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mommy’s secret

June 22, 2010

my children like to share.  they share with each other, they try to share with me.  they try to share my lunch, they try to share my drinks.  i don’t like to share as much, and i’ve taken up a trick my mom used to use on my sister because she didn’t want my sister asking for sips of her TAB, or whatever she was drinking (it was the 80s)… put it in a coffee cup and tell ’em it’s coffee.  now i don’t have to share my drinks.

suntea isn’t quite as pretty in an opaque mug, but it didn’t have little girl slobber in it, either!  and i added the star icecubes because they make me smile.  =)


it’s 61.0 degrees!

February 11, 2009

holy cow!!  spring for a day!!

it’s been so sunny and bright, i forget that it’s still only february and we have months more to go of the grey-ness and the cold…  or maybe i’m just trying to ignore that fact.  the girls have been so good and such a pleasure lately, we’ve been playing and having all kinds of fun.  they’ve been going to bed earlier (and getting up earlier), but i love it when we have a little routine that’s working out for us.  hope it sticks around like the gorgeous weather!

mug shrinky dinks - set of 6

 i’m really going to get around to listing these in the shop  shortly… i haven’t made shrinky dinks since we got the new toaster oven.  it might be time to drag that stuff out again.  i wanted to make some swirly steam for these mugs, but i’ll wait for next time i have to list them. 

we have the sizzix “big whatever” at work  now, they say you can use it with ANY dies, so i’m making plans for new dies to buy and new designs for the shrinkies!  with the weather today, i’m dreaming of flowers and ladybugs, and all things SPRING!  if only i can keep myself away from facebook long enough to make anything!  =D

one day more…

November 8, 2008

godilovecoffee.nov 08 113

went to a baby shower today, loved all the little tiny clothes and towels and sweetness.  so much sweetness.or perhaps pink

getting ready for tomorrow’s show – there’s so much here, i can’t wait to show it to everyone!!  makes me wish i knew more people to invite!!  =0  but it also shows me that i deserve to take a break.  a crafty vacation.  or maybe have a sale.  once my shows are over, i’m gonna put it ALL in my etsy shop and move it.  discounts, free shipping…  something.  stay tuned.  because i possibly have an illness.  a crafty, crafty illness.  oi.

another day…

March 27, 2008

today i joked with someone that i might have to take the girls out for a while, cuz if we stayed home, i might find myself with my head in the oven.  probably not that funny, but i was tired, cranky, and just starting the day….  it wouldn’t do much good anyway, i have an electric stove.  it’d frizz my hairmore.  just my luck.

instead, i put a corned beef in there to slow roast for dinner, and stepped outside by myself to do a quick “self portrait thursday“.  my neighbors already know that i’m nuts.  the coffee was hot.  say hello to my dimple.  mar-27-062.jpg