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Watch This Space

March 15, 2013

Making a few new products for the shop, based on some old ones.  Now I have some “Countdown to Baby” calendars that work AFTER the baby is born, too – as a I Am This Old type calendar! Yay!

Baby feet! *squee!*

Baby boy zoo animals, LOVE the monkeys.

I’ve had these wooden pieces made for ages, and finally got around to making a few – double decker calendars – months, days of the week and a few other sayings.

And some regular calendars, cool designs:

And there’s so much more to come!


holiday business

November 21, 2010

so that ambition last night?  gonna clear out my house and make it lovely and livable?  it didn’t happen. 😉 

but with good reason, i say.  i was fortunate enough to be listed in the “Etsy Finds” email yesterday, and business picked way up for the past 30 hours or so.  i spent a large portion of my day weeding through orders and packing things up to go to the post office in the a.m.

since this time, i’ve added 3 more boxes to the pile, and gotten 2 more custom requests.  so, yay for my messy house!

and a few more calendars got their pieces all together:

i sure hope there’s just a smudge on my lense, i’m not sure what that white spot’s about…

and i made a couple more of this design in the christmas countdown calendar, it’s a popular one.  but once these are gone, that’s it for the big circles, it was a challenge to get this paper.

it would be ok if i didn’t get any more order tonight, i ran out of packing tape.  i’m usually very well prepared, but this is about a week’s worth of business in one day.  a trip to Staples is on the adgena for tomorrow!  and maybe i’ll weed through the livingroom, too.

november cutting and pasting…

November 6, 2010

so yeah, holy crap it’s november.  every time i go to take my pictures off my camera and put them on my computer i keep trying to save them to the august folder.  wishful thinking i suppose.  i’m only scheduled to do 3 craft shows this year…  i’ve been lucky to have good business in my etsy shop and with a few side jobs, i’m not sure i’d have time to crank out enough stuff to do much more.  yesterday i made 6 calendars:

and today i’m working on a slew more (end number tonight = 7):

i’ve got a whole bunch cut and ready to paste, i think i’m in good shape…  just gotta keep it up…

i might need a couple more caffeinated beverages to make it through.

a quick change of season…

September 29, 2010

i’m all over the place right now.  sometimes people find crafty ideas and tell me “you should make this.”  my response usually is: “YOU should make that!”  last year i really felt like if i could make a bajillion crafts to sell, i’d sell em.  and i did, but i was also able to get a good backstock.  over the past year i really haven’t made much other than perpetual calendars and clothespins.  this year as the holidays are on approach, i feel confident that i won’t have to be up every night until 3:00 cutting and pasting.  and i have time to make some other things.  someone i know from online sent me a link to an advent calendar just as a “hey. look how cool this is,” but i took it as a “omg, i have to make something kinda like that!”

like the original, i removed a row of the pokey things on the holder and had 25 spaces.

i used Bazzill cardstock and scrapbooking papers by 3 Bugs in a Rug and Bo Bunny, paper punches, and some little epoxy stickers from Little Yellow Bicycle… 

the sides on mine don’t tear away, so there’s no treats or tasks involved – but i think for toddlers and preschoolers, the joy of knowing Christmas is  day closer is reward enough!

i’ve got one more set ready to be made, i’m deciding on the supplies right now.  Currently, this one is for sale on etsy.

crafty, crafty!

June 29, 2010

if you know me, you probably know that i am out of my mind.  i don’t stop, i rarely break for very long….  i’ve been on a calendar-making binge the past 2 weeks or so, and i’ve completed more than 2 dozen this month.  i feel good that i have a big stock, and i am ready to sell, sell, sell! 

but now that i have a lot of calendars and clothespins (the magazine decided not to use me, BOO!) in stock and ready to go, i find myself looking for some other things to make… like these frames – they’re a super size and an adorable style… so i made 5, and they are all spoken for.

i’ve made a couple others using different papers, one is a craft theme and the other is slightly christmas-y…  i’ll probably only sell them in person and at shows, i’m nervous about shipping them, what with their long shape and the glass and all.  i don’t wanna chance it.

i made these photo holders, too.  i especially love them because they kinda look like the Tivo logo, and i loves me some Tivo!!

they’d also be cute to display christmas cards or perhaps pricing at a holiday craft show or bazzaar?  oh, the possibilities.

this is what happens…

November 28, 2009

when ametuers try to do what i do…  cut 5 pieces and bring it to me, and tell me it’s no fun.

so it looks like i’m making a yankee calendar tonight…  =)

quick! it’s the sun!

November 2, 2009

i took a boatload of pictures this a.m. of all the new products i’ve been making for etsy.  i listed a handful of new christmas countdown calendars, i’m very pleased with the way they turned out.  the sugar cookie one is by far my favorite:

Christmas Countdown Wooden Block Calendar - Baking Christmas Cookies

i might have to make one for myself!  i’m on the lookout for fun new christmas papers, and once my pile of cut paper has dwindled, i’m moving on to big clothespins/ photo holders…  so much to do!