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Winter Ice Sculptures and Frozen Shenanigans

January 2, 2013

Before the photo dump I’ve got prepared for today, Have a look at this!!  Chicago Parent is arranging a community activity for local folks to make ice balloons to display in a park – and they used my picture with their announcement! Woo!


If Chicago wasn’t a 15 hour drive, I’d TOTALLY swing by with a cooler full of frozen balloons!!


Here in CT it hasn’t gotten above freezing today, so my balloons are most definitely frozen.  And so is the rest of me.


I’ve got a couple dozen more to play with, but it’s just way too cold today.  Soon.  I’ve been looking through old preschool ice sculpture pictures and just as in love with the idea as I’ve ever been, they’re just the sweetest idea and the end result is so beautiful.

It’s the “community” aspect, too that makes me love it.  I can make blocks and shapes and colors of ice, but it’s not as magical when 4 classes of 3 and 4 year olds and their parents do it together.

So special!

More Birthday Fun!

August 29, 2012

So I wanted to show you a few more things I made to keep myself busy before and during Babycake’s 6th birthday!

The obvious theme here is ICECREAM, YAY! including the “scratch and sniff” icecream cone t-shirt.

The goodie bags had popsicle molds filled with candies, sherbet flavored lip balm, icecream cone shaped marshmallows and a little stuffed webkin.  I saw on pinterest (of course!) bags embellished with cupcake liners and clothespins.  (the clothespins are queenvanna creations, *ahem*)  It was a great idea, and heavens knows I’ve got a few cupcake liners to spare.

We had pizza and juice boxes, and I found these adorable “for personal use” water bottle wrappers, so I made a few of those, too!

When the girls saw these, they suddenly didn’t want juice boxes, they all wanted water. =D

The shop had coloring and BINGO, and we did face painting:

(Big Girl said “no thank you” to face painting.  “Yes thank you” to icecream.)

and paper dolls:

There was some mention that I should do some party planning, and I love that idea…  but I don’t know how to go about that.  People tell me they’re having a party and I tell them what to do?  SIGN ME UP!

I will tell some people some things…. like which flavor icecream I want.

I think I can say a fun time was had by all.

Being that Babycake’s birthday is MY birthday, too, I on the actual day *i* wanna do something fun, we went to Lake Compounce, a local-ish theme and water park.

it was a beeeeeautiful day:

I rode a couple of grown up rides and decided I’m probably too old for grown up rides, and had a lovely day spending time with my little family.


And now because I love telling people what to do, I think *you* should spend your next birthday doing something you love, too!  There, it’s planned.

Late April, 2012

April 26, 2012

I have to tell you, i LOVED having the girls home for april vacation.  I miss our little outtings and jaunts.  I cannot WAIT for summer!  Monday of April vaca, we went to the daffodil fields.  It was a crazy 86 degrees, an insane temp for April in CT!

We went to American Girl in Boston.  The girls were so sweet and appreciative and just enjoyed being there, they didn’t ask for a thing.  Maybe that was their plan, cuz mom spent a tiny fortune on doll bathing suits and rollerblades and glasses.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

And queenie’s been working away, too.  My goal is to eventually get 100 calendars listed in my shop.  That’s a little insane, but no one has ever officially measured my sane-ness.  I’m curious to see how long it’ll take.

I have tons of new papers, released this spring at the Craft and Hobby Association convention, I have plenty of gorgeous designs to use!  I also need to let my customers know that I will be away from my shop the week leading up to Mother’s Day, so if you are planning to pick a pretty calendar for mom or grandma, do it soon they’re ready to ship!

spring has sprung

March 18, 2011

my yard went from huge nasty piles of dirty snow to this:

in one day.

there’s still nasty dirty piles of snow, but they are getting smaller.

it was 70 degrees this afternoon, so i broke out the spring shoes…. it’s just around the corner!

i’ve been making calendars for etsy and pondering my next queenvanna move…  queenie needs to get out there more!!  tell your friends, tell your family!! =D

and on the way to work tonight, a common thing happened.  it happens all the time, and yet, i get a shock EVERY single time it happens!  i stop to get dinner on my way in at a restaurant called Cosi.  they make their tasty bread right there in an oven in the back of the kitchen.  you can see the flames from outside the building, and every time i pull in to this parking spot, i think the top of my car is on fire.

can you see the top of my car on fire??  i should pick a new favorite parking space…  there are more in the lot now that the snow is gone.  ah, spring!

farm living…

August 11, 2010

orchard living, really.  i love the idea of living on an orchard… growing fruit, growing veggies, collecting honey… except it’s hot in the summertime.  and muggy.  and there’s bugs.  and dirt.  so i guess i’ll have to settle for visiting the orchard.  =)

and holy blazes, it’s hot at the orchard in august.  but sunflower maze was really neat!

holy fark, you should really pay attention to where you are going!  and that’s super hard when you’ve got a 3 and a 5 year old saying “whichwaynow? thisway? i’mgonnaleadyouthisway.c’monthisway.don’tstopmamalet’sgo.”  and look! sunflowers!  let’s take pictures!

and bees.  lots and lots of bees.  but don’t be afraid.  like the camp counselor told the girls “bugs are our friends”  and babycakes told her “i don’t want to play with them, i want to squoosh them!” eh, the bees were there.  nothing to freak about, they didn’t bother us, they were very busy with the flowers.  and having their pictures made.

and then i realize, oh darnit, where are we?  i think we’ve been this way before.  are we in the tail?  the letter O??  at one point we had a lady with a toddler and a baby in a carriage following us.  i warned her that i get lost coming home from work some days.  with a gps.  she stopped following soon after.  the girls found a pair of flip flops someone had abandoned.  we eventually said the preschool equivelent of “eh, screw it” and found the entrance again to get out.  next time i’ll pack the cellphone and some flairs.

we did not pick our own, but there were our own to be picked…  pears and apples:

pear tree  apple tree

and lucky, lucky us, a carmel apple walnut pie followed us home!  we’ll definately go back in the fall to pick some apples and feed the ducks (and get another pie).  it was a fun summer day.

another day, another beach

July 27, 2010

we’ve been to the beach a handful of times this summer – the girls enjoy digging in the sand and getting their feet wet in the water.  today we went to lighthouse point in new haven, and this might be their new favorite spot.  the sand is a little rough (murder on the pedicure), and we stayed at the splashpad for all of 30 seconds – too many big kids and crazy little kids (they have little patience for children their own ages), but they loved that the ocean waves were small, and we found a spot with a teeny tiny sandbar.  they certainly have more confidence since they started swim lessons, i had a hard time getting them out of the water.

another reason it’s babycake’s favorite is something she saw in the distance…. can you see it?!?

look really close!

she thought it was a PIRATE SHIP!

that made her little day, because as i’m sure you know, she wants to be a pirate.  she’s very pirate-curious.

watching them play, i was a little sad that we live more than an hour away from this spot, they really are ocean girls… and we live in a very farm-y area –  horses, goats, cows, vegetables….  do i see a cottage on the beach in our future?  a mama can dream…

beachy keen

June 30, 2010

went to the beach today, took some pics, thought about how lucky i am to be in the situation i’m in.

 the water was chilly, so we played in the sand for close to 2 hours.

it was soft and not rocky at all, and the tiny bits clung to everything.


the girls are finally at an age where i’m not terribly nervous that they’ll run head-long into the water, so i had time to actually sit and enjoy the beautiful day.

rocky neck has some great spots with weathered paint.  i made my children stand and/or sit near all of it. (icecream is a great incentive.)

(sit there and don’t break your neck, please.)

i love these stairs – we took pics here last year, too.

they got antsy after a while, so i was looking for ways to entertain them.  told ’em to do some ballet.

then the  icecream was purchased and eaten, and on the way out, i saw this.

and knew it was time to go.