own her own cupcake store since before she knew there *were* cupcake stores!)  Even though there’s a couple dozen different classes, thankfully for my wallet and my waistline, she chose 2 days to attend…

First day was Angry Birds and she frosted, filled and decorated a half dozen cupcakes.  The fondant figures were really really good!

2nd day was tie dye and she frosted/fondanted her own little cake!

(She also chose her outfit to match, and wore her own apron the 2nd day!)  She had tons of fun and we have to thank the cupcake lady for her patience and allowing her to come since she’s a little on the young side for what the bakery had requested.  It hasn’t occurred to Big Girl that she might be able to sign up for another class, she’s already planning which ones she wants to take next year and we are enjoying her very special treats, made with love!

groundhog day treats

February 2, 2012

what up, yo?  i’m a groundhog made out of a mini snickers bar.

adorable, yet weird.  and in need of some othodontia.

yes, i dress little candy bars and make them talk to themselves.  what else would i do while the cupcakes are cooling, look for my shadow?

it was 60+ degrees on february 1 in connecticut.  can we say Spring Fever???  That guy up there, his snow is dirty.  That’s pretty much how it looks up here when we have snow. 

see?  there’s some snow…. kinda.  my little push pop groundhogs don’t have snow in their holes, cuz there’s not really any snow here.  i just know when he peeps out his hole, he better see spring.

i still have a BUNCH of the pushpop containers that are available for sale, check em out here:  click me!

you had me at caramel apple…

August 5, 2011

SO!  in searching for “things to put in canning jars”, i found this cute little idea for ways to work up a caramel apple cake.  WICKED easy, and SO tasty.  carmel cake mix, 2 for $4 at the grocery store, and DELICIOUS just as-is:

(duncan hines is not paying me to say that, but it would be awesome if they did.)

it’s cake-y, but also slightly coffee cake-y so it’s a great breakfast food! 😉

i followed the directions for cupcakes and i also made a 1/2 pan of mini muffins.  caramel apple cake in all sizes! =D  THEN!!!  i made some cream cheese frosting, and got these little caramel bits:

do yourself a favor and buy 2 bags, you’ll eat the first bag right from the package.

make a plate for yourself and set it aside.  enjoy during a quiet moment.

then for the rest, get your containers ready and pile it allllll in:

if you take it outside to take its picture, your neighbors will ask you what you’ve got there, it sure looks good…

those tiny ones fit just fine in a push pop container…

but here’s the warning – you might want more than 1 this way!

brownie push pops

June 8, 2011

remember these:

i got some more, and felt compelled to use some before i ended up selling them all this time. =)

today was “fun with brownie mix” in my house, and i made brownie mini muffins:

easy – follow brownie mix directions, put batter in mini muffin pan (spray the pan first, or there will be trouble!) and bake 12-15 minutes.  i had to go around the edges with a butter knife to loosen them, but they came out just fine.

i layered them with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles and tried not to eat the whole setup before i could take their picture.  y.u.m.!

gonna have to have a party soon to try them out on all my friends!

valentine wreath

February 2, 2011

though my recent blog posts would point to the contrary, i have been doing things outside of the kitchen. =)

i made this wreath from a styrofoam circle and a whole buncha cupcake papers.

i  folded the cupcake papers in half or fourths and hot glued them in a random fashion.  strange story – i can never find my glue gun.  i’ll look everywhere and i can never find it.  i’ll get to the point that i’ll just go buy a new one.  and three minutes after i get home i’ll find it.  i own 4 glue guns and i don’t know where any of them are.

fold and glue, fold and glue…

i’d still like to add a sassy little something to it, and i’m waiting for hunny to put a hole in the plaster wall to hang it, but it is very cute just sitting in the window waiting for it’s permanent home.

kinda makes me wanna make a batch of cupcakes…