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Late Winter, Early Easter

March 27, 2013

So this happened on March 19.  Absolutely ridiculous.

And my Easter decorations are chilling out IN THE LATE MARCH SNOW.

If there’s some good news, it’s that it’s lighter longer, and the pavement is nice and clear for sidewalk chalk.


We are SO ready to welcome spring!!


Cake Camp

July 25, 2012

There’s a little cupcake shop around the corner from the scrapbook store where I work.  Customers will frequently wander over there to get a snack and always come back with some pretty impressive looking cupcakes.  Imagine Big Girl’s surprise when she found out that the Cake Gypsy was having several days and themes of camp over the summer.  (Big Girl has wanted to own her own cupcake store since before she knew there *were* cupcake stores!)  Even though there’s a couple dozen different classes, thankfully for my wallet and my waistline, she chose 2 days to attend…

First day was Angry Birds and she frosted, filled and decorated a half dozen cupcakes.  The fondant figures were really really good!

2nd day was tie dye and she frosted/fondanted her own little cake!

(She also chose her outfit to match, and wore her own apron the 2nd day!)  She had tons of fun and we have to thank the cupcake lady for her patience and allowing her to come since she’s a little on the young side for what the bakery had requested.  It hasn’t occurred to Big Girl that she might be able to sign up for another class, she’s already planning which ones she wants to take next year and we are enjoying her very special treats, made with love!

Summertime Popsicle Treats

July 18, 2012

So this has been happening over here….

Work books and American Girl dolls and markers and bunnies and borrowing my phone to listen to Kidzbop on pandora radio.  Oof, almost 6 is crazy.

It’s been blazing hot for almost all the days this summer and we got one of those quick-freeze popsicle makers to try out some treats.  Every night this week we’ve tried something new and so far we have not been that adventurous.  First up, rootbeer:

a big hit with everyone.  this is the only one that has required a tiny bit of prep – the soda needs to be flat.  the directions say that the pops won’t come out if they’re carbonated.  makes sense, i guess, so i just left a cup of soda poured in a cup on the counter all afternoon.

the next night we kinda phoned it in cuz it was getting late.  orange juice and apple juice.

again, no complaints.


1 straight kiwi, 1 orange juice.  the kiwi was a omgthatsawfulno.  but in that popsicle’s defense, there mighta been something off w the kiwi.  it kinda made my lips tingle….  maybe next time we’ll mix it with some juice or something sweet to cut it back a little.

Tomorrow we’ve decided we’ll try pureed watermelon, and i’m ready to move on to creamier ones… yogurt and berries? vanilla pudding and banana? mango and cream? iced coffee (just for the mama)?  and a side note – do you know how many carbs a serving of almond milk has?  eeeeesh.  I guess these treats are best tasted by the little ones.

who are getting big way too fast.

glow in the dark

July 18, 2011


plus these:

equals this:

and this:

amd this:


they didn’t last long, just 10 or 15 minutes, but if it’s an activity you’re doing with the kids, i think that’s plenty of time for them to enjoy, then move on to something else…. or try again with a different color!

rainbow jello squares

March 31, 2011

it was one of those things.  i saw this recipe and i had to try it.  at our small local grocery store, the teenage girl ringing out the jellos was all “OMG! you got the rainbow!” like i hadn’t done it on purpose.  and a mom can never have too much knox.  so i’ve got a palate of it now.  i can gelatin-ize the world.

all you need are these few ingredients, and nearly an entire afternoon to stand in your kitchen.  waiting.

mix, pour, then wait.  mix, pour, then wait.

9 times.

i had to move on to something else while i was waiting.  i’m not a good waiter.

babycakes enjoyed watching the progress and was a huge help with the fridge door.  i used a smaller pan than in the directions, so my red layer was riiiiight up to the tippy top. 

of course i poured some of that red layer into my fridge.  and inside my veggie drawer.  and on my potatoes.  FUN!

and GORGEOUS!  it’s a shame none of us really care for jello… but i suppose the neighbors will be happy.

easy and fun winter break craftiness!

February 22, 2011

well hello there.  i have the plague, so i am how-they-say “phoning in” this blog post. =)  we tried this project out just before valentine’s day, and i’m just now getting around to telling you about it.  so without further ado:

STRING BOWLS! (or some other clever name, you’re really gonna  have to cut me some slack here!)  We’re on winter vacation right now , and this would be a fun activity for the gang that doesn’t have school and is looking for something to do.

i thought they’d be cute to put a little goodie bag of chocolates in, or a small treat… and oh yes, they are.

you’ll need:

a couple of containers – i used an empty sour cream tub and a plastic drinking cup

cover the outside of the containers with plastic wrap and turn upside down

mod podge or white glue

yarn – color(s) of your choice (i had a TON left from my yarn wreaths)

cut a whole bunch of lengths of yarn to about 14-18″ each (maybe 40-50 per container)

dip them one at a time into white glue or mod podge.  it’s going to take a WHOLE LOT of glue, so i think the podge is the way to go here.

wipe off the excess glue so the yarn is covered but not dripping and wrap each piece around the container in some sort of crafty pattern (or non-pattern, that would probably be best) and carry on til you think you’ve done enough.  or you’ve run out of glue.  or you realize there’s mod podge on your sock and your cabinet and your toaster oven and it’s time to clean up quickly.

hello, product placement:

drying on top of the toaster oven:

let them dry *at least* overnight.  when i woke up in the morning and i thought mine were dry, i pried them off of the cups and they were still wet on the inside – i let them dry a another day off of the container, upright.  this also helped them to form a flat bottom.  see, flat bottoms aren’t always bad…

once they’re entirely dry, fill them as you’d like!

i decided to keep my first try, they’re the perfect size to use for my brushes and random crafty bits.

OR! how cute would this be as a mother’s day present for grandma?

(don’t tell grandma, it’s a surprise…)

snowman treats

January 16, 2011

just a few simple ingredients

stuck on a stick

decorated by big and little handies

make some super cute snackies

and a fun little photo op:

(tell me, is it JUST me, or could these pass as Easter Island Statues?  just me?  whatever, i thought it was funneh.) (the real statues are called Moai, i’ve always had a little crush on them.)

they’re a tasty, tasty treat!


(thanks to Christy for giving me this idea.  super easy, fun and CUTE!)